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Bitching Dinos

We are informed that 33% of “Catholics” are “very satisfied” with the LCWR, and only 4% “very dissatisfied”.

One truly wonders firstly if such surveys are worth one tenth of the money they cost, and secondly what it means if they are accurate.

“Catholic” is a very broad word in a world where even Nancy Pelosi says that she is a Catholic. In times of non-instruction like these ones, Gandhi would have a sky-high approval rate among Catholics. Yes, he denied Christ's Divinity to the end, but who are we to judge? One can, therefore, draw some conclusion about the 33% of allegedly so satisfied Catholics.

But then there is the other question: whether the people who have been surveyed knew what they were talking about, what the LCWR really is, the ideas the hags who compose it really promote.

Methinks, it is far more probable that the people interviewed still link the nun with her traditional image, activity and mindset. I cannot imagine many have any idea of who these people are in the first place. They approve of them because they approve of nuns, period. If only they knew!

But then again let us play this game and imagine that the people surveyed really knew. Does this prove that the hags are right? No. It merely proves that they are popular among people as bad as them. Not much of a discovery, methinks.

In the meantime, we are informed the Catholic world who allegedly likes the viragos so much does not want to be like them. Actually, it is condemning them to extinction. I do not think the figures (from 180,000 in 1965 to less than 50,000 today) give the real proportion of the hags's catastrophe as does the old age of those who are still alive and kicking, or rather screaming, and the conservative attitude of many young sisters. These women truly are bitching Dinosaurs.

Again: the world out there might like them – because it rejects Catholicism – but it still does not want to be like them!

Not even young angry lesbians want to become nuns of the LCWR type anymore. This truly says it all.



We Have The Wrong Pope

Please take this article from the Los Angeles Times with due care. It is very easy to write “Vatican observers”, and the article is the usual mixture of facts and wishful thinking. The author might, as far as we know, not even know what Christianity exactly is, and be writing about it with the same competence with which these people write about, say, the Polar Bear. After all, this is the Los Angeles Times, merely a byproduct of toilet paper.

Still, notice how Francis’ attitude (the facts) encourages all kind of speculation (the wishful thinking). I doubt Francis will ever dare to openly go against … Francis concerning the nuns, and he has a very elementary interest in preserving orthodoxy at least concerning the worst nut cases, so that this may serve him as fig leave and persuade the Pollyanna he is an orthodox Pope after all. Still, it cannot be denied his “hippie”  message cannot but encourage the very kind of wishful thinking we read on the columns of the toilet paper press. 

I think this is deliberate. Francis knows he will keep his fig leave, and knows the liberals will love to believe he is about to get rid of it or, if the evidence speaks against this, would so much love to do it but alas, cannot act because of the baddy machos in the Vatican. Note the article also follows this reasoning: if Francis does something they don’t like, it is in order not to “alienate supporters of the previous Popes”, which explains the “puzzle” of why he isn’t a raving Liberal lunatic. Obviously, Francis will allow the nuns to go on with a high degree of freedom, whilst still formally keeping them “censored”.

The Pollyannas will be delighted. “look what a good Pope we have”, they will say, “the mad nuns are still undergoing an Apostolic Visitation!”   

Francis confuses the Catholics and stirs the most unrealistic – and evil – expectations in the wrong crowds, all the time increasing his personal approval rates.

We have the wrong Pope.


The Greatest Threat Of Our Age?

This time, the nuns were really angry.

This time, the nuns were really angry.




With shock and sadness I must inform my readers of a very worrying event.

“North Korea has recently stated that they have the ability to attach an LCWR nun to a long-range missile that could target South Korea and the U.S. mainlands”.

Read the rest on the always stellar “Eye of the Tiber”.




Funny, but truthful, observation from a former LCWR president, who is upset at the fact that Archbishop Sartain, the man with the task of trying to make of them something vaguely resembling Christians, is going to attend to their next meeting in Florida; whereby attending the event here means “following all of it”.

Now, I cannot imagine an orthodox Catholic group having any problem with an Archbishop attending the one or other of their meetings or conferences. It would, methinks, be a good way to show to the hypothetical Archbishop some sound orthodoxy. Just think how much said Archbishop would probably learn from, say, FSSP priests. A win-win, really.

The matter is different, though, when a group of people not even recognisable as Christian – much less Catholic – are informed said archbishop is going to be there during the entire exercise. Clearly, the nuns are afraid the Archbishop could profit from the occasion to tell someone in Rome – not Bishop Francis; “who is he to judge?” – the dykes nuns really do not want to learn and will have to be disciplined a bit more hardly than by flaying them with feathers as happened up to now.

In fact, it’s fair to say the very fact the females dare to openly protest the presence of the Archbishop is the best evidence that the latter is achieving something very closely resembling absolutely nothing.

I also allow myself to notice that the tortoise pace of the Vatican in reforming the viragos of the LCWR is in rather marked contrast to the speed with which real or imagined squabbles inside the FFI have been tackled.

You would have thought the good priests of the FFI would have been also allowed their, say, 40 years of “encouragements” and “suggestions” before getting a Visitation? Alas…

All very strange, in nowadays’ Church.

I can see the day when a Pope will come back from a trip and deposit a… beach ball on the altar. No, seriously. I can.

Ridiculous, you say? Utterly absurd?


I do not think the viragos have anything to fear. Another ten of fifteen years of “encouragements” at the worst; at the end of which most of them will have far serious trouble than Archbishop Sartain anyway. I wouldn’t worry if I were – uurghh!) one of them.

“Lio” seems pretty much in fashion.


Sister Mary Lou Wirtz Creates A New Church.


bitch 2


Taken from here:

“Ever since Vatican II, the understanding of obedience and authority has taken on new nuances or concepts,” Sister Wirtz told Vatican Radio, “so I think it’s important for us to look at what does Gospel leadership mean today.”

“We’re very hopeful that we will have more open dialogue in the future,” she continued. “I think the LCWR are really using an approach of prayer and reflection, trying to open this channel of understanding from both sides.”

“I think in some circles it’s been recognized, but I think from the circles within the Vatican we don’t hear that recognition,” added Sister Wirtz, an American who also serves as general superior of the Franciscan Sisters, Daughters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

I was very excited (no, not really) at reading these words, because it is evident to me we are assisting to the birth of a new religion. Sister Mary Lou Wirtz, the head of Mad Nuns United (though they called themselves  International Union of Superiors General) has launched a rather shrill battle cry this week, and is now hoping to rally sufficient mad nuns around them, or at least keep her position.

Read again the hilarious statement of the female, and you will see without any difficulty what we are talking about. Even Sedevacantists do not deny the obedience to the Pope, though they deny that a legitimate Pope is in charge. Even Protestants would recognise without any doubt that the absolute cornerstone of the Church is her being based on Peter. There can be no doubt this is a constitutive element of Catholicism: if you take it away, there is no Catholicism anymore.

Not since the, erm, advent (small a) of Msss Wirtz: not only obedience now takes “new nuances”, but actually it has taken a new concept. Obedience now is different than it used to be. The traditional understanding of the Papacy has clearly passed its sell-by date. Gosh, Luther could not have said it better.

Why would things now be different? Why, Vatican II of course. All that free flow of Holy Spirit, finally liberated from the tyranny of Pius XII and Pius XI, has clearly changes things forever. What do we have now? A strange concept named “Gospel leadership”. Let’s try: “And Jesus answering, said to it: Blessed art thou, Gospel: because ink and parchment hath not revealed it to thee, but my Father who is in heaven. And I say to thee: That thou art the Gospels; and upon this books I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”.

It is not only that it sounds stupid, it is that there is no Catholicism left in it, merely a vague “Gospeling” meaning nothing, and which can be filled with everything. There can be no leadership of the Gospels, because the Gospels aren’t any part of leadership, and never were able to justify or ground any. There were no Gospels in Jesus’ time, and it was the authority of the Church, led by Peter, that established the very Gospel whose “leadership” should now justify a rethink of the role of the Pope. In Catholicism, leadership is spelled Papa Echo Tango Echo Romeo.  

Again: not only is this utter crap. This is crap not based on history or reason, and in obvious contradiction with Catholicism. 

Does this deter our new wannabe Prophetess from spitting her bile? No, it doesn’t. The last phrase quoted is so hilarious you wonder what these people smoke in the morning, and can be rephrased as follows: “In some circles of mad nuns there is now a recognition that as you have a penis, we cannot obey to you on any account, and will even theorise a new religion to avoid that; but you, male chauvinist that you are, you do not agree with this”. 

Sister needs a doctor and the doctor must, first of all, check her for cocaine consumption. Such outlandish statements clearly denote either that the woman makes use of substances creating a sharp loss of reality, or either that the Vatican is being once again so astonishingly incompetent, deaf, blind and generally faineant that she thinks she can launch provocations like this one without any fear of consequence.

It is high time this bunch of hysteric females were really punished. Kick all those with such idea out and deprive them of the habit (that they don’t use) and of the money on which they scrounge. Let them fend for themselves, if they are oh so social they’ll find local authorities willing to pay for their social activity. 

Unfortunately, Sister Wirtz might not be on cocaine, and know very well what she is doing: bitch without end for a small correction, and you will avoid the exemplary punishments.






The Cardinal And The Kefir

I had not been informed of the existence of Cardinal Braz de Aviz until a couple of days ago, when I wished to have remained in my blessed ignorance.

The Cardinal cried pretty loud about the tightening of screws at the LCWR (whom he clearly defends to a point) having happened without previous consultation, which is very, very bad. You know, collegiality, “we are the world” mentality and all that.

It is difficult to understand what the Cardinal might have had in mind with such move. The nuns are clearly under the Vatican’s (very soft) heel and a Cardinal with no competence in the matter and obviously no weight isn’t going to change anything in that. Perhaps the Cardinal wanted to accelerate the exodus of Catholics in Brazil, and if this was the intent then I must say the execution was brilliant.

The Cardinal has been, though, now forced to a rather humiliating back pedalling, with the usual press release now confirming the usual harmony and, crucially, that the heel – soft as it is – isn’t going to move a bit.

Did the Cardinal expect to advance the cause of the witches with this? I doubt, though I am sure a genius he is not. What I think more probable is that he has some personal animosity with Mueller – who, as yogurts go, must be rather sour when he wants – and/or wanted to make himself beautiful with Brazil’s “progressives” for some reason of his own. In both cases, it was well done of Mueller to force him to swallow a generous dose of Kefir.

As to this last, I still can’t wait for him to be replaced, which will hopefully happen soon. I am certainly not the only one to notice Mueller is very prompt in reacting to friends of the mad nuns, but is absolutely silent when his own compatriots make a dry run of a Schism and tell their own faithful that taboos can be broken, if they have some patience.

Braz de Aviz is Cardinal, Mueller is Archbishop and at the head of one of the most powerful congregation. That one might reasonably fear his successor might be even worse than him says a lot about the present crisis.

Still, this time the kefir was eaten by the right one.



The Belief Of Liberal Catholics

liberal nuns

The belief of liberal Catholic is, as I see it, somewhat different from what ordinary Catholics (or Christians) believe. I think they would describe it as follows. 


We do believe that there is a God, or Goddess of sort. This Being must not be referred to in the masculine, because the Being is clearly very inclusive.

This Being appears to have had a son, of sort. A truly terrific chap, well yes we can call him His son, because he was so good, but I wouldn’t make it too confusing anyway.

Still, just because the son was so amazing it does not mean he was always right, right? Take the matter of the apostles, where he only chose men, discriminating against poor Magdalene to kow-tow to the social prejudices of the time. We are very good and inclusive people today, free from prejudices; but Jesus, terrific as he was, probably also had his. Wonderful chap, though; wonderful! 

We have therefore already seen that Jesus probably has a sexist bias (look, he always calls the Being “Father”: I mean, how sexist is that… ) and that he had no courage to defy the social conventions of the time in matter of patriarchate (he could with many others: sabbath, bleeding women, poor people, & Co., but he did not have the gut to allow even his mother to break the glass ceiling of the Christian Board of Directors…). Fortunately, we now have the Spirit, who tells us what is what. 

Jesus also founded the Church; well, at least he founded one church, I mean… well… He founded one church but every church is actually his church, isn’t it now, provided they do no harm and have their heart in the right place. Actually, He did found his church, but we must not forget every other church leads to salvation anyway, so it is a matter of choice, really…. also please do not forget non-Christians are also clearly part of Christianity, then Jesus might have been a bit on the macho side (terrific chap, though; amazing! such JOY!) but the Being (let’s call Her so) would certainly not leave everyone out, would She now?

Therefore, Jesus created the vanilla ice cream taste, but you are perfectly free to choose chocolate, stracciatella or pistachio, provided it’s good ice cream made with a lot of joy and inclusiveness.

Speaking of which, the Gospels also tell us Jesus was, alas, extremely homophobic. We must not judge him for this of course, then he lived in an extremely homophobic society without today’s Good News of Inclusiveness. Still, the way the chap spoke about that open and inclusive gay community in Sodom is really disgusting, and we think it should be taken away from the Gospel because it’s really, really out of line. Must be a later interpolation, for sure. I mean, to compare gays with people who do not want to believe in him, hello? Not that it is so bad to not want to believe in Jesus, of course, but you get my point…

Also, just because Jesus was so nice we must not think he could not be gullible, or that after his death and – some say – resurrection (which you would not have been able to photograph, though) his organisation could not get it all wrong. In fact, already his appointments were very bad; look at Peter, always going around with swords and even using them, talk about non-violence! Much worse happened, though, after Jesus’ death, with a strange chap called Saul bringing in his sexphobia, extreme homophobia and wanting to judge everyone around him. Hey, Saul or Paul, who are you to judge? 

He even wanted wives to be obedient to their husbands, can you imagine that? Talk about women’s liberation! What a joke…

It went on afterwards, of course. The Apostles and their successors conned Jesus, in that after his death they transformed the Church (erm, church) into something completely different from what Jesus (chauvinist and homophobic as he clearly was; but hey, those were the times…) would have wanted, and this got worse and worse as the centuries went on and the “First Christians” were betrayed (after they had betrayed the message of Jesus, see above) with a modified liturgy, the pomp and circumstances, and the riches and power of the church. 

Some men of God had intervened in the meantime, like the extremely creative German monk and the holy Frenchman who established himself in Switzerland. They created stable churches alternative to the one of Rome but of course full of Spirit, and it took some time before we Christians learned that every Christian church is equally worthy, not to mention the other religions which are, of course, very worthy too, then Jesus is love and peace…

During all this time, the Holy Spirit was generally rather silent at least within the Roman Church, whilst the Lutherans, the Calvinists and the others were clearly inspired men of God. We who in the end still call ourselves Catholics had to wait for the second half of the XX century before the Spirit started to talk to us too. Before that it was, clearly, utter darkness.  

Admittedly, the Spirit took a while; but when He spoke, boy, that was spectacular! A complete renewal of the Church (erm, church) started to take place, and the Spirit now started to make everything new: a new liturgy of course, replacing the old one that was such a big obstacle to the understanding with our brothers and sisters in Christ. A new way of being in the world, a world that is not the enemy anymore, but our friend, to be embraced in peace and harmony! Out went the old devotions, the stuffy things, the unbearable triumphalism, the pomp and the tiara. We reassessed everything in the light of the Spirit: confession, mass obligation, altar boys, devotions, Friday penance, war, capital punishment, fornication… the very concept of sin became a new, much more joyous meaning, then whom does it help to talk of our weaknesses in terms of sin? Why all that brimstone? Hell is probably (very probably) empty anyway, so relax and enjoy the ride! Or do you think God would be so cruel as to send someone to eternal torment? Co-me oo-n! If this were so, than I would be very clearly better than God, then I am so inclusive! So he must be, too!

And so we arrive to the present day, when the Spirit is still outpouring new, joyous inspiration. We now realise condemnation of sodomy is a sad remnant of an oppressive past, then if homosexuality is not a sin (we know this from the dolphins and the penguins, who are innocent creatures of God) how can sodomy be bad? On the contrary, we celebrate (this is something the Spirit is teaching us to do a lot: celebrating) a loving commitment between two wonderful, wonderful human beings, and we think this should, one day, also be called marriage! At the very least, we should not judge, then we have read it in the Gospel; and whilst the thing with the male bishops was certainly wrong and the homophobic remarks utterly unacceptable, Jesus “do not judge” is certainly the alpha and omega of the entire Christian message! Actually, the entire message of Jesus can be summed up in this words: do not judge. Be inclusive. God is luv. There’s nothing else to know. Let’s celebrate! 

Oh, how many beautiful things the Spirit is teaching us!

 Unfortunately, not all is hunky-dory. Some strange people are eerily attached to the old ways, in a sort of paleo-sentimentalism the Spirit has clearly not approved, though admittedly it tolerated it for 2,000 years. They attend Mass the old way (they really think they have to attend Mass, by the way; funny, that! Do you think Jesus would die for everyone on the Cross and care who is sitting in the pew?), they say the Rosary, and are recovering all the old and dusty traditions, and all the mistakes of the past! We try,of course,to charitably inform them about the error of their ways, and point out how judgemental, homophobic, sexist, patriarchal, misguided, intolerant, fossilised, elitist, and outright fascist they are in being… judgemental; but they don’t want to listen, and get more and more in number as they are more and more misguided.. and they are so young, so young! Priests, laity, everybody! 


Decidedly, young Catholics are not what they used to be… we smoked marijuana so joyously at their age…

We do not care, though. It is fun to think what the Spirit might inspire us with next, and my conscience tell me euthanasia is another issue where the official Church has remained way behind the Spirit, and which should be tackled next. We will discuss it within our group very soon, though due to the average age being somewhat over 80, we think the Spirit will have to speak rather loudly.

But we are so proud of how the Spirit speaks to us…




It occurred to me some liberal nuns and people with similar orientation play with the idea of a she-God.

It must sound very new and daring to them. besides, it takes away that dreaded figure, The Male, from the picture. 

I wonder why they never do the same with Satan? 


The Wellington

Accept no substitutes...

Accept no substitutes…

I was in the pub some time ago, and wanted to order a Wellington. As I give the order, the nice waitress asks me – certainly because of past experiences – whether I realised this is a “vegetarian Wellington”.

What do you mean, I ask in my naïveté. It means, she answers, that all the nice things you read in the menu are not there to enrich the meat, but to substitute it (she didn’t say it that way, of course; but that was the gist…).

So, this was in actual fact a Wellington without the meat, which is like saying a pizza without the dough, or mashed potatoes without the potatoes. A pure contradiction in terms.

I was immediately reminded of liberal religious sisters.


Nuns As God Intended

Striking resemblance with Ronald Reagan. Apparently a woman. A nun, even.

By all the noise about the heretic and constantly bitching witches we hear so much about, it is good every now and then to be reminded that scandalous as they are, the above mentioned witches are not a fair depiction of the, if you allow me to say so, breed.

This here is just another example – and not the first I have posted, if memory serves – of nuns who are devoted, obedient and, well, Christian.

Their communities are getting bigger and younger, and the author of the article says they have the same number of vocations of the LCWR (if the latter can be called vocations, rather than a way for old frustrated feminists to live comfortably for the rest of their lives) without saying they are around a quarter of the latter’s number.

It does one good to know there are still orders around who can afford to accept women below 30, and still grow (let the LCWR-type “communities” do the same and see what happens to their vocation figures…).

Devoted, obedient, and Christian.

In one word, nuns as God intended.


Sisters, Cardinals, Clericalism.

We need many more like her: Sister Mary Rose Reddy

You can read here a rather impressive reaction to the “Magisterium of nuns” from….a nun.

Sister Mary Rose Reddy’s core message is short, but devastating.

We, the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Healing Love (along with hundreds and probably thousands of other women religious), do not feel at all represented by the LCWR.  We consider that the vocation of women religious is to personify the Church as Bride.  The Bride is submissive to Christ, the Head (as particularly represented by the Pope and the magisterium).  Through this powerful charism of submissive obedience, entrusted particularly to women religious in imitation of the exalted Mother of God, the life of Christ is brought to birth and nurtured in multitudes of hearts.

It is very good that a religious sister loyal to the Magisterium dares to openly speak against the LCWR. It is a great pity it does not happen more often.

Unfortunately, it seems to me among the religious there is too much of a mentality according to which you do not react when a colleague of yours talks nonsense, because it would be perceived to be “uncharitable” or “divisive”.

As I see it, the divisive (and even more so: uncharitable) behaviour is the one of those who reach the general public with their heterodox or outright heretical ideas, not the rightful and obligatory reaction of those who try to set things right.

If every outing of the rabid feminist wannabe “nuns” were met with a massive barrage from their sisters loyal to the Magisterium, sooner or later even the liberal press would have to take account of this fact, and much of the conservative media would grab the opportunity very soon. As it is, I doubt the occasional affirmation of Catholic truth will get a wider audience than the usual circle of Catholic press agencies, magazines and blogs.

It is nothing less than astonishing to me that so many decades after Dr Goebbels, so many people within the Catholic world do not get the power of the media.  I mean by this that whilst they know in a generic, abstract sort of way that media influence people, they do not act according to this belief. This, of course, when they are not doing the work of the devil in the first place.

Cardinal Woelki equates homosexual and heterosexual relationships (I have written about this satanic man; but the link has a full translation in English of what I had read in German). I understand that these days you do not call him to Rome to get a trial and be, in case, publicly barbecued by the civil authorities.  But if a half-dozen colleagues of his would reach out to the public and forcefully repeat the Catholic message about perverted thinking they “love” each other, this message would get through very rapidly.

Unfortunately, this is not happening; no doubt, because no Cardinal wants to be seen – irrespective of what he thinks of Woelki; which in many cases must be not better than I do – as criticising a colleague; in the end, he has been chosen from the Pope, right?

This is just another example of how the modern Church fails the faithful: the Pope does nothing because nowadays it is fashionable for a Pope to tolerate pretty much everything; and the lower – but still very high – echelons do nothing because they do not want to be perceived as uncharitable, divisive, or indirectly critical of the Pontiff.

If you ask me, this is an explosive mixture of heterodoxy, weakness and clericalism, all of them clearly present in the modern Church.

Let us hope the next pontificate (I have lost every trust in Paul VII) will start the clean-up operations.


“Magisterium of Nuns” Explained

This was posted on my facebook page, and many thanks…. it really says it all…


LCWR: The Pussyfooting And Namby-Pambying Goes On.

Gentle words won’t do much…

The CNA has another rather puzzling article about the way Archbishop Sartain says he is going to deal with the witch “sisters” of the LCWR. 

Now, everyone understands some diplomacy is in order here, and it is not improbable some rather harsher words have been and will be pronounced in private.

But is this really the case? Let us reflect the “sisters” have been going on undisturbed for around four decades, and their average age being 74 (as reported in the article: talk about wasted lives…) it is very clear a slow and diplomatic action is totally useless both in general and for the soul of the sisters involved, as the Grim Reaper will be much faster than the slow Vatican diplomacy/re-education intents.

Once again, I have the impression the Vatican isn’t really serious on this, and rather than doing something our men in the Vatican  prefer to be perceived to be doing something, which for many of them must be exactly the same thing.

This is like having in front of you an angry old bitch barking at you like it’s going out of fashion, and hoping to appease her by whispering to her “that’s a good girl”, or throwing her way some biscuits (in this case, the praise of the “sisters’ ”  “social work”). The simple reality is the bitch will continue to bark until a rather heavy stick persuades her it is better to shut up, and she  will die anyway long before the end of the long-term house-training program the Vatican seems to have in mind for her.

This is, I think, also very bad for the PR economy of the matter, as the clearly offensive attitude of the witches, erm, bitches, erm, “sisters” will let them appear as the persecuted victims, with the timid Vatican being perceived as the oppressive old uncle afraid of the brave suffragettes.

If you ask me, the Vatican  will take control of this only the day they decide to violently attack the sisters’ ideology, doctrine, and way of life, without any sweetening of the pill and without any attempt to be even interested in any form of “dialogue”.

If there is one thing Catholics at large understand rather well, is that a heretic has put (or barked) himself out of the Church. This message would get through undiluted and in all its devastating power.

On the contrary, the pussyfooting and namby-pambying  will put the sisters in control, and the Vatican in the defensive. It will also give the liberal press a field day, and the possibility to go on on this forever.  

Diplomacy is good in its own place, but I frankly think this is not patience born of strenght, but rather indecisiveness born of forgetfulness of how to be strong in the first place.


Witches, Vatican, Wackos.

“Sister “of the LCWR prepares lunch for the supporters.


Domine, da mihi hanc aquam has a beautiful fisking of one of the many articles appeared in the secular/leftist/abortionist/pervert press about the Vatican rebuke of the LCWR.

Besides making interesting  reading in itself, the blog post is interesting because it shows the extent of media manipulation in these matters, and the total absence of every journalistic ethics in reporting the facts. The “fisked” article seems, in fact, rather the work of an overexcited student than the product of what should be a professional journalist.

Apart from this, it must be noted how these “protests” reach, basically, no one apart from some nut cases, no doubt with some perverted priest among them. It is, in fact, funny to think if the Chicago Sun-Times came with two people (say: a journalist and a photographer), this was enough to inflate the total number of wackos who chose to sit on the (we are told) non air-conditioned church (what a sacrifice, uh? ) of more than 1%.  This, in a huge diocese with more than 2 million Catholics.

If this is support, I’d prefer my causes not to be supported.

Enjoy the fisking…


LCWR: Dissent Continues Undisturbed And With No Fear Of Consequences

The solution.

Some time ago I wrote a blog post about issues of Governance in the Church.

If you want to have another example of what is wrong in the way the post-V II  emasculated and gutless Church operates, you only need to read the salient phrases of the last provocation of so-called “sister” (of whom, I wonder) Theresa Kane, the one who knew women can’t be priests but had to ask the Pope anyway.

The interview is shocking, as is the entire magazine publishing it (I’ll have to write one post one of these days: the home page reads like a very confused collection of themes chosen by adolescents who do not know what they want to be when they grow up, but already know they’ll never be Catholics…).

What transpires from this, is that the revolt continues unabated, only more aggressive and shameless because the so-called sisters know that nothing will happen to them.

The only result of the Apostolic Visitation has been, up to now, a bigger visibility for these witches. They are, in fact, preparing for the (too) gentle improvement suggestions coming from the Vatican, and making very clear as long as they live (this might, ehem, not be very long) the “fight” will continue.

It is to me incomprehensible how any organisation can accept such level of disobedience without any reaction which can be measured in facts, rather than words. This, after rather 40 years in which the dissent had been extreme and the reaction, again, limited to muttering and empty declarations without any practical consequence.

These witches must get the boot. All f them, starting from so-called sister Kane.   I cannot see any other way in which the squandering of money generously donated by generations of sincere Christians can be stopped, and this troops of rabid women (when they aren’t lesbian, in which case I am at a loss to understand how they would want to be called) can be prevented from further confusing the Catholics.

The Vatican should seriously consider punishing the likes of “sister” Kane in an exemplary manner, throwing them on the street as utterly undeserving of even one penny of Christian money.  Let the readers of the “Fishwrap” pay for them, and let us use the money they would have cost for worthy Christian purposes. 

But no, the reality is that the witches will be allowed to continue with their hysteric whining and bitching until they die, hopefully rather soon. This is how the effeminate post- V II Church  deals with heresy (or outright challenge to Christian values) from within her midst: allowing it to become more vocal as she whispers some words of disapproval.

What a shame.


More Money Than Sense: Melinda Gates

The broom was in extremely expensive composite material, and studded with diamonds…


I am not among those who say that money is filthy. If you ask me, poverty can corrupt much more easily than wealth. Also, I do not think money makes one stupid. If one says stupid things after making (or marrying) money, it means one wasn’t much of a genius before making (or marrying) it.

The poster girl of this rather obvious conclusion is Melinda Gates, the wife of the rather better known Bill. Melinda Gates married money, big times, and like many of the wives of her cohorts is now in desperate needs to do something with her life, feel important and “good”, and go around telling everyone how she wants to change the world.

The lady is so confused, you would think she is a progressive nun. She brings the concept “cafeteria Catholic” to a new height, because she says herself she picks and chooses, without any of the shame or excuses you would otherwise find elsewhere (like: we have been misinterpreted; we are shocked at being told we are heretics; the holy ghost send us a text message, and the like). Nay, she says it as if it was something good.

Decidedly, money can’t buy you a brain.

Mrs Melinda Gate, who has now decided to spend an awful lot of the money she has married on contraception,  is on record with the following pearl of stupidity:

“I had to wrestle with which pieces of religion do I use and believe in my life, what would I counsel my daughters to do”

She wrestles-with-which-pieces-of-religion-to-use. What is this, an April joke? And she says she is a Catholic! Has this woman’s brain ever been switched on? 

Needless to say, she hides herself under the usual “good examples”, which in this case are the usual oh so social heretical nuns. You will be surprised, in this case they are the otherwise rather well-reputed Ursulines, which, as it turns out, also belong to the LCWR.

In the words of the lady:

“They said, ‘We’re all for you. We know this is a difficult issue to speak on, but we absolutely believe that you’re living under Catholic values.’ And it was just so heartening.”

The soi-disant nuns aren’t brighter than the lady, but being nuns they are, if at all possible, even more culpable than she is.

Notice how the so called crackdown of the Vatican on this bunch of witches hasn’t improved anything. They will pay some lip service to  Rome, and will continue to bark just as loud, certain of impunity.

Melinda gates married money, but this wasn’t enough to buy her some decency, or common sense. The nuns are probably too old to remember what either is.

Will we have to wait another 40 years before something some energetic against these females is finally undertaken? Will we have to wait another 20 before the likes of Melinda Gates are excommunicated? How long will the Church hierarchy continue to look at this scandal and shame without doing anything worthy of being called “action”? 

Mala tempora currunt. 


Michael Voris On The Bad Nuns…

This video is in itself nothing extraordinary. If you read this blog, you know all this already.

What I find extremely refreshing is the energy with which Voris exposes the boundless hypocrisy of the nuns raping Catholicism (or Christianity tout court) for many decades, and then crying…. rape when someone suggests they try to change their way, if they can.

In fact, the only point I disagree with Voris in this video is the repeated use of the word “crackdown”. Doesn’t look much like a crackdown to me as precious little will be cracked in any way, shape or form. Again, it seems to me more like an open fatherly rebuke and the start of a very gentle process of, hopefully, reform. I also did not know of the vile attempt to mix together saintly women of the past, and wiccans of the present. Astonishing.

The result of the softly softly approach is that the b witches scream as loud as they can anyway, and the Vatican appears to have been, perhaps, too harsh on the old ladies, at least to the uninitiated and uninformed.

If the Vatican had kicked out a dozen or two among the worst of them, I am sure the sisters (not kicked out) wouldn’t have shouted any louder. Actually, I think possibly they wouldn’t have shouted at all. But even if they had, at least the world at large would have at least known beyond doubt what was going on among them.

Alas, we live in times where common sense is considered uncharitable.


What does LCWR stand for?

Difficult to identify. Possibly a woman. Some say a nun.

1. Leadership Conference of Women Religious

2. Lesbian Conference of Women Religious

3. Lesbian Cretinous Women Religious

4. Lesbian Cretinous Witches Religious

5. Lesbian Cretinous Witches Retarded

I was very uncertain and visited the site to know what is what.

I was greeted by the phrase “we embrace our time as holy”.

Yep, it must be 5.


The Witch Files, And The Meek Popes.

Strong Pope: Urban II.

Absolutely wonderful blog post from Father Z, which I suggest you click before you do anything else.

The list of astonishing evil – or pervert, or both – females, all of them nuns, who have reached some notoriety through their satanic positions is shockingly long.

Particularly dismaying is the fact some of these nuns were (are; will be?) not only tolerated, but supported by their own order. The scale of demonic devastation is barely conceivable even in the eyes of an average  European.

At this point, I wonder how this could be allowed to go on for so long, and why the reaction is still so mild. I do not doubt the phenomenon will be destroyed one day. But my impression is it will be rooted by biology, not by Rome.

I personally see the root of this evil in the root of pretty much all the evils which have affected the Church in the last half century: Vatican II.

Vatican II was not only a shift – a seismic shift, I would say – in the way the clergy looked at their own role; most tragically, it was a shift in the way Popes have begun to interpret their role. Fifty years after the start of Vatican II, millions see it as somewhat wrong that a Pope should punish or threat anyone; a thought that must have been simply inconceivable to the Church of the past; the Church which started crusades, put heretics under trial, and openly defied Emperors.

Modern Popes are seen, rather, as decorative old men dressed in white, helping us to feel good every now and then by reminding us of things we all agree about, and therefore conveniently uncontroversial (the news of today: Pope criticises sex tourism. I frankly struggle to see the headline here). The idea that Popes may have, and legitimately so, teeth is not really there. A world who wants to make of Jesus an environmentally friendly pacifist will obviously insist in making of a Pope a decorative practical irrelevance.  

This is, if you ask me, why it took many decades before the Vatican hierarchy started the work of eradication, and this is why the work will be so long and unduly gentle as to make the biological solution probably more effective than the theological one.

We do not know what will happen in future, but my take is the witches will continue to bark around as aggressively as they always did, and the Church reaction will be limited to some expression of disapproval from this or that high prelate.The leitmotiv will be, as always, that the Church doesn’t punish.

When this happens; when some slight verbal condemnation has been expressed, all moderate Catholics will start to say the Church has reacted, because we live in times in which words are confused with acts.

If you ask me, this mentality – this meekness that is not an absence of aggressiveness, but an outright weakness; and weakness is always recognised by the Enemy – not only causes countless souls to get lost in the end (and I can frankly not imagine any sincere Catholic doubting of this very simple fact) , but it is even bad PR politics.

People are naturally attracted from leadership. The more so, when this leadership is exercised by the man who has a right to it more than any other on earth. A Pope with the guts to wage open war to heresy and secularism, rather than being “meek”, will attract the hate of the progressive crowds (who want the death of Christianity anyway; see HHS mandate), but will, in time, deeply impress all those who still keep in themselves a small flame of Catholicism alive. 

There is no organisation on earth who can mobilise as much as the Church. No other organisation has the helping hand of the Holy Ghost, and no other organisation has the profound grip on people’s soul the Church has. After fifty years of devastation and attempted suicide, the Church in the US can still make Presidents tremble. Just imagine where they would be now if the work had been started ten or fifteen years ago.

Whenever Popes recognise this and act accordingly, they are hailed as great Popes; when they are meek and weak they are remembered, if ever, as a lost occasion.

O for a warrior Pope.



LCWR’s “Theology” And The Licence To Bark

She was angry at the Vatican.

On the “God and the machine” blog (yes, I know: he writes on Patheos) we find an interesting article describing the self-made theology of Barbara Max Hubbard. The lady would be, to us, totally irrelevant as one of those ridiculous new-age-cum-gandhi charlatans going around, but unfortunately she is not, because she was invited to talk at the LCWR annual conference, in which apparently – and unsurprisingly – such plainly heretical/heathenish talk found a great echo.

The inconsequential bollocks she dishes to her listeners is best described with the words of Philip Neri at the Domine, da mihi hanc aquam blog: “I would add a few descriptive words myself, but I might die in my sleep unabsolved of serious sin”.

I am not surprised that people able to tell themselves nuns and to encourage such blasphemy have the gut to complain because they have been corrected. The old witches have not been punished nearly as harshly as they have richly deserved. Therefore, they can now bark as loud as they can without fear of exemplary punishment. 

Once again, I have the impression the approach used with the, erm, ladies was far too mild. They will  only do what is absolutely necessary to avoid worse measures – I can’t imagine it to be much;  some soon-forgotten reiteration of fidelity to Church teaching should do -, after which they’ll probably continue their work more or less undisturbed. Who is, I ask, going to stop them? The Vatican? How so, if years of unashamed paganism has led to nothing more than a gentle rebuke and slow “help” to clean up the shop a bit in the next, what was it, five years?

The reaction to the conclusion of the apostolic visitation shows it doesn’t make sense to be mild in these matters. The liberals bark exactly as loud, the witches remain as unrepentant as they were before. An exemplary punishment (as in: choice between abiura or excommunication for the leaders; suppression of the entire LCWR; suppression of the worst of the religious orders member of the LCWR) would have silenced “progressive” “Catholics” the world over and sent a clear message the party is now at an end, and such antics will not be tolerated.

Alas, it is in the style of this pontificate to be always in the middle of everything: half supporter of traditional liturgy, half of the neocatechumenal way; half commander-in-chief, half encouraging uncle; harsh in words against dissent, but far too mild in action.

Make no mistake: dissent will continue unabated, and will perhaps be emboldened by the absence of exemplary measures.

They all know now they still have licence to bark.


Yes LCWR, Please Disband!

Sister wasn't pleased when she heard the news.

It must now be clear even to George Osborne the NCR is headed for some rather difficult times, what with their readership rapidly self-extinguishing and the Church starting to think and act Catholic again. Still, the chaps and gals at the NCR are always good for a bit of whining.

This time, it is about the result of the apostolic visitation to the LCWR.

In short, the sisters get out of it without any exemplary punishment: no closure or suppression of the organisation per se and no one of the most scandalous “sisters” is kicked out and asked to queue for the dole, or start working for a change. Instead, there is a very “soft” approach based on the appointment of an archbishop who, in the next years, will try to inject some orthodoxy in them. Failing, for sure.

You would expect the ladies would have run to light huge candles to the Blessed Virgin for the averted danger, though I doubt they see Her other than as a symbol of the patriarchal oppression of the Church.

What they do instead is bitching around: The Vatican informed the US bishops before they were allowed to say to their members (oh! that word!) how things stand, the Vatican machos (they are the only ones who consider them anywhere near it) have been indelicate, and, in general, the ladies are clearly hurt in their feelings. A former leader of the group even says the Vatican measures are “clearly immoral”. Ah, if she says so…

Another one has, though, a brilliant idea: Read what “Sister” (not mine, thank God!) Chittister has to say:

“Within the canonical framework, there is only one way I can see to deal with this,” said Benedictine Sr. Joan Chittister, who has served as president of the group as well as in various leadership positions. (Chittister also writes a column for NCR.) “They would have to disband canonically and regroup as an unofficial interest group.

“That would be the only way to maintain growth and nourish their congregational charisms and the charism of the LCWR, which is to help religious communities assess the signs of the time. If everything you do has to be approved by somebody outside, then you’re giving your charism away, and you’re certainly demeaning the ability of women to make distinctions.”

I agree, I agree! Please, please disband! Create all the “unofficial interest group” you wish! Emancipate yourselves!! The money goes back to the Vatican, the sistas find some other idiot (hopefully, the NCR subscribers; as long as there is any) to pay for their bread, and they stop abusing the generosity of generations of good Catholics, who never in their wildest dreams could have thought their donations would one day have been used by a bunch of new age witches to pervert Christianity.

So you see: it should not be said I never agree with the old witches ladies.


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