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Facebook, Twitter, And Google Need To Be Broken Up.

facebook racists


This is the last episode of many in which conservative voices have been silenced by the progressive media.  

Like Diamond and Silk, Mark Dice is expressing perfectly legitimate opinions in a perfectly reasonable way. But exactly this is the problem for the Nazis running Twitter, Youtube and Facebook: if you have ideas I don’t like, you must be excluded from the public discourse. 

It is high time the US legislators (I have no hope that anything may happen in Europe) realise the threat to our freedoms emanating from these organisations, which are quasi-monopolies (and factual monopolies) in the space in which they operate. They must be broken up just in the same way as past monopolies. They are infinitely more dangerous than any monopoly of the past because they do not impact merely the way you spend, but the way you think and the way you vote. 

We can’t allow these companies to lord over one global platform each. There must be enough choices for the consumer to choose his own vehicle or social expression, and there must be legislation protecting the freedoms of the citizen when they enter such spaces; then Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, and actually the entire platform on which they operate, cannot be seen as “private spaces”, but as a public domain in which the freedoms of the individual cannot be infringed.

I hope that president Trump realises this soon and become the promoter of effective legislative action, making of this a constant issue in the public arena until the electors force their representatives to act.

Break them up. If we don’t act now, this could be the nightmare of the next decade or, perhaps, generation. 

Pro-Choice Nazism Explained.


The article here is a beautiful explanation of everything that is Nazi in the liberal mentality.

You see, it is not that the Nazis hated children or old people qua people. They certainly welcomed a baby if he/she was wanted (say: Aryan, or simply wanted), and certainly did not have anything against independent old people without need for extensive medical care.

They were, as every human being, very loving of their …loved ones.

The same happens with the modern Nazis, the feminists/ liberal “pro-choice” crowd. An unborn child is either a baby or a “woman’s health issue” according to whether they have, in their Nazi goodness, conferred on him the title and status of “human being”.

“How is your baby?” asks, no doubt, our “pro-choice” Yoko to her friend expecting a child she wants. In this case, it is undoubtedly a baby, already enrolled among the ranks of future peace activist and global warming nutcases.

In the other case a saw, a mallet or similarly gentle devices will take care of the baby, whose human dignity will instantly be all but forgotten.

If this isn’t Nazi thinking, I can’t recognise a Michelle Obama when I see one.


Say Hello To “Heterosexism”!

How Liberals see Christians

I certainly do not need to give my US American readers any motivation to try to kick Mr. Golf-playing Hussein Obama out of the White House come November 2012, his ultra-abortionist, pro-perversion agenda being actually reason enough even if you happened to like his economic policy.

Still, you might be interested to know that one of the many flourishes of this goddamn administration is, in this probably most free of all countries, the extremisation of “sensitivity training” aimed at purifying you from every trace of Christianity the Obama administration may find in you.

The US Department of Agriculture started a “sensitivity training” aimed at purging the Christian elements in your formation leading you to think that homosexuality is a perversion. This not being stupid enough – and the liberals currently in power being utterly determined to wipe out the United States as a world power – the same treatment should now, if these nutcases get their way, be extended to the armed forces.

In a heroic, utterly Goebbelsian effort of re-shaping reality (hey: don’t these people love “change”?) you are explained that to consider, say, marriage as the union of a man and a woman is heterosexism. In case you’d say “so what?”, our Goebbelsian heroes are ready to explain to you that this word has been created to make you understand that…. it is bad. Like “racism”.

Don’t you love “change”….

Once again, it is clear that these oh so tolerant liberals are clearly bent on wiping out the Christian thinking from the country. If they were left to their own devices, a Christian would soon be seen as a Ku Klux Klan member, and treated accordingly.

I have said many times, and will repeat now, that the answer to such a mentality is not to react by showing how our sensitivity is the right one, but to assertively claim Christian values as the moral basis of Western civilisation. 

There can be no middle way between being a Christian and being at the mercy of the nazi liberals. The history of the past decades clearly shows that there is no limit to the ground they will want to take, until Christian values have been completely wiped out.

This makes total sense, because perversions are from the devil, and the devil is not interested in tolerance, but in domination. You are “tolerant” and begin to make compromises with Catholic values, and within a couple of generations the Christian culture in your country will be fighting for survival.

The Christian resurgence (now clearly in action in the United States, and I might be wrong but I can’t remember so many pro-life potential candidates to the Presidency, whilst people like Santorum and Palin are, in a 10-12 years perspective, far more credible future Presidents than this would have been the case only fifteen years ago) must not stop at the defence from all-invading godless, pervert liberalism. It must reclaim the lost ground, and impose Christian values as the only metre of morality.

Bring back abortion ban, and sodomy laws. Throw same-sex abominations into the bin. There can be no half way.
Great people of the past knew that, and never would a St. Thomas Aquinas have suggested to you that there may be any long-term security for Christianity if you start to compromise on abortion, or on homosexuality. Those wise people knew that this kind of “tolerance” is the thin end of the wedge. You can’t be “tolerant” of Satan and tell him “come on, you can have the entrance hall and half of the ground floor corridor, if I get to keep the rest of the house”. It just doesn’t work that way.

If the newly invented concept of “heterosexism” doesn’t persuade you of this, I frankly do not know what could. And at this point, I really must use the title of a well-spread Corapi video:

Wake up, America.




Monsters With A Liberal Face

Defend us in battle!

Please look at this video, but not if there are children around.

Listen to it attentively; perhaps listen to it again.
The atrocity of these liberal Nazis is so appalling, their absence of every sense of humanity so complete that the woman is unable to understand the enormity of what she is saying. An old woman; a life so completely wasted.

And what she is saying is of such cruelty that one shivers at writing it again here. And she repeats it; and is astonished at the reaction she causes. Who knows, she might even be really astonished, but more probably she tries to feign innocence to mask her cruelty.

These people are firmly in the hands of Satan. One listens to the lady and understands, touches with his own hands so to speak, how Nazism could happen. I can vividly picture the lady as a gas chamber operator in a Nazi extermination camp, destroying countless souls (she calls them at one point “selves”, then the word “lives” or “souls” would be revealing of her cruelty already) but thinking that it is okay, that she does it in order to put an end to their suffering and is therefore like a good mother; and then being astonished at discovering herself in sitting on a dangerous bench in Nuremberg.

Please forward this video to as many as it is sensible. There is really no need to spend time in explaining or commenting it.

A Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel will certainly do no harm.


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