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Bad, Broke, And Splattered*: BBBY Now Has Its Suicide.

This is how the top of the “Jenga Building” looks like. One understands its “fitness for purpose”

This story discusses suicide. If you are having thoughts of suicide, please contact the Blessed Virgin and Our Lord in prayer. Yes, They are listening. Yes, They will help.

I have written just a couple of days ago about how BBBY went from Bad to Badder and Beyond, in part certainly due to their alienating a sizeable percentage of their customer base with degenerate stunts, woke culture and, obviously, Anti-Trumpism.

I am now informed (no link, because it’s everywhere) that the Chief Financial Officer of said company has decided to jump from the 18th floor of an “iconic” building in Tribeca, Manhattan; a fall at the end of which there was, if you allow me the pun*, no My Pillow-pillow to soften the blow (not that it would have helped, of course; you can’t appreciate the fluffiness of a good pillow at that speed*).

Your “Eternal Rest” for the guy is appreciated. However, people of my generation tend not to buy the New Excuses (“he was battling depression”; “momentary lapse of reason”; “the death of his cat was too much to bear”, and the like), sensibly thinking that, if these easily fabricated excuses were not around 100 years ago, they should not be around now. The guy obviously has a tiny chance of avoiding hell, hence my request for a prayer. However, let me tell y’all, for the edification of the entire readership, that his odds are very bad.

I have posted above a contact line for any of you who would feel suicidal. It’s free of charge. It can be used anytime. It always, always works!

As an aside, I cannot exclude that this high-profile suicide will cast a shadow over the extremely expensive Condo building. The collective financial damage (145 condo apartments at, again, staggering valuations) will also be something adding up to many millions. Not that the suicide cared, obviously. Still, another pitfall of living among rich liberals, I suppose.

Back to the suicide.

This guy was the CFO of the company. I have not delved into the matter yet, but my decades-long experience with the financial press tells me that, when the CFO of an “embattled” company commits suicide, chances are the accounts were cooked; that is, it can be that the situation is even worse than already advertised, and said CFO flirted with the accountancy rules’ “gray zone” (it’s a very complex world, full of screws you can turn one way or the other, at least to an extent) until the growing difficulties gradually made the gray resemble anthracite, and the line between that amount of window dressing many companies indulge in and criminal behaviour starts to get more and more, ahem, blurred.

Mind, I cannot tell you whether this is the case. What I can tell you is that, if that were the case, it wouldn’t surprise anyone. I am, therefore, speculating, out of the above mentioned decades-long experience, that a brutal audit of the company’s accounts is now in the cards, and the results will not be for the faint of heart.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to deceive’

Meanwhile, My Pillow is doing just fine. Nobody is jumping from any “iconic” building over there. They are challenged and ostracised by the Culture of Satan, and they react prayerfully and smartly. You can buy their pillows in the UK now. They are also made locally, in Coventry, because people who buy their pillow from them tend to be “Make England Great Again” type of guys.

It really is a tale of two world.

Only one of which is wholesome.

* This blog indulges in some macabre humour. If you disapprove, click away now.

Liberalism Will Destroy Your Brain

Please follow the link to this article and watch the video.  

It is quite something to see, but not really shocking considering this is, well, Portland.

What is more shocking is the total inability of the two women to become aware that they were under attack, and react accordingly (that is: fight or flight, more likely flight).

The first woman, who has an obvious escape route the other side of the counter, remains on her place, watching her attacker like a perfect imbecile until she gets whacked with the saw (yes: could have been much worse). It is not only that she is one of slow reactions. It is that it is obvious that her upbringing and ideology led her to think that it would be prejudiced, and actually racist, to start to flee at the appearance of a Black man walking toward her in a laundromat with a saw and, clearly, hostile intentions. That saws have normally not much to do in a laundromat clearly escaped her desire not to “profile” the Black guy. You can literally *watch* her little, liberal brain frantically trying to elaborate the information coming to it, and desperately trying to avoid “acting racist”.

The second girl appears to be even more stupid. She does not have enough sense to run away and tell the first woman to do the same. No. She tries to “engage in dialogue”. “Use words!” I can’t avoid thinking that she thought she could “talk” him out of his “justified” rage. I wonder if she found the time to apologise for her “White privilege”. She sees a madman with a saw, and the idea that her time might have come does not even brush against her.

It is only after the second, *big* whack that normal instinct starts to come back, and one of the women discovers common sense, decides that political correctness isn’t worth being made a stew, and runs away fast. The second woman appears to remain where she is, likely terrified that life has taught her that that guy, a victim of Trump, could have killed her in a second and a half.

The story is made worse by the fact that, this here being Portland, the usual suspects put obstacles in the work of the police, immediately promoting the madman with the saw to the coveted, but very easily given status of “victim”.

What does this tell us?

It tells us that these people are screwed in the head, big time; and I am not talking about the man with the saw.

I used to think you could persuade them with solid arguments about, say, the killing of babies in the womb, or the fact that men are, having a willie, men. I think I was being too naively optimistic.

The rot has gone to the very core of these people’s brains. It has come to the level of insanity where they are unable to recognise a Black guy as a menace, literally, to save their lives. The two women could have been killed or maimed very easily in a matter of seconds. What saved them is merely the obvious inability of the man to keep his attention on one purpose, no matter how senselessly evil, for more than five seconds at a time, before he decided to have diced meat for lunch.

The only way out is to wait that these people die, because most of them will never recover. Again, I am not talking of the madman. These people will try to discuss social justice with the people murdering, or raping them.

“I just wanted to let you know that I am very…. AAAARRGGGHHHH!”

I keep assuming that rational arguments will win the day in time, or when people become a bit older and start having a mortgage, a job they want to keep, and a pension plan.

I am very much afraid these people will, if they are not killed before, keep tweeting angry tweets when they are 89, from a hospice paid by those who have actually made something with their lives.

The Parental Encouraging Of Sexual Perversion

"Strange and disturbing times"; Private Baldrick

More examples in the last days showing the indescribable stupidity of liberals.

The first one is a mother whose young son – only four years old, poor child – tells her that he wants a tutu. Promptly the mother seizes the moment, writes a book with the telling title my princess boy – a contradiction in terms of course, but liberals don’t let logical absurdities come in the way of their ideology – and embarks in a, no doubt, remunerative and sales-promoting tour with the poor child, explaining to all of us how bigoted we are. Chances are that this boy will, notwithstanding his perverted and exploiting mother, still grow up to be a healthy adult male utterly ashamed of his embarrassing mother (if you have seen the film “Laurel Canyon”, Christian Bale gives a very good portrait of such an adult); but make no mistake, mommy will do all she can to make of her son a pervert, because she now has an emotional investment – and a financial interest – in it.

The next level of parental perversion is shown by a Canadian couple (remember: Canada is a country able to put a Catholic bishop in front of a human rights tribunal because he’s Catholic) who, now expecting a child and not wanting to wait a couple of years before starting the perversion work, knows whether it will be a boy or a girl but doesn’t say to anyone, in order to stress that the child should be able to select his “gender” of choice. No you idiots, he won’t. Note that these parents already have two young boys going around dressed as girls. God bless all three of them, poor children.

No amount of liberal madness can ever justify playing with one’s children’s lives to satisfy one’s ideological stance. These people are seriously threatening the future of their children, either giving a substantial contribution to them growing up with sexual perversions (remember: God doesn’t do perversion; humans do!) or saddling them with a huge amount of confusion and uncertainty which will not be easy to throw away as they grow up; particularly considering that in this case perversion is not even seen with a kind of resigned detachment, but clearly encouraged and provided with parental approval. Which, by the way, is another very strong argument (if such were needed) against adoption by perverts.

Private Baldrick was never so right.


Say Hello To “Heterosexism”!

How Liberals see Christians

I certainly do not need to give my US American readers any motivation to try to kick Mr. Golf-playing Hussein Obama out of the White House come November 2012, his ultra-abortionist, pro-perversion agenda being actually reason enough even if you happened to like his economic policy.

Still, you might be interested to know that one of the many flourishes of this goddamn administration is, in this probably most free of all countries, the extremisation of “sensitivity training” aimed at purifying you from every trace of Christianity the Obama administration may find in you.

The US Department of Agriculture started a “sensitivity training” aimed at purging the Christian elements in your formation leading you to think that homosexuality is a perversion. This not being stupid enough – and the liberals currently in power being utterly determined to wipe out the United States as a world power – the same treatment should now, if these nutcases get their way, be extended to the armed forces.

In a heroic, utterly Goebbelsian effort of re-shaping reality (hey: don’t these people love “change”?) you are explained that to consider, say, marriage as the union of a man and a woman is heterosexism. In case you’d say “so what?”, our Goebbelsian heroes are ready to explain to you that this word has been created to make you understand that…. it is bad. Like “racism”.

Don’t you love “change”….

Once again, it is clear that these oh so tolerant liberals are clearly bent on wiping out the Christian thinking from the country. If they were left to their own devices, a Christian would soon be seen as a Ku Klux Klan member, and treated accordingly.

I have said many times, and will repeat now, that the answer to such a mentality is not to react by showing how our sensitivity is the right one, but to assertively claim Christian values as the moral basis of Western civilisation. 

There can be no middle way between being a Christian and being at the mercy of the nazi liberals. The history of the past decades clearly shows that there is no limit to the ground they will want to take, until Christian values have been completely wiped out.

This makes total sense, because perversions are from the devil, and the devil is not interested in tolerance, but in domination. You are “tolerant” and begin to make compromises with Catholic values, and within a couple of generations the Christian culture in your country will be fighting for survival.

The Christian resurgence (now clearly in action in the United States, and I might be wrong but I can’t remember so many pro-life potential candidates to the Presidency, whilst people like Santorum and Palin are, in a 10-12 years perspective, far more credible future Presidents than this would have been the case only fifteen years ago) must not stop at the defence from all-invading godless, pervert liberalism. It must reclaim the lost ground, and impose Christian values as the only metre of morality.

Bring back abortion ban, and sodomy laws. Throw same-sex abominations into the bin. There can be no half way.
Great people of the past knew that, and never would a St. Thomas Aquinas have suggested to you that there may be any long-term security for Christianity if you start to compromise on abortion, or on homosexuality. Those wise people knew that this kind of “tolerance” is the thin end of the wedge. You can’t be “tolerant” of Satan and tell him “come on, you can have the entrance hall and half of the ground floor corridor, if I get to keep the rest of the house”. It just doesn’t work that way.

If the newly invented concept of “heterosexism” doesn’t persuade you of this, I frankly do not know what could. And at this point, I really must use the title of a well-spread Corapi video:

Wake up, America.




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