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“Religion Of Peace” Strikes Again

Very apposite…

The recent events in Benghazi – where several innocent citizens, among them an ambassador, have been killed through the senseless violence of the usual Islamic fanatics – allow us to make a sobering parallelism with Christianity, as it is known to everyone of us that attacks to consulates of Muslim countries are, alas, a too frequent occurrence in Christian countries whenever a movie insulting of Christianity hits the screens.

In fact, the style of protest and the weapons used – with grenades also employed – seem to echo the usual pattern of Christian violence we see everywhere in our Western countries.

The sad events in Libya are, therefore, a welcome occasion to make an act of contrition, examine our sins and exercise some healthy self-criticism instead of recurring to the uncharitable reaction of criticising our brothers and sisters in ecumenism.

To this aim, I suggest the watching of this well-made video of Andrew Klavan about “How to behave during an Islamic massacre”. Besides being very actual, it is a good help in teaching us to improve our way in the face of oh so much violence from oh everyone.


(There. I feel so good now…).

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