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Mundabor is on LinkedIn

It had to happen, I suppose...

As the one of other among you might know, I have a couple of email addresses exclusively used for blog purposes which I very rarely visit. My official email of this blog I might have only visited when the blog was stopped (you will remember: the genial PR of the bishop had complained the wrong photo was on the blog. What a waste of wages….).

Today was one of those days I visit my other unused email address, and I had the pleasure of finding father Z’s invitation to join his network at LinkedIn.

I am not very fit in this networking things, but I notice other people find it very useful to communicate with each other, or to stay in touch with things they like; for example – in theory – with my blog.

Therefore, I though it useful to start my own LinkedIn account, with Father Z the first contact, and see where we go from there.

It’s all fake of course, as you would expect from your truly: name, location, photo (the usual Pius XII), everything. What is truthful is that this is my page, and my profile (that is: of the original Mundabor. Accept no substitutes….)  and I will try to set the blog so that every blog post of mine automatically appears on LinkedIn, making it easier for those so inclined to follow my blog in this way.

Once again: I am unable – age, I fear – to truly see the use, but if others see it then who am I to disagree…

I’d love some comment as to how you use LinkedIn in connection with Catholic blogs, and how you think I can improve the “experience” for my readers.



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