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Sister Mary Lou Wirtz Creates A New Church.


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Taken from here:

“Ever since Vatican II, the understanding of obedience and authority has taken on new nuances or concepts,” Sister Wirtz told Vatican Radio, “so I think it’s important for us to look at what does Gospel leadership mean today.”

“We’re very hopeful that we will have more open dialogue in the future,” she continued. “I think the LCWR are really using an approach of prayer and reflection, trying to open this channel of understanding from both sides.”

“I think in some circles it’s been recognized, but I think from the circles within the Vatican we don’t hear that recognition,” added Sister Wirtz, an American who also serves as general superior of the Franciscan Sisters, Daughters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

I was very excited (no, not really) at reading these words, because it is evident to me we are assisting to the birth of a new religion. Sister Mary Lou Wirtz, the head of Mad Nuns United (though they called themselves  International Union of Superiors General) has launched a rather shrill battle cry this week, and is now hoping to rally sufficient mad nuns around them, or at least keep her position.

Read again the hilarious statement of the female, and you will see without any difficulty what we are talking about. Even Sedevacantists do not deny the obedience to the Pope, though they deny that a legitimate Pope is in charge. Even Protestants would recognise without any doubt that the absolute cornerstone of the Church is her being based on Peter. There can be no doubt this is a constitutive element of Catholicism: if you take it away, there is no Catholicism anymore.

Not since the, erm, advent (small a) of Msss Wirtz: not only obedience now takes “new nuances”, but actually it has taken a new concept. Obedience now is different than it used to be. The traditional understanding of the Papacy has clearly passed its sell-by date. Gosh, Luther could not have said it better.

Why would things now be different? Why, Vatican II of course. All that free flow of Holy Spirit, finally liberated from the tyranny of Pius XII and Pius XI, has clearly changes things forever. What do we have now? A strange concept named “Gospel leadership”. Let’s try: “And Jesus answering, said to it: Blessed art thou, Gospel: because ink and parchment hath not revealed it to thee, but my Father who is in heaven. And I say to thee: That thou art the Gospels; and upon this books I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”.

It is not only that it sounds stupid, it is that there is no Catholicism left in it, merely a vague “Gospeling” meaning nothing, and which can be filled with everything. There can be no leadership of the Gospels, because the Gospels aren’t any part of leadership, and never were able to justify or ground any. There were no Gospels in Jesus’ time, and it was the authority of the Church, led by Peter, that established the very Gospel whose “leadership” should now justify a rethink of the role of the Pope. In Catholicism, leadership is spelled Papa Echo Tango Echo Romeo.  

Again: not only is this utter crap. This is crap not based on history or reason, and in obvious contradiction with Catholicism. 

Does this deter our new wannabe Prophetess from spitting her bile? No, it doesn’t. The last phrase quoted is so hilarious you wonder what these people smoke in the morning, and can be rephrased as follows: “In some circles of mad nuns there is now a recognition that as you have a penis, we cannot obey to you on any account, and will even theorise a new religion to avoid that; but you, male chauvinist that you are, you do not agree with this”. 

Sister needs a doctor and the doctor must, first of all, check her for cocaine consumption. Such outlandish statements clearly denote either that the woman makes use of substances creating a sharp loss of reality, or either that the Vatican is being once again so astonishingly incompetent, deaf, blind and generally faineant that she thinks she can launch provocations like this one without any fear of consequence.

It is high time this bunch of hysteric females were really punished. Kick all those with such idea out and deprive them of the habit (that they don’t use) and of the money on which they scrounge. Let them fend for themselves, if they are oh so social they’ll find local authorities willing to pay for their social activity. 

Unfortunately, Sister Wirtz might not be on cocaine, and know very well what she is doing: bitch without end for a small correction, and you will avoid the exemplary punishments.






“Magisterium of Nuns” Explained

This was posted on my facebook page, and many thanks…. it really says it all…


LCWR’s “Magisterium Of Nuns” Might Be Punished At Last.

She told the Pope “my Magisterium is better than yours”.

Everyone knows “open” is the way diplomatic circles use when they want to say a discussion has been totally useless. The same diplomatic tones are used by the Vatican to describe the meeting with that bunch of failed men going under the name of “LCWR”. This tells us the ladies were as bitchy as can be reasonably expected from them.

This would be in itself not really news, and my esteemed readers could well wonder why I waste their time in mentioning this.

I do, actually, because it appears the diplomatic niceties had a less diplomatic “tail” in the declaration of William Levada after the fact. The otherwise perfectly useless Fishwrap reports the story, and one could almost think – if one would not know the way the Vatican works – that the Vatican is now preparing to bite.

Cardinal Levada said it very bluntly: if the LCWR does not change their ways, the Vatican will simply withdrawn from them official recognition, basically not allowing them to say they represent the leaders of communities of so-called religious sisters.

One is pleased at the fact the Cardinal even mentions some form of sanction; but one cannot avoid thinking the following:

1) mere weeks after the decision to start with the “re-education” of the witches, the possibility of the success of this undertaking is openly doubted by the same people who are responsible for them. This might show an always welcome realism, but also the silliness of thinking the re-education might have worked in the first place.

2) the “sanctions” ventilated by the Cardinal are against the organisation, not against the people who have created today’s mess. Put in crude terms, the sisters would be able to continue abusing Church resources and living at the expense of decent Christians (both living and dead); there’s no talk of excommunication, or of kicking the worst among them out.

3) Taking away official recognition from the LCWR would not make any very big change: the organisation would remain, and would continue to boasts of their rebellion. The liberal media would pet them like it’s going out of fashion.

I wonder how the Cardinal think his strategy would work.

Still, this might be the beginning of the beginning of a Vatican change of attitude toward the Magisterium of Nuns. After 40 years of heresy, one would say acting might be appropriate.


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