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Marco Pannella: Another One Bites The Dust

Memento mori!

It’s your turn, Marco….


Marco Pannella, who just died at 86 extremely badly lived years, was the embodiment of the true bastard. 

Starting from the Mid-Fifties, the man was at the forefront of everything that is evil in Italy: abortion, divorce, drugs legalisation, abolition of life prison, and many other evils. Everything that is bad, he tried to accomplish. Everything that is good, he despised. A born showman and talented clown, he would do everything he could to get the limelight. His hypocrisy was legendary, his “hunger strikes”, begun, then suspended, resumed, suspended after the insistence of “friends” the matter of infinite jokes among sound thinking Italians. But he knew how to catch an audience with the endless love of Marco Pannella for Marco Pannella. Most people considered him an entertaining maverick. Some took it seriously. Many more never realised how much he was slowly corrupting them. 

The lover of Emma Bonino, the genocidal mass-abortionist later promoted to slut-heroin of the Republic, the man admitted some years ago to homosexual sex with Lucio Magri. I have written about this other bastard when he chose to put an end to his days in a clinic in Switzerland. However, Magri was a bastard of much higher quality than Pannella. Pannella was just a disordered clown with an infinite love for himself, very publicly displayed.

Marco Pannella has now met his Judge, and it is very difficult to imagine the outcome was any other than hell. What is certain is that – excluding the sacraments, which I really don’t think he requested – hell could have been avoided only in case of perfect contrition, that is: reneging of everything Marco Pannella was for his entire life. You can make a guesstimate of the probabilities here. However, know that once again God won: if he repented, because he repented. If he did not repent, because he met his just punishment.

Can’t wait to read what praises Francis and the others will pour on the bastard. Make no mistake: Francis and Pannella are birds of a feather.

Good riddance, Marco. A bastard like you seldom disgraced the soil of my once wonderfully Catholic Country.

We might have deserved a plague like you with our infidelity. But this does not make of you less of a bastard.


P.S. please let not anyone come out with the nonsense of de mortuis nil nisi bonum. What applies to private individuals must carefully be avoided for public characters, particularly in times like these. When it became known that Hitler had shot himself, I doubt there were many exercising their Latin. 


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