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De Mortuis Nil Nisi Bonum, Sic Transit Gloria Mundi Edition

All in smoke now...

And it came to pass that Hugh Hefner was buried in the tomb near Marilyn Monroe, in a place bought at great expense many years ago.

The man justified the purchase, it appears, saying that the price was a bargain for the opportunity to stay near Marilyn Monroe in eternity.

I am afraid there was no need to pay.

Monroe died, if memory serves, of more or less alcohol-fuelled suicide, after a life spent taking care of male genitals to progress her career (a fact of which we are informed from her very letters to a female friend) and sleeping with at least one very powerful, married man (and his brother) when the great success was, at such greatly disgusting cost, achieved. No sign of conversion left and right.

Hefner clearly pushed an entirely anti-Christian agenda for all his very long life; not presenting himself as a man with the weaknesses of men, but as an ideological, programmatic, very lucid sinner: a liberator of people (of both sexes) from the constraints of an oppressive society. The huge promiscuity and even creeping polygamy that went on in that house for years is here mentioned only en passant. No sign of conversion whatsoever here, too.

One can, therefore, consider it highly probable that the two will, in fact, have to spend an entire eternity in each other's company.

However, I doubt it will be nearly as much fun as Hefner's extremely lavish (to say the least) parties.



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