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Archbishop Mueller Still Hasn’t Explained Anything

The new guardian of the hen-house continued to give interviews….

Archbishop Mueller has a couple of problems: the first one is that he cannot avoid giving more or less arrogant interviews (well, ok: more); the second is that he has been invited from the SSPX to say how he reconciles his strange idea of a non-virginity which is a virginity, but hasn’t done it; instead, he thinks he can put the controversies over his own embarrassing ignorance of the basics of Catholicism (or worse) by just saying “I believe in that in which I am supposed to believe, therefore you must be wrong”.

On the first problem, it is clear the Archbishop should go back to school with very rigid SSPX teachers; that he knows it very well; and that it hurts. Once again, he reacted angrily to the (perfectly legitimate, and still unanswered) questions openly posed to him from the SSPX by saying that those who disagree with him either aren’t very intelligent, or haven’t read him, or couldn’t understand him. Congratulations, with such arguments he would have great success with a group of drunken friends at the pub.

Simply put,  either the SSPX is populated by cretins, or Archbishop Mueller is a 1a cretin himself. Reach your own conclusions.

On the second problem, I notice that the Archbishop still hasn’t answered (at least as far as the Blessed Virgin is concerned; on other matters things seems clearer) to the criticism levelled against him. To say “I am orthodox” is rather easy; to say whether you think you were wrong in what you stated and why is quite another.

I could tell you whatever crap gets through my mind, and then react to every criticism saying “yours are provocations, and not even intelligent ones at that. I am right and orthodox, you just don’t read or can’t understand me”. Would you let it pass? Thought not…

Why, then, is the Archbishop allowed to (factually) deny the Perpetual Virginity of Mary and get away with it by just saying “I believe in the dogma?” I could tell you – if I were a theologian burning to say something new and revolutionary to further my career – that the dogma really means, say, that the Blessed Virgin liked baby blue in preference to sage green. When I, then, say that I believe in the dogma I do not do anything else than to repeat that I believe in what I have already stated I believe. Similarly, Mueller has already said that to him “virginity” does not really mean… virginity.  Therefore, when he says that he believes in Mary Ever Virgin he has retracted absolutely nothing, because he must first persuade us that he got what virginity is.

The rest of the interview is the usual rather embarrassing blabla: I really didn’t want to become de facto Number Three; I mean, not really really, but the Holy Father told me I could not refuse (the Pope allowed Monsignor Wagner to refuse, though. I wonder why?); I will talk with the mad nuns because the only ones I consider cretins unable to read are the SSPX priests; I do believe in my heresies concerning Protestants and I will not back pedal about them; but I really, really have to back pedal about transubstantiation, otherwise I am in serious trouble; and so on.

The man is a walking embarrassment for the Church: a man dangerously prone to choler (he can’t avoid insulting the SSPX even in his interviews; just imagine what he must be in private), theologically shamed by every properly instructed ten years old boy circa 1910, and so much in love with himself he reminds one of Usain Bolt, without the achievements or the talent.

May God forgive the man who put him in such an important place because he has edited his own books.


Mary Ever-Virgin: Suggested Reading For ++ Mueller

This is a goat. The Germans believe he should not be appointed gardener. Two of them disagree.

Writing about the impressive (as always) reaction of the SSPX to the astonishing appointment of the goat as head-gardener, Christopher Gillibrand of Catholic Church Conservation (a fountain of wisdom and useful information these days, I have already mentioned his blog posts more than once) has, almost as an aside, a most useful observation.

As the Holy Father is now in Castelgandolfo to reflect about his self-inflicted troubles and the Vatican activity comes more or less to a halt, I think Gillibrand’s suggestion would make an excellent summer reading for the newly appointed Archbishop Goat Bock  Mueller.

I give below the suggestion verbatim. I merely allow myself to notice the insistence of the author for a word with which the newly appointed guardian of Catholic doctrinal orthodoxy seems not to be very familiar, not even after the extensive research one imagines necessary before publishing a book with one’s name on it: dogma.

Text as follows:

 I can always send the new CDF a copy of Mariologia by Father Benedictus Henricus Merkelbach OP. It has three extensive chapters on these matters.

 The first begins
Dogma fidei est Matrem Dei fuisse Virginem ante partem et in ipsa conceptione Filii sui
(it is a dogma of the Faith that the Mother of God remained a Virgin before birth and in the Conception of her Son.
The second
Dogma fidei est Matrem Dei esse virginem in partu
(it is a dogma of the Faith that the Mother of God remained a Virgin at birth)
The third
Dogma fidei est Matrem Dei esse virginem post partum
(it is a dogma of the Faith that the Mother of God remained a Virgin after birth)
In summary!
Triplex Virginitas Mariae scil ante partum, in partu, et post partum est de fide.
He can return it only if a a letter is attached saying that he gives assent to the teaching of the Church in all ages but our own
Something tells me that Archbishop Mueller’s permanence at the CDF will be a short, and a difficult one.
At least we will have, when the moment comes, an easy way to see whether he wants to be Paul VIII or a decent Pope: we willonly have to see if he removes Mueller.

Mary Ever-Virgin: Catholic Encyclopedia

Jan Brueghel, “The bad shepherd”


Those who wish can instruct themselves here.

Some excerpt lovingly chosen by yours truly. Emphases mine.  If the link should not work, follow the original site to click around. 

 The dogma which teaches that the Blessed Mother of Jesus Christ was a virgin before, during, and after the conception and birth of herDivine Son.


The virginity of our Blessed Lady was defined under anathema in the third canon of the Lateran Council held in the time of Pope Martin I, A.D. 649.


The perpetual virginity of our Blessed Lady was taught and proposed to our belief not merely by the councils and creeds, but also by the early Fathers. The words of the prophet Isaias (vii, 14) are understood in this sense by

St. Jerome devotes his entire treatise against Helvidius to the perpetual virginity of Our Blessed Lady (see especially nos. 4, 13, 18).

The contrary doctrine is called:

  • “madness and blasphemy” by Gennadius (De dogm. eccl., lxix),
  • “madness” by Origen (in Luc., h, vii),
  • “sacrilege” by St. Ambrose (De instit. virg., V, xxxv),
  • “impiety and smacking of atheism” by Philostorgius (VI, 2),
  • “perfidy” by St. Bede (hom. v, and xxii),
  • “full of blasphemies” by the author of Prædestin. (i, 84),
  • “perfidy of the Jews” by Pope Siricius (ep. ix, 3),
  • “heresy” by St. Augustine (De Hær. h., lvi).

St. Epiphanius probably excels all others in his invectives against the opponents of Our Lady’s virginity (Hær., lxxviii, 1, 11, 23).

There’s a lot to click about, but most importantly there’s a lot to be ashamed of.


Mary Ever-Virgin: Blog Post Of The Day

Virgin Is Not Virgin

The Mary Ever-Virgin blog post of the day micro-award goes to EF Pastor Emeritus, a Catholic priest running a blog with a remarkable knack for punching posts.

His blog post, very aptly titled, contains the following statement:

 I look forward to reading how the new prefect will explain his apparent or alleged denial of “Ex intacta Virgine” when speaking of Mary and Christ.

and in fact, I wonder what kind of convoluted reasoning will be necessary to explain to us that virgin is not virgin, war is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strenght. He might persuade some contemporary German, but if we had been in the XVI century and I had been his defender I would have suggested him to plead mental insanity.

I have resigned myself to the fact that the Vatican II doublespeak will only cease when those who promote and continue to promote V II have gone to their more or less pleasant reward.

For the moment, it is consoling to read a priest write the following words:

The Doctrine of infallibility does not, of course, apply to appointments made by a Pope. D.g.,   and an appointment is not a teaching. I therefore with good conscience continue to accept Papal teaching in both the ordinary and extraordinary magisterium despite some stupid appointments made by popes throughout history.

Kudos to E F, Pastor Emeritus with a knack for truthfulness.


Heretics Luther, Zwingli, Calvin and Mueller On Mary Every-Virgin.

Martin Luther, prominent heretic

Martin Luther,  prominent heretic of the XVI century, believed in Mary Every-Virgin.

It is an article of faith that Mary is Mother of the Lord and still a virgin. … Christ, we believe, came forth from a womb left perfectly intact

Ulrich Zwingli, prominent heretic.

Ulrich Zwingli, another prominent heretic of the XVI century, expressed himself on the perpetual virginity of Mary as follows:

I firmly believe that Mary, according to the words of the gospel as a pure Virgin brought forth for us the Son of God and in childbirth and after childbirth forever remained a pure, intact Virgin.

John Calvin, prominent heretic

I do not have texts concerning that other prominent heretic of the time, John Calvin, but I am informed from an EWTN link (whence the other quotations also come) that he upheld the perpetual virginity of Mary.

Gerhard Mueller, prominent heretic.

Now let us see what a prominent heretic of the XXI century, Gerhard Mueller, thinks about the matter:

 [The doctrine is] “not so much concerned with specific physiological proprieties in the natural process of birth (such as the birth canal not having been opened, the hymen not being broken, or the absence of birth pangs), but with the healing and saving influence of the grace of the Savior on human nature.”

It is clear that of these four heretics, the first three still cling to the traditional Christian understanding of the Perpetual Virginity of Mary. Heretics as they were, they still got something right here and there.

The fourth heretic, on the contrary, is completely detached from 2000 years of Christian belief.

One finds it, therefore, rather surprising that this chap be put at the head of the Vatican congregation entrusted with the task of… protecting Catholic doctrine.

It is fair to say Martin Luther would have been more fitting for the job.

Congratulations, Holy Father.


Mary Ever-Virgin: Meet Pope Paul VII

Alas, he is back.

A long string of disastrous episcopal appointments to please the local hierarchies (though I slowly doubt they displeased him in the first place).

The appointment of clearly heterodox clergy even in key positions, like Westminster.

The absolute inaction – apart from a couple of words some time ago; but words are no action – against the heresy in Austria.

The “Assisi” kermesse, only marginally better than the past exercises, and accompanied by almost all of the  un-Catholic “ecumenical” stench of the past editions. This did not even please the crowds. Lesson learned, I hope. Don’t bet your pint.

The clear desire to ingratiate himself to the German crowds – see the rather astonishing declaration of some weeks ago concerning the “suffering” of the divorced and remarried; poor lambs… – by accurately avoiding to say it straight about divorce.

The ridiculous farce with the SSPX; a farce either started to try to divide them, or precipitated by lying collaborators, or caused by sudden fear to displease the German “sponsors”. This last farce very probably involved eating his own words. Very smart.

The leakage scandal, not so terrible in itself but showing a man who doesn’t even know his most intimate collaborators and companions.

Much worse, the letter leaked showing a  duplicitous style of governing the church, with people like Burke first kept in the dark about taken decisions, informed only after the fait accompli, and after the humiliation given a little sweet, like one does with little children in order to keep them quiet. Too clever by half is the right description.

The clear flavour of favoritism, with those near and dear to him free to do how they please (Schoenborn, a “personal friend”; Mueller, another “personal friend”) without any fear of punishment, whilst the SSPX is left out in the cold with a dangling bait only an idiot can think they will swallow. Once again, too clever by half.

Lastly, the double whammy of the appointments of Roche and Mueller.

In the balance of seven years of Pontificate, it is clear Summorum Pontificum was nothing more than another sweet given to the noisy Traditionalist children: a measure whose execution – let alone enforcement – was obviously never wanted, and motivated exclusively by the desire of the Pontiff to appear the ally of more conservative elements. This is why the bishops boycotted it with such gusto: they knew this was exactly fine.

Whilst, though, Summorum Pontificum is largely lettera morta, the appointment of bad – or very bad, or clearly heretical – personnel continues unabated, and with some notable exception (Burke, say; isolated and not even informed of momentous decisions) the happy V II crowds continue to call the shots, with heretics happily promoted in the key positions.

I can understand you if you thought Pope Benedict could be a Pope if not of traditionalist restauration – this he never said – at least of steady and gradual march toward sanity.  Forget it. He now even has his own Bugnini, today’s appointment being surely destined to weigh on his memory as heavily as Bugnini’s work weighs on Pope Paulus VI of unhappy memory.

Pope Benedict is no better than Pope Paul VI, and Paul VII would have been a much more apposite name for him. He is probably worse, as Pope Montini might – just might – have had as an excuse the violent – if not unexpected –  eruption of an open revolt he was not prepared to quench, whilst Pope Benedict is clearly helping a bunch of grey-haired sixty-eighters oily, slimy, socialist, heretical  money and power-grabbers to perpetuate a situation that must – and will – die with them.

Pope Benedict has tried to disguise himself as a Pope friendly to conservative Catholics, and threw them a couple of sweets they were all too eager to accept as gold coins. In order to keep this fiction going, he might even agree to some form of reconciliation with the SSPX, possibly with some small print allowing him to neutralise them; certainly, the SSPX should never accept any agreement requiring them to trust him.

One can safely say the game ended today. It will be very painful for many of us to have to admit it, but I’ll still prefer to look at reality rather than insist in this dream of the conservative pope that just doesn’t manage to act conservative because…. of the wolves he chose.

This is Paul VII, and no mistake.

Bugnini included.


Mary Ever-Virgin: The Fox In Charge Of The Henhouse

Pope Benedict’s new guardian of the henhouse was very proud.

From Rorate Caeli, an interesting selection of flowers from the very colourful garden of Archbishop Mueller. The flowers are many, all of them extremely poisonous, but I would like to draw your attention to this one:

In his 900-page work “Katholische Dogmatik. Für Studium und Praxis der Theologie” (Freiburg. 5th Edition, 2003), Müller denies the dogma of the Perpetual Virginity of the Blessed Virgin Mary claiming that the doctrine is “not so much concerned with specific physiological proprieties in the natural process of birth (such as the birth canal not having been opened, the hymen not being broken, or the absence of birth pangs), but with the healing and saving influence of the grace of the Savior on human nature.”

Please read this again, and a third time, and tell me whether language can be ever distorted at the point of not letting this words mean what they clearly want to mean.

The person who is expressing this is not being misunderstood; this does not come from a blog post written in haste, or from a chat with a journalist all too ready to misunderstand for the sake of the headline. This comes from a published book, gone through the usual painful process of reading and correcting, rethinking and re-writing. This is not about pressing the “delete” button once whenever one wants to have the text go more or less away. Scripta manent.

No, the meaning of this cannot be misunderstood: forget Mary Ever-Virgin, we are Germans.

No doubt, we will soon be regaled with the usual crap concerning the proper interpretation  of what is already as clear as the sun. We will be told that if we read the words in a certain very smart way, then “white” can really be understood as to mean, so to speak, in a sense, possibly, no doubt, black. Bollocks. If one writes “white”, what he means is the contrary of black. If one denies that Mary was Ever-Virgin, what he means is that he is a heretic, and proud to be one.

Now: as I have already written in the past, heretics come in two flavours: the friends of the Pope, and those who aren’t. Cardinal Policarpo belongs to the second category, and therefore he is forced to back pedal and promptly (but don’t worry: very mildly)  rebuked when he allows himself a journey into Heresyland. But Cardinal Schoenborn, a well-known protege’ of the Pope, can support Medjugorje and (covertly) do all he can to help the heretics in his own home, and nothing will ever happen to him as long as his buddy Pope Benedict lives.

In this matter I also suspect an even less noble motive: last time I looked, Germany was the single biggest contributor to the Vatican coffins, whilst Austria and Switzerland certainly also did their part. One who doesn’t trust Pope Benedict’s motives (I certainly don’t; nor will I ever again) is certainly authorised to suspect that the big spenders should be appeased by giving to one of them some very important position, in order to show them how much listened to they are, and how important they are to the great machine. Who cares if they are a bunch of heretics. 

I will not – today – go into the other blasphemous, proto-communist  or simply stupid antics of Archbishop (soon to be Cardinal) Mueller. This is for another day. Today, I would like to attract your attention on the phrase opening this blog post. No wait, let me repeat them here, just in case you should think this is just a couple of badly spoken words:

 In his 900-page work “Katholische Dogmatik. Für Studium und Praxis der Theologie” (Freiburg. 5th Edition, 2003), Müller denies the dogma of the Perpetual Virginity of the Blessed Virgin Mary claiming that the doctrine is “not so much concerned with specific physiological proprieties in the natural process of birth (such as the birth canal not having been opened, the hymen not being broken, or the absence of birth pangs), but with the healing and saving influence of the grace of the Savior on human nature.”

How bad can such a person be? And how can the man promoting him to the top of the CDF pretend to be any better? 

Let us not beat around the bush here: people like Archbishop Mueller would have, in Christian times, been put at the stake, and deservedly so. Today, they get to become the theologian in chief, by those who should protect the faithful from people of this kind.

Ahhh, the beautiful world of Vatican II.



Mary Ever-Virgin: Apologies To The Readers

Beato Angelico, “Annunciazione”.

In this most disgraceful of days, I must admit (until up to now, 6:45 pm of a rainy afternoon)  to be unable to express myself about what has happened in a way I would be pleased to, say, reblog in six months’ time. Perhaps none of you is interested in what I would have to write, but experience and the statistic page say that perhaps one or two might. I feel I am letting people down who in this day simply feel like crying, as I did if dear God had not made me a bit more pugnacious than that.

I invite you to pray to the Blessed Virgin in reparation for the offence publicly  made to her today.  

If my Catholicism depended from the Pope, I would say to you I have never been so ashamed of being a Catholic as today. But my Catholicism reposes on my faith in Christ and His Church, and therefore I tell you that I have never been so proud of being a Catholic as today: then if Jesus loves the Church so much that He allows such things to happen, surely there is more than a crumble of hope for a wretched sinner like myself.

Apologies, I am not fit to write any blog post I could read again in, say, six months’ time without blushing; which is, at now around Fifty, not an easy admission to make.

Pope Benedict’s mother and grandmother will, methinks, roll in their grave. As well they should.

Please pray the Blessed Virgin in reparation for the offence made to Her today.


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