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Good News

The discovery, reported by Eye of the Tiber,  of a planet that could host and support the Maryknoll Fathers opens the way for a humane solution to the problem. 

Whilst there are technical problems to be solved and the costs would be not indifferent, the advantages in term of quality of life here on earth would be worth the expense. Once the first batch has been sent, many others could follow. Entire South American seminaries could be sent away without any further question. That the Jesuits would be ideal colonisers is also obvious.  

The costs would be substantial. But we could still ask Francis, who is very rich and generous, to cover the costs himself.




Bespoke Defrocking?


The news of the (belated) laicisation of Mr. Bourgeois prompt me to some questions as to how these things are done nowadays.

I’d love to know whether the man will receive some maintenance from his old order, or any sort of pension, or whether he will now be employed on the sly in some lay organisation linked with his old order in order for them to continue to provide for him without officially appearing to do so.

I say this because it seems to me these things have become far too gentle nowadays, and one never knows the extent to which the likes of Mr Bourgeois are allowed to scrounge at the expenses of the Church he has (together with his vows) betrayed even after excommunication.

If anyone has verifiable, credible news about what happens now, feel free to comment at your heart’s content, possibly linking to the source…



The Dissident Priest And The Seminary

Priest clowns, clown priests....

Beautiful intervention of Father Z a propos the priest who has been asked to recant his support for so-called ordination of women or be dismissed from the seminary of Maryknoll.

Father Z’s comments are beautiful and most certainly worth the reading.

I feel the need, though, to add some short considerations of mine:

1) How en earth can it happen that a priest supports so-called women ordination for what have obviously been many years before he is asked to recant or face consequences.

2) How on earth can it happen that a priest supports so-called women ordination and he is still a priest.

3) How on earth can it happen that seminary goes from 300 to 10 seminarians without anyone thinking that in order to do so, they must have made serious mistakes.

4) How on earth can it happen that a seminary with 10 seminarians is allowed to stay open and employ an array of teachers, administrative personnel and the obvious costs of the structure.

This sad piece of news is disconcerting in more ways than one.


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