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Maynooth Seminary Not Closed After All?

And when you think that, semel in anno, the Church shows some teeth and takes some exemplary measures to make clear that the modernist party is now clearly at an end, promptly you are forced to change your mind.

It is not true, says the president of the College, that Archbishop Dolan would have suggested the closure of the institution. It is not true that – as the irish Catholic reported – Dolan was “appalled” at the standards therein found and wants the place to be simply shut down. Note that Archbishop Dolan is the one who still hasn’t acted against the Homo Masses in his own diocese. I am sure it takes some doing to “appall” him.

Granted, the seminary’s President is the first one who would lose his position and therefore it can be that his intervention is something he felt obliged to, a defence ex officio in purest “comical ali”-style (someone able to define an apostolic visitation “a positive and affirming experience” shows that he has nothing to learn from the Arab comic talent after all) but I doubt that he would have released such a statement without having received assurances as to the future of the (as he said using the usual nonsensical buzzword, “vibrant”) institution he leads.

We shall see. I liked the idea of the Irish priests being formed in Rome, away from bad influence. Too good to be true, perhaps.


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