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Medjugorje, Buenos Aires, And Pope Francis

Apparently no daily messages from the Blessed Virgin: Pope Francis.

The scammers of Medjugorje are the latest to join the very long line of those claiming Pope Francis is on their side, and at this point one only awaits for Obama, Mugabe and Hawkins.

The Medjugorje crowd are not new to this kind of fraud, as for decades they have spread the legend that they had the seal of approval of John Paul II. What makes the Medjugorje matter more interesting, though, is that Pope Francis will, in all probability, find on his desk a decision already made, which he will only have to make public.

As it is universally known, the usual commission has worked on the matter with the usual lethargic slowness, and the decision expected “within the year” 2012 was then, disappointingly but predictably, officially not yet delivered. Still, I think it can be seen as granted that the works are concluded, but this was just another decision the Pontiff Emeritus did not have the guts to take.

No Catholic doubts the heresy of Medjugorje should be exposed and uprooted once and for all, the real question being nowadays how many Catholics walk around the splendid corridors of the Vatican. I do not think we will have the “worst case”. What is to be feared is a decision in V II style, on the lines of: no, actually the “apparitions” aren't really worthy of belief, but the faith and zeal and Christian spirit of those who in good faith take part in the circus is to be praised, bla, bla, & bla.

This would be a great mistake, hiding below a thin veil of fake “charity” the aiding and abetting of a Satanic manoeuvre not only mocking and offending the Blessed Virgin every day, but positively undermining the very pillars of obedience to the Church and faithfulness to Her teaching.

Pope Francis is, we are told, a great devotee of the Blessed Virgin. Still, apparently he hasn't any problem in being blessed by Protestant pastors, which means as an Archbishop he did heresy rather well. There are, therefore, Catholic and Protestant tendencies in him. On the other hand, now he is Pope, and he is very probably smart enough to understand the time for such heretic antics has come to an end. I am, therefore, rather sure we won't see him “blessed” by the Medjigorje “seers” any time soon, and if he is a devotee of the Blessed Virgin he will keenly feel the offence made to her by the scammers. At the same time, he also seems enough of a populist and specialist in V II waffle to avoid adopting crushing measures against the “simple people” of Medjugorje.

We shall see how this pans out. The Pope desperately needs good advisors around him, able to stop him when he is tempted to do something very much in line with his Argentinian past. I trust he will understand the implications of his new role and try to learn to be a half decent Pope, rather than transforming the Papacy in another version of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires. We must help him with our prayers, but also be vigilant and always separate sound orthodoxy from the Pinocchio masses.




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