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Medjugorje And No End Of Deception, Opportunism And Confusion

Regina Caeli, Ora pro nobis



The news is everywhere so I am sure you will be able to find the links yourselves: the Medjugorje commission has given the most ambiguous, non-answering answer to the scam of Medjugorje, and the CDF has countered with its own, far more critical document.

Alas, the Church of V II appears to have only one commandment: Thou Shall Not Offend.

The commission bent over backward in the most extraordinary way, dividing the apparitions in two groups: the first set of “unannounced” alleged apparitions and the industry of the thousand of alleged apparitions afterwards. In the first case, the majority (but not all, as Church Militant tell us it’s necessary) of the members consider the apparitions supernatural. There is no conclusion of constat de supernaturalitate, because – again, according to what CM reports – for that unanimity would be required. Therefore, even the first apparitions do not pass the test.

The second set is destroyed as expected, though even in this case our heroes stop short of issuing a constat de non supernaturalitate. Rather, it seems to me the conclusion is non constat de supernaturalitate, but I will have to read more in detail.

In a third stunning turn of event, it is proposed to examine the possibility of making of the place a sanctuary, under control of the Vatican, because Medjugorje would encourage “spirituality” and blabla. Apart from the obvious rebellion of following a fake Blessed Virgin who says uncatholic things against the open condemnation of two bishops, with this train of thought the Church should establish Lutheran sanctuaries in all important places of Lutheranism (Erfurt, Wartburg, Worms, the lot) as there is no doubt Lutheranism has produced many very pious men and women.

The entire document is an exercise in absurdity: it implies the possibility that people may 1) see the Blessed Virgin and 2) subsequently be deceived by the devil, or by their own stupidity, or by greed, or by vain glory. This is too stupid for words: any real apparition of the Blessed Virgin must be a transformative experience, it being inconceivable that the Blessed Virgin would appear to people of which she must know they will seed heresy and confusion afterwards. “Let’s appear to these people”, this fantasy blessed virgin would think. “They will exploit me for decades afterwards and deceive countless people, but hey, it’s on them…” . Do the bishops not see how insulting and utterly stupid this is?

These obvious truths seem to escape most of the bishops in the commission, but they actually don’t. What is happening here is a shameless attempt to find something good in a scam, because an awful lot of people who deem themselves spiritual happen to believe in it.

Don’t insult your intelligence thinking that these bishops have been deceived. They are, as they always do, going with the flow, and are avoiding to rock a boat that would cause cries of indignation from a multitude of dumb fanatics in great need of a doctor and a reality check. Heck, Medjugorje is too stupid even for Pope Francis, what else do you need to persuade yourself of its absurdity!

What the bishops want to do is, in the best case, to embrace the crap, put it under the church’s umbrella and let it slowly die of neglect and starvation and, in the worst case, to ride this easy wave of “spirituality”. This is wrong and cowardly. Deception must be denounced as such, instead of allowing countless souls to keep deceiving themselves.

A sanctuary for an apparition which is not acknowledged is truly too absurd even for this pontificate.

Then you can just as well made a sanctuary of both the Santiago Bernabeu and the Juventus stadium because millions of football enthusiasts are praying for Real Madrid’s or Juventus’ victory in the Champions League’s final. Really, the level of cowardice in front of every group of organised lunatics has reached levels unthinkable only some years before.

But then again no cardinals and only one bishop have spoken against Amoris Laetitia, so this is par for the course.







Medjugorje: Too Stupid Even For Francis



Only a few minutes left before the next message….


Via Rorate Caeli, an abc article reports Frankie stating the following: 

“where are the visionaries who tell us today about ‘The letter that the Madonna will send tomorrow at 4 p.m.?'”

Of course this is a reference to Medjugorje. There are no other “visionaries” claiming to know when the next message from the Blessed Virgin will be given to them.

Not only is Medjugorje too stupid for words. It is too stupid even for Francis! 

I also notice a helicopter can cover the 110 km between Sarajevo and Medjugorje in, say, less than half an hour. Like John Paul The Not-So-Great, Francis avoided the stop. This is also very telling.

Thirdly, Cardinal Mueller stopped an event in Modena, held every year by the not-so-pious nutcases, now that the old bishop who protected them is gone. That’s a third clue. 

I remember Francis making an observation like the one reported above some time ago, and I might have written on the matter. Believing in the Medjugorje rubbish is one of the few mistakes the Evil Clown will not make. But this does not mean, by far, that he will do it right on this matter, then every little encouragement, or praise, or understanding, or half hint will be taken by them as an indication they can go on with their madness.

Medjugorje is a shame for the Church, and a mockery of Catholicism. It must be crushed to the ground, and made to stop.


Medjugorje: Should We Be Afraid?

Pope Failure has now announced that an announcement on Medjugorje is now near.

A lengthy study has been completed, the results have been announced to the Pope, and the CDF had had a meeting in preparation of the official decision.

By any other Pope (even a V II Pope; heck, even Paul VI!) one would not be afraid in the least that the wrong decision could be reached.

TMAHICH *, however, is a completely different ball game. One who shows himself publicly unfazed by his own (possible, and actually real) heresies cannot be trusted to necessarily speak wise words on Medjugorje.

I fear one of the two:

1) In pure Modernist style, the report will say that the “apparitions” are a new type of the way the Holy Spirit works among us, allowing the Blessed Virgin to appear in a new, fresh, quite post-V II way. Therefore, whilst some of the elements could give rise to doubts, the apparitions can on the whole be considered worthy of belief. I know, this is absurd. A Pope publicly saying things he knows might be heresy is also absurd, but it has happened.

2) in pure Neo-Modernist style, the report will discount the apparitions and state they themselves are not worthy of belief, but will then wax lyrical about the oh so great faith of the, actually, stubbornly disobedient and heretical supporters of this decade long fraud, and about how the Holy Ghost is moving them on a path of such worthy, if misguided, passion. Naturally, the Medjugorje nutcases will take any word indicating anything remotely similar to approval of their own zeal as a tacit approval of the tales of the “seers” themselves. Can we be so good, and so wrong? No. We are good, therefore the evil forces of the Vatican have conspired etc… You know the drill.


The fact is, even if Francis himself has given ample signals he does not like Medjugorje it is difficult to believe he will pronounce a clear word of condemnation on this. This would mean having to speak clear words and having to make himself unpopular by a vast, organised group of people. Neither Jesuits in general nor Francis in particular are known for that

We shall see. Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.


The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History.

It’s Wicca Day In Medjugorje

As far as I can remember, the Blessed Virgin allegedly appears to the “delusionaries” in Medjugorje at individually appointed intervals. There is the man making a good life out of conventions and retreats with daily faxes with the words from, cough, the Blessed Virgin, with even the exact hour communicated in advance and well suited to the schedule (book today to avoid disappointment); there also is the one who got cold feet but still has one vision a year, or the like, just to be able to say she is still part of the club.

Then there is the one (Wicca by name, I think; not certain about that) who receives two messages a month, on the 2nd and the 25th. Punctual like a Swiss watch.

“What day is it today?” – “The Twenty-Sixth” – “Oh, let's go and read what the Blessed Virgin has said yesterday!”.

This Wicca has now become 50, and the cyber trumpets of Medjugorje are telling us how absolutely smashingly unbelievably wonderful she looks. Which is so tragically deluded it is even funny, and deserves a blog post.

Wicca looks, seriously, 65. I am well past 50, and compared to her I look almost like Dorian Gray. It's not only that her face is so tired and worn. It's this feeling of her rapidly withering under the weight of a huge lie that catches the eye. It's outright creepy.

Now, it can be that the female had health problems of her own. It can even be that, coincidentally, these health problems made her look as a life lived cheating, and leading people astray.

But boy: a child would see how sickly and worn she looks. To see in her a picture of health requires a huge dose of self-delusion, and the total inability to look at reality in the face.

Which is exactly the attitude of the followers of Medjugorje.



Maradiaga In Medjugorje Show?

It says here Cardinal Maradiaga will participate to an event that will take place in Honduras and seems to be, for what I understand, a kind of US pendant to a “mother” pilgrimage in Medjugorje. Last year the “seer” Dragicevic was also there, but this here he is busy making money elsewhere, so no seer for the unfaithful.

We will have to wait whether this really happens before commenting. At least I will do so.

But the very fact that the news does not seem absurd tells a lot about Maradiaga and the direction of the V II Church.


Medjugorje: Axe Finally About To Fall

For once, let me say this time Francis is evidently acting like a Pope should. I am afraid I won’t say it very often, so take good note.

Francis is quoted by the CNS as follows:

“Curiosity pushes us to want to hear that the Lord is here or over there, or it makes us say, ‘Well, I know a visionary who receives letters from Our Lady, messages from Our Lady,'” the pope said. But Mary is “not a postmaster of the post office sending out messages every day.”

This is, clearly, the end for all the self-deluded souls who have tried to hide for decades behind the absence of a formal papal condemnation for which, in presence of the bishop’s condemnation, there was never any need in the first place. 

I also commend (what a day!) Francis’ choice of anticipating the final decision on Medjugorje with this warning shot that is, in fact, the sentence itself. When the final report comes it will contain extensive, crushing evidence. It is fitting that the poor idiots, being very slow-witted, are given some time to realise that there is no alternative but to shut up and stop waiting for the next bogus fax.

Francis obviously completes here the very slow work initiated – far too late anyway – by Pope Benedict. But he has evidently decided to act, so he is the one who carries the main merit of the decision.

Allow me to say, on this occasion, with great joy: well done, Pope Francis! 



Medjugorje, Buenos Aires, And Pope Francis

Apparently no daily messages from the Blessed Virgin: Pope Francis.

The scammers of Medjugorje are the latest to join the very long line of those claiming Pope Francis is on their side, and at this point one only awaits for Obama, Mugabe and Hawkins.

The Medjugorje crowd are not new to this kind of fraud, as for decades they have spread the legend that they had the seal of approval of John Paul II. What makes the Medjugorje matter more interesting, though, is that Pope Francis will, in all probability, find on his desk a decision already made, which he will only have to make public.

As it is universally known, the usual commission has worked on the matter with the usual lethargic slowness, and the decision expected “within the year” 2012 was then, disappointingly but predictably, officially not yet delivered. Still, I think it can be seen as granted that the works are concluded, but this was just another decision the Pontiff Emeritus did not have the guts to take.

No Catholic doubts the heresy of Medjugorje should be exposed and uprooted once and for all, the real question being nowadays how many Catholics walk around the splendid corridors of the Vatican. I do not think we will have the “worst case”. What is to be feared is a decision in V II style, on the lines of: no, actually the “apparitions” aren't really worthy of belief, but the faith and zeal and Christian spirit of those who in good faith take part in the circus is to be praised, bla, bla, & bla.

This would be a great mistake, hiding below a thin veil of fake “charity” the aiding and abetting of a Satanic manoeuvre not only mocking and offending the Blessed Virgin every day, but positively undermining the very pillars of obedience to the Church and faithfulness to Her teaching.

Pope Francis is, we are told, a great devotee of the Blessed Virgin. Still, apparently he hasn't any problem in being blessed by Protestant pastors, which means as an Archbishop he did heresy rather well. There are, therefore, Catholic and Protestant tendencies in him. On the other hand, now he is Pope, and he is very probably smart enough to understand the time for such heretic antics has come to an end. I am, therefore, rather sure we won't see him “blessed” by the Medjigorje “seers” any time soon, and if he is a devotee of the Blessed Virgin he will keenly feel the offence made to her by the scammers. At the same time, he also seems enough of a populist and specialist in V II waffle to avoid adopting crushing measures against the “simple people” of Medjugorje.

We shall see how this pans out. The Pope desperately needs good advisors around him, able to stop him when he is tempted to do something very much in line with his Argentinian past. I trust he will understand the implications of his new role and try to learn to be a half decent Pope, rather than transforming the Papacy in another version of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires. We must help him with our prayers, but also be vigilant and always separate sound orthodoxy from the Pinocchio masses.




Apparitions, Obedience, Medjugorje

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Apparitions, Obedience, Medjugorje

Mundabor’s Medjugorje Omnibus

Perugino, “Madonna enthroned between St. John and St. Sebastian”, detail.


Apparitions, Obedience, Medjugorje

Cardinal Schoenborn Supports The Scam

Vittorio Messori oh so concerned

The day of Reckoning

The Business of Medjugorje

The Business Of Medjugorje

Medjugorje in pictures.


Very interesting blog post on Crisis Magazine about the biggest Catholic scam of our times, Medjugorje. I allowed myself to take the photo from there too, as it is so apposite.

As always, it is rather entertaining to see the long list (this blog post has an extremely long one) of blunders, contradictions, and outright  absurdities  linked to this cult for the gullible and the outright stupid.

What is perhaps more interesting – and something I had not known – is that some of the seers endorse “apparitions” which are considered “not approved” by the other seers and by the official Medjugorje site.

The thing is too funny to let it pass: the Medjugorje site is saying “only our slated apparitions are authentic; the slated apparitions of one of us, whose apparitions are authentic when they happen by us, are not approved when they happen by other people”.

One wonders: does the Blessed Virgin dare to disobey to the seers by appearing to one of them without the approval of the others? Or has one of the “seers”, Marija Pavlovic Lunetti, a split personality by which she is a real seer when her apparitions are “approved”, and a con woman when they aren’t? What do the other seers think of said Marija Pavlovic Lunetti?

But most of all: how can people be so thick to believe all this? How can any person say “I will be at your place in the days between 1 and 5 July, during which the Blessed Virgin will appear to me five times?” What is this?  This is not even good as a joke! This would offend the intelligence of a six-years-old child! But no, the Medjugorje businesses (both “original” and “unapproved”; but run or supported in part by the same people) goes on undisturbed.

In the meantime the Vatican does – as pretty much always – nothing. We are told a decision on Medjugorje should fall within the year, but by the leonine qualities the Pontiff has been showing in the last years I rather think he’ll prefer to, as they say, chicken out. Cardinal Schoenborn supports the apparition and he is a pal of the Pontiff, so don’t expect the Spanish Inquisition.

We shall see.   What is sure is that – to use a happy Italian saying – the mother of the idiot is always pregnant.

Enjoy the link.





Medjugorje: Day Of Reckoning Approaches?

Pray for us, who have recourse to Thee

I have written about the greatest hoax of our times, Medjugorje, here  and in other places (to find them, please use the search function).

We are now informed Cardinal Puljic of Serajevo, a member of the Ruini-led commission “studying” the hoax, says “we need to finish [our work] this year”.

Well congratulations, say I, this is very fast by Church standards, though it is not entirely clear to me whether the Cardinal expresses a private wish or rather gives publicity to the commission’s objectives.

Be it as it may, in this matter I have a certainty and a fear, both of them – as I immodestly think – solidly grounded.

The certainty is that this ridiculous joke of a hoax will be exposed, and the lack of its supernatural character made plain once and for all even to the thickest, for whom two diocesan bishops – the ones who are supposed to know, and to be obeyed in such matters – are not good enough . The very idea the Church might endorse a “phenomenon” involving the Blessed Virgin inciting to disobedience to the bishop, taking the sides of a fornicating priest, and appearing with astonishing frequency to some of the world’s specialists in lies and contradictions is too daft to even contemplate.

The fear is that in the usual effort of not displeasing anyone, the commission will not refrain from the accustomed sugary words about how pious and in good faith are those who flock to Medjugorje in order to live their Christian faith bla,bla.  As the Medjugorje fan base is largely made of rather thick heads – a fact of which you will immediately persuade yourself with a short Internet tour – ready to believe all and everything but what the competent bishop, Catholic rules and common sense say, there is no doubt in my mind the smallest quantity of sugary “approval” (even if only given, so to speak, to the intention) will immediately be wilfully misunderstood as the umpteenth excuse not to understand plain words, and to go on as accustomed with the daily fake telefaxed miracle they so desperately seem to need as a surrogate for their, well, lack of Christian faith.

On the contrary, in my opinion if the Church wants to go beyond the minimum objective of setting things straight, and proceed to set up to recover these poor deluded souls to Truth, nothing less than the strongest condemnation is necessary, and nothing else will achieve its aim. 

They can do it softly softly of course, and by doing so they will satisfy the overwhelming majority of those who tell themselves Catholic, and the totality of those who are; but the latter don’t need to be satisfied as they are already persuaded.

In order to let the fan base see reason, the commission will need to be brutal. If they don’t, there’ s no hope such specialists in self-deceit will not find ways to continue to deceive themselves. 

Alas, I very much doubt the Commission will have the guts. 


P.s. This blog doesn’t give voice to heresy. Intelligenti pauca.

Special Evening At Circus Schoenborn

Circus Schoenborn: now available online






Isn’t it beautiful, technology?

Nowadays, you can experience an apparition in the comfort of your home, sitting in front of the computer, with your favourite tea.

This being  a new and bold era, the Blessed Virgin gives you her schedule, and lets you know beforehand when and to whom she will appear. We all have busy lives, you know, so she gracefully accommodates our schedule.

Not only this, but the Blessed Virgin is now a priest, too – it must have to do with the vocations crisis, I suppose – and therefore will bless all the objects you keep near the computer during the announced ceremony, erm, gig, erm, apparition. Exactly like a priest would; or a priestess, or…. er, wait….

You don’t believe all this? How dare you? This is organised under the protection of none other than Cardinal Schoenborn, the protector of heretics and patron of blasphemers!

It must be true, right?

Can’t wait for the apparition.

Prepare the popcorn.



Don’t Expose Heresy, Says Catholic Writer

Beware of imitations.

Vittorio Messori is, or so they say, the world’s most translated Catholic writer. He is certainly rather well-known in Italy.

Messori is linked with the Medjugorje “phenomenon” (the “pastoral” word for scam, and fraud), and he travelled there already at the beginning of the apparitions. Messori now tells us that he is very worried for the fact that the Vatican is investigating the facts.

First of all, let me say that I cannot escape the impression that Messori senses – as every sensible person – that Rome is finally going to drive over Medjugorje with the steamroller.

One is worried for the loss of something he cares about. I am **not** worried about Medjugorje, because I don’t care for heresies, lies and deception. Does he?

Messori’s “worries” are as follows:


“Whatever will be the decision of the Holy See, the damage will be severe”.

What? Truth causes “damages”? Since when? Has a damage been done when, say, Arianism was uprooted?
The decision of the Holy See will put an end to the circus. Can’t imagine any better decision than this. The damage is being made now, every day.


If the International Commission of Inquiry, presided over by Cardinal Camillo Ruini, will end up ruling on the non-authenticity of the apparitions, if it made a statement of deceit, misunderstanding, perhaps of cheating, for pastoral care it would be a disaster”,

More of the same. Truth is a disaster for “pastoral care”. The sheep are stupid, you see; therefore, they can’t be asked to face the truth. And the sheep would apostatise, therefore it’s better to leave them in, with heretical beliefs and all. More “pastoral”, you see. Let us leave them in their illusions, and heretical persuasions, and let them believe in these extremely strange Blessed Virgin who changes her mind about her apparitions, thanks you for listening to her, apologises to you, asks you to pray for her intentions, says that all faiths are equal, talks to self-confessing liars, greets them saying “blessed be… Me”, says that a former Franciscan who has impregnated a nun and continues to celebrate mass after being forbidden is rather fine, and the bishop condemning him rather harsh; says to the faithful that they must disobey a bishop. I could go on.


I have met and continue to meet so many people who have changed and for whom Medjugorje is the center of their experience of faith: What would you say to them?

How about giving to the poor deluded souls answers such as : 1) that I thought that the center of one’s experience of faith were supposed to be Jesus and the Holy Church, not a sentimental wannabe new theology -cum-live-apparition; 2) that they are worshiping a golden calf in frontal confrontation with the Church founded by Christ, are or were able to follow a chap able to impregnate a nun, and think that the Blessed Virgin says that the faithful should disobey to the Bishop;  3) that people can change for the better for a number of reasons; say, because they have come into contact with Mormonism, or with the Salvation’s Army; but this doesn’t make either any less wrong; 4) that I question anyway any change that doesn’t lead to Christ, but away from Him. “The fornicating, nun- impregnating Franciscan is right, the bishop chastising him is wrong; the seer are liars but the Blessed virgin says that they are very good”. Hhmm…… if these are the good fruits I’ll have the bad ones, thanks….

These answers are just what I came up to in a couple of seconds. I am sure dozens of more arguments can be made.


But if the ruling turns out otherwise, it would still be a serious problem. Canon Law states that the local ordinary, that the Bishop is responsible for the investigation of the truth or non-truth of these cases. And it is known that in the case of Medjugorje, the two bishops (Pavao Zanic and his successor, Ratko Peric, ed) have expressed themselves strongly and without hesitation against the authenticity of the apparitions.

The argument doesn’t stand and appears rather disingenuous:
a) A Pope can always override a bishop in such matters, and this is why not even the FSSPX would see a problem in the Vatican decision to investigate Medjugorje thoroughly and, in case (and I am laughing out loud here) to express a different opinion regarding their authenticity.
b) Messori is certainly aware that the Vatican is acting not because they have any doubt about the bishops of Mostar being right, but because they are rightfully fed up with the continuous existence of this scandalous, dismal, obscene, heretical circus existing only to extract money out of people of little faith, and big credulity.
c) Messori must know that the Vatican had already announced a thorough investigation when the apparitions cease; their decision to act is therefore nothing new.  The only new element is that they have decided to act before waiting for the end of the apparitions because, very conveniently, the latter do not want to cease.

Yes, Medjugorje will never be a danger for Christianity, like Arianism once was; its own stupidity and all too apparent flaws will see to it that only a minority of very gullible people, desperate for apparitions, will continue to follow the “seers”. But frankly I don’t think that this is a reason not to act, and I’d say that the Vatican has left things go for long enough already, and that now it is really time to put an end to this.

If the bishop is not believed, then the Pope will have to be believed. If the Pope is not believed, then very harsh words will have to be spoken. If even the very harsh words are not enough, may God have mercy on those souls.

Make no mistake, the devil is behind this and his harvest will – after decades of failing to tackle the problem decisively – be abundant.

But that this be a reason to let the heresy go on undisturbed is something that only the emasculated stupidity of these post V II-times could generate.


What You Need to Know about Death

Alexander Mair, "Memento Mori", 1605.

My recent post about Medjugorje let me reflect about the vast amount of ignorance of basic Christian doctrine that might here and there – instead of the willed rejection of Christian teaching – be present. Whilst only the second would get one a first class seat on the Hell Express, it is necessary for every Christian to be informed of the most elementary truths of Christianity. Most of my readers already know this of course, but a couple of messages on my comment box (deleted, as the comment box on the Medjugorje post was closed) have persuaded me that at times it is better to state the obvious, so there we are.

1. There is no possibility of repentance after death.

“There is no repentance for the angels after their fall, just as there is no repentance for men after death.” (CCC 393)

2. The judgment after death is immediate.

“The New Testament speaks of judgment primarily in its aspect of the final encounter with Christ in his second coming, but also repeatedly affirms that each will be rewarded immediately after death in accordance with his works and faith” (CCC 1021).

“Each man receives his eternal retribution in his immortal soul at the very moment of his death, in a particular judgment that refers his life to Christ: either entrance into the blessedness of heaven […] or immediate and everlasting damnation. (CCC 1022)”.

Besides this concept being a clear tenet of Christianity, and being clearly stated by the Catechism in several places, common sense tells us that it must be so. If we were allowed, as the alleged apparition in Medjugorje apparently states, to have a last shot at salvation after death the absurd consequences would be – to mention just the first ones coming to my mind – as follows:

1. confession would be devoid of every meaning or purpose in the economy of salvation: I’d just wait that I am asked after death.

2. the portals of evildoing would be open to everyone who believes in this tale: every wannabe Stalin would feel free to do whatever he pleases, just paying attention that he doesn’t do anything stupid when he is requested where he would like to reside.

3. the references of Jesus to a hell clearly surprising those who end up there would be devoid of every significance.

The idea that only those would merit hell, who would choose eternal suffering after death, willingly and just out of a great desire to be miserable in all eternity, is naive to the utmost. No Stalin or Hitler ever showed any desire to be miserable during life. Actually, they had a huge desire to be happy; it is only that this desire was ego-driven (and ego-gratification the way of their illusory quest for happiness) rather than tending to God.

It must be clear to everyone devoting two minutes to the matter that such fantasies make a mockery of Christianity and are only good to endanger the souls of those who believe in them; if someone tries to make you believe that the Christian God revealed to us is not merciful enough and that we now need to change our mind as to the way he acts, be sure that that person is doing the work of the devil.

Similarly – and also here, referring to a message I have received a propos Medjugorje -:

3.Private revelations can never change the truth of Christianity. In this case, the example made was from St Giovanni Bosco, who would apparently have had a vision of hell in which people are allowed to choose between heaven and hell after death. Firstly, this is not true as the dream (which you can read here; alas, sedevacantist site, but the text seems faithfully rendered) makes it perfectly clear that when one dies, the time is up. Secondly, a private revelation can never modify Christian tenets; on the contrary, it is the adherence to Christian tenets that is the conditio sine qua non of the private revelation’s credibility.

The dream of St Giovanni Bosco makes for a beautiful reading, and might be the subject of a separate post. But for today’s purposes I’ll leave the details aside.

Apologies to all those who don’t need to be told these elementary truths. Once again, I thought that – in consideration of both the stakes and the dismal situation of Catholic and Christian instruction – it would be better to, for once,  state the obvious.


Apparitions, Obedience, Medjugorje

Fra Filippo Lippi, "Madonna delle Rocce", particular.

In my eyes, one of the main keys to a proper understanding of every apparition is one simple but at the same time very difficult word: obedience. Obedience is what we saw when the Fatima apparitions were initially – as it was very natural – seen with scepticism from the local clergy and obedience is what we saw when the apparitions to St Faustina Kowalska were considered not authentic by the Vatican. Obedience is, therefore, not only an obvious element of sainthood, but the path clearly indicated by many (perhaps: all) approved apparitions. Most certainly, no approved apparition ever incited to disobedience. In fact, it has never been prescribed by the doctor that an apparition be immediately recognised as authentic, but it has always been prescribed by the Church that Her decisions in the matter be accepted and obeyed.

God doesn’t need disobedience to have His will recognised; on the contrary, he will use obedience as a way to have it recognised.

It must be clear to every sensible Catholic that no alleged apparition can ever authorise disobedience, and that the Blessed Virgin would never ever suggest disobedience to the Church. Therefore, when the bishop (well, two bishops, really) says that there is nothing supernatural happening in Medjugorje, that’s that. To say that one wants to wait for the Pope is already disobedience; there is no need for the Pope because the cleric responsible for the verdict on apparitions is not the Pope, but the bishop. “Oh, but the Pope could reverse the decision”. Well I am sorry to say that, but you’ll have to wait and hope, and obey in the meantime.

With the train of thought of the Medjugorje crowd, I could wake up one morning and say that I am the Second Son of God; I could receive a message from papi every day at 6:30 pm and give it to the adoring crowds; and these crowds would feel free and authorised to believe that I am The Second Son – even after the Bishop has said that I am no supernatural phenomenon at all – because the Pope hasn’t pronounced himself on the matter (which would, very probably, never happen). Of course I’d have God encourage people to communion, confession, and the like, and I’d have Him talk a lot about peace, understanding among the Peoples, and all that jazz. “Thank you for listening”, I’d have God say every day. It pleases the ego of the public, so it can’t be bad.

To think in this way is not devotion. No it isn’t. Superstition and rebellion, that’s what it is.

It follows from this that even if people arrived in Medjugorje and started to fly it would still not be an authentic apparition, because no authentic apparition can incite to disobedience. You have converted? Good for you! God can convert you in the middle of a dump, but a dump it will remain.

The idea that the Blessed Virgin would go against the Church is worse than unorthodox; it is diabolical.

Unsurprisingly, disobedience in matters of authenticity leads to disobedience in all other matters. A lady on twitter informed me that God leaves every person free to choose, after death, to decide whether he really, really wants to go to hell or would, rather, not choose paradise (oh, you chose the latter? you don’t say?). I kid you not. I answered to her that this is an error. The Blessed Virgin in Medjugorje said it, was her answer.

We are at this point. Basic Christianity counts for nothing, a daily fax is the new God. But hey, an army of poor deluded devils go to communion and confession, so it must be fine. With this reasoning Jansenists were fine, too.

So let us recapitulate: forget the alleged “good fruits”, because an entire orchard of poisoned fruits is clearly visible; forget the alleged healings, because they are available in quantity at every pentecostal mega-gathering; forget the number of confessions or communions, because they are available everywhere outside of Medjugorje; forget how many people get inspired or converted, because this is something Protestants manage to do every day. The key here is the matter of obedience. It can’t be that the Blessed Virgin is disobedient, this is the purest oxymoron you’ll ever encounter.

Every “follower” of Medjugorje must seriously ask himself what he would have to abandon, if he decided to obey the Bishop. If the answer is “nothing, I am completely orthodox anyway”, there is no reason whatsoever not to obey the bishop. If the answer has any other content whatsoever (cue the lady who wants to believe that one can choose between hell and heaven after death) then what keeps one linked to Medjugorje is heresy. And I would like for the rhetoric of the “good simple people who are deceived” to be abandoned once and for all. For twenty centuries, countless illiterate peasants have accepted their bishops’ decisions in matter of miracles without any problem. This is not so difficult that every person could not, after examining his conscience, have it right in five seconds; ten seconds, tops.

The bishop is responsible. The bishop has spoken. You either obey the bishop, or you make the work of the devil.


P.s. The comment box is closed. These are matters of elementary truth. Truth is accepted, not discussed.

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