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Microphone By Way Of Marriage


Michelle Obama relaxing at home.


I very much liked this post appeared on One Mad Mom. I invite you to read it in its entirety. It is beautiful to see that in the midst of the stupidity of our times, there are still an awful lot of Catholic mothers who understand the very basics of life, basics which obviously escape the rich wife of the many, many billions.

The blog post also allows me to spend two words about this strange phenomenon of the modern times: bought and/or married prominence.  

The First lady wasn’t elected President. Her husband was. Melinda gates isn’t a successful entrepreneur. Her husband is. She literally bought he public space by way of marriage and sinking an awful lot of money earned by her husband in more or less (often: more) satanical activities.

This idea that we should listen to someone (who, like in this case, may well be the perfect cow) because she has married someone who was, or has become, extremely rich and/or extremely powerful is just plain dumb.

Let her write her own blog if she wants, by all means. Let her express her opinions freely like everyone else of us. But prominence by way of the husband is clearly off.

I have barely started to breath again now that I don’t run any (big) risk of seeing pics of the former First Trannie, always a menace to my digestion.

But I really would like a world in which prominence is earned, not married or bought.



More Money Than Sense: Melinda Gates

The broom was in extremely expensive composite material, and studded with diamonds…


I am not among those who say that money is filthy. If you ask me, poverty can corrupt much more easily than wealth. Also, I do not think money makes one stupid. If one says stupid things after making (or marrying) money, it means one wasn’t much of a genius before making (or marrying) it.

The poster girl of this rather obvious conclusion is Melinda Gates, the wife of the rather better known Bill. Melinda Gates married money, big times, and like many of the wives of her cohorts is now in desperate needs to do something with her life, feel important and “good”, and go around telling everyone how she wants to change the world.

The lady is so confused, you would think she is a progressive nun. She brings the concept “cafeteria Catholic” to a new height, because she says herself she picks and chooses, without any of the shame or excuses you would otherwise find elsewhere (like: we have been misinterpreted; we are shocked at being told we are heretics; the holy ghost send us a text message, and the like). Nay, she says it as if it was something good.

Decidedly, money can’t buy you a brain.

Mrs Melinda Gate, who has now decided to spend an awful lot of the money she has married on contraception,  is on record with the following pearl of stupidity:

“I had to wrestle with which pieces of religion do I use and believe in my life, what would I counsel my daughters to do”

She wrestles-with-which-pieces-of-religion-to-use. What is this, an April joke? And she says she is a Catholic! Has this woman’s brain ever been switched on? 

Needless to say, she hides herself under the usual “good examples”, which in this case are the usual oh so social heretical nuns. You will be surprised, in this case they are the otherwise rather well-reputed Ursulines, which, as it turns out, also belong to the LCWR.

In the words of the lady:

“They said, ‘We’re all for you. We know this is a difficult issue to speak on, but we absolutely believe that you’re living under Catholic values.’ And it was just so heartening.”

The soi-disant nuns aren’t brighter than the lady, but being nuns they are, if at all possible, even more culpable than she is.

Notice how the so called crackdown of the Vatican on this bunch of witches hasn’t improved anything. They will pay some lip service to  Rome, and will continue to bark just as loud, certain of impunity.

Melinda gates married money, but this wasn’t enough to buy her some decency, or common sense. The nuns are probably too old to remember what either is.

Will we have to wait another 40 years before something some energetic against these females is finally undertaken? Will we have to wait another 20 before the likes of Melinda Gates are excommunicated? How long will the Church hierarchy continue to look at this scandal and shame without doing anything worthy of being called “action”? 

Mala tempora currunt. 


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