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An Appeal To Confused Proddies



Oh, these poor little Proddies…

The Methodists are now going through the same slow, grinding, extremely stupid process already seen among the Anglicans/Presbyterians.

Fags among them, even among their “ministers”, wanting to officially introduce abomination. Some who still believe (albeit in the wrong way) in Christianity. In the middle, the usual confused “nice guys” who do have an inkling about what Christianity is supposed to be, but feel uncomfortable at this not being what allows them to get along with everyone.

Half steps. Commissions who will discuss. Quarrel postponed four years; but actually not, because the quarrel is there already.

And at the end of this, a vote. Because these people seriously think they can change Christian morality by voting it away. Pray for the confused Proddies. Rebellion always ends up in ruin.


Compare all this with us. The security of the Church founded by Christ. An extremely solid, granite-hard set of rules indelibly etched in the depositum fidei. A vast reservoir of written wisdom explaining the beauty of this set of rules. The possibility to always, in any earthly situation, refer to what the Church has decreed is right or wrong, saintly or sinful, the work of God or the work of Satan.

Our own shop is based on such strong foundations, that not even fifteen Evil Clowns in a row will ever deceive those who want to be obedient. The block of granite is there, forever. You will never vote him away. Every fifteen years old with some brain can twist the Bible by selecting what is convenient to him. The depositum fidei cannot be twisted. It’s the ultimate litmus test. No other shop offers such a coherent, convenient, solid, unchangeable set of rules.

Come to us, you confused Proddies lacerated by meetings held and postponed, votes threatened and hampered, and the shifting sands of changeable morality-by-vote! God knows we have our issues, but to us the issue is never one of changing rules, merely of the attempt (mind this word: attempt) to pervert them. With us, the issue is never whether rules can be changed. The issue is merely with the bastards who want you to believe the rules cannot be changed, but we must now interpret them differently. This is a stupid game, that never fooled one sincere heart. It deceives only those bent on being deceived.

Come to us, confused Proddies tossed here and there by your confused “pastors”. Leave your sinking boat and ask permission to board the Barque, where sincere Christians willing to learn and obey – and willing to learn to obey – are always welcome. The Barque will never sink, though she will be dirty at times. The Barque will give you a security impossible to be found elsewhere, because based on two thousand years of truth, not on your long hours toiling on your Bible.

By God’s grace, you will grow in wisdom, and therefore in obedience. And one day you will proudly say, to your mocking friends, that you “believe everything the Church believes, and profess everything the Church professes”. You will say this as they smile at you mockingly, and you will know what a great grace it is to be mocked in this way. You will know you are on the side of unshakeable Truth, that no “Yearly Meeting” will ever be able to sabotage, that no “vote” will ever be able to change. What a grace, what a grace!

Ask to board the Barque, confused Proddie friend. You will find a security beyond your wildest dreams, beyond the individual conviction created by thousands of hours of bible studies; because it is not an individual, home-made conviction, but a security based on Christ Himself.






Satanic Pastor Truly Was On Fire. With Added Reflections.

Plenty of burning down there. Though I am not sure about the skeletons...

I am informed that an old retired pastor (mad; or evil; or both) of a wannabe “Christian” sect “pulled a bonze” by giving fire to himself in a parking lot. He died some time later, very probably after atrocious suffering. It is not difficult to say that with great probability his sufferings are just at the beginning, and will have no end.

The 79 year old nutcase (or evil old man; or both) was – how can you get this wrong? – an advocate of sodomitical behaviour and other things that occupy so much of the time of people who have forgotten God (the usual stuff, so I won't bore you with that…). I never can avoid to notice Satan always leaves a trace of himself in the people who support his causes.

The man was clearly, at least to an extent, the product of his environment: the website of his wannabe Christian sect quotes the Bible – as the Devil himself does – to justify all kind of blasphemy and wrong behaviour, and reassures their deluded readers not only that using oneself as a human match isn't wrong, but also that it is wrong to say that such a blasphemy merits damnation. Which clearly means these idiots haven't had anything in common with Christianity for a long time; hence the human match within their ranks.

Now, let us see in how many ways these people aren't Christian: the obsession with earthly issues in this vale of tears, the open support to sexual perversion – an obvious tool of Satan to get souls to him -, the open and public – and carefully planned, since you ask, and long thought after – suicide, which in the ranking of the offences to God comes even before sodomy; the horrible way of committing such an offence, again indicative of a deeply disturbed, masochistic, unnatural mentality and of an ideological subservience to the ways of mad heathens; and then, dulcis in fundo, even the condemnation of those who will condemn the satanic, but highly inflammable pastor.

Summa summarum: these people are a bunch of perverts who have perverted Christianity to make it serve their own satanic madness. From their fruits – including the smell of burnt – you will recognise them. Truly satanic, both the man and the mentality of this heathen sect masquerading as Christians.

Beware of heathen dressed as Pastors.



Preventive note to the readers:

“But Mundabor, Mundabor!” – my occasional readers will say – “you are right in what you say, and all that, but should you not have some more respect for the poor bastard? Where is your chariteeee?”

Erm, no. And if you think this, my dear occasional reader, you are reading the wrong blog, and I can only suggest that you either open your big blue eyes, or bring the experience of this blog behind you.

What this man has done is truly satanical. There is no way I can condone or find any positive “angle” in an act like this. But what is truly alarming is to see that this act has found a fertile humous in the thinking of the sect of heathen calling themselves Christians among which this man has wasted his existence.

Evil must be fought not only with condemnation, but with ridicule. In times of peace, no other weapon is more effective. The Devil knows it very well, hence the Long March of the perverts to have every mockery of them classified as “hate”.

Evil must be fought with ridicule, not false compassion. This cretin should have dozen of macabre jokes inspired by the atrocity he has committed, and be buried in ridicule after he has burnt itself in iniquity. For every one who commits suicide, other ten on the brink of it are led one step nearer to their damnation. Open condemnation and biting mockery are the way, not the false compassion that generates more suicidies.

If there is one thing that is easy to observe in those who carry out suicides is their extreme concern for what people will think of them after the fact. Exactly as suicide is an act of supreme, blasphemous selfishness, the concern of the suicidal man for his own name is, normally, highly increased. Again, the thought of the condemnation and ridicule that will befall the memory of them can do much to help them not to commit such a gesture, whilst the oily and sanctimonious “compassion” of the usual non-judgmental crowd will positively help them on the way to their damnation.

As this case of wannabe suicidal bonze amply demonstrates.



A Cardinal Has A Great Idea

O'Malley's Methodist baptism

How very moving! I was chocking back vomit for hours!

And it came to pass a Cardinal woke up one morning and had a bad feeling about his own Baptism. Particularly because his baptism has been – he can’t remember, but he was reliably informed – a Catholic one.

In times in which a Pope pays attention his Jewish buddy, the Rabbi, really eats kosher – he might make a mistake, you see; which would be very bad -, the Cardinal must have thought his baptism was too one-sided, stained with “excessive doctrinal security”, not at all “inclusive”. This Cardinal is a member of a very exclusive group of Cardinals, you see. He must show he can go with the flow.

Even the Cardinal understood, though, that what is done is done. You can’t undo a baptism and ask to have another one in an ecumenical ceremony. It just doesn’t work. What to do?

At this point, the Cardinal had a brilliant idea: at the next “ecumenical” service down at the Methodist an overweight woman thinking she is more than a layman will perform a strange ceremony of renewal of Baptism, or “reaffirmation”, or such like crap. A bit as if Baptims was like silver, with the need of being polished every now and then lest it loses beauty. It also is, you see, a ceremony. They love these things, the Proddies. Fuzzy feelings all around, and a way to revive past emotions of one’s childhood, like the First Communion. Oh, how good and saintly one can feel!

“Great”, the Cardinal must have thought. “If I can’t undo my baptism, I can at least send a clear message the overweight woman is, in a way, a bit of a priest, and I can go and receive something from her my postman could not do. It doesn’t get more ecumenical than that. I must check the press is there, though. Yes, I will not ask for the ceremony to be performed on me from a man. It must be a woman. Otherwise people might say I am being sexist even when I am being ecumenical”.

I am pleased to inform you everything went according to script.

The Cardinal went, saw (not easy to miss, the woman) and received. The photo is everywhere. The woman “minister” (or whatever) had to “choke back tears for hours” (see above: they really are junkies for fuzzy feelings. Thank, God, that you made me a Catholic!). A triumph of ecumenism, with the modest Cardinal now firmly following the example of the Bishop of Rome, He Who Will Make You Eat Kosher.

“Who knows?” – the Cardinal thinks – “if the Blessed Virgin might have thought she had been lied to, than perhaps she also thought God was too sectarian? The boss says God isn’t Catholic! Perhaps he is a closet Methodist?”

The Cardinal is now thinking of the next steps. Should he ask the Jews to get his Bar Mitzvah? Hey, he is a bit old for that, but he has a beautiful singing voice. Or he might wash himself in the Ganges: the river stinks, but the trip would be beautiful. Another idea could be to take part to the Friday thingy in the Mosque, with genuflections and all. Photographers alerted beforehand. “Islam Is Religion Of Peace, Says Cardinal”. Beautiful headline…

Alas, for the moment the Cardinal will have to be happy with the tears of the well-nourished woman. But who knows where Francis is going to lead the Cardinals to…


The Religion Of Wordliness

The ridiculous outfit commonly going under the name of “Church of England” is considering changing its rite of Baptism.

The reason openly adduced for this is that as many parents do not go to church anymore, they are not properly informed about the meaning of certain words and the theological relevance of certain phrases.

Sin, for example, might be expunged. You see, the poor parents might feel insulted by the idea that they are sinners. Then, there is the thing with the submission to God; which, we are informed, is a sensitive issue; particularly with women, because Anglican women are even more allergic to any form of submission than Anglican men. Who does He think he is, this God, to demand submission of them? Pah! He should just try to get it from them, they will show Him as they did their husbands! Submission! Really?!

What is extremely funny to Catholics is, actually, perfectly natural to Anglicans. A wordly religion will adapt to the world without seeing anything strange in it. Today the very concept of sin is to be kept away from the customers faithful as if it dirtied them; tomorrow, the Cross might well go if they find it offends their sensitivity; the day after tomorrow, every mention of Christ will be expunged, less the family members of Muslim or Buddhist or other persuasion or of no persuasion at all feel offended by such an intolerant, “judging”, and clearly homophobic man.

The saddest thing of them all is that even Anglicans who care for God – and who rightly protest against the planned changes – are unable or unwilling to see what abject submission to the world their own shop incarnates and witnesses day in and day out. In this case, this abject submission is proclaimed quite openly, as the most natural of things. “Look – they say – we can’t ask a woman for submission, can we now? You got to be joking! Have you ever met our wives?”.

The so-called Church of England, an outfit that bears its absurdity and ridicule in its own name, capitulates to the world in the most natural manner. Which is what they have done since they were born, and the very reason for their existence.

We Catholics are living very sad times; but we know that the Depositum Fidei will, like a block of granite, resist every attempt at domestication. The Church and Her Truth will never die and will never be defeated. Not even a drunkard, homosexual, paedophile, communist Pope could change anything in the way the faithful – notice the word: faithful – understand and transmit Truth.

This is not so by the Anglicans and every other Protestant outfit out there. The storms of fashion and popular approval will always, at some point, sweep them away. What has become of the Quietists? Have you ever met a Puritan? How many Methodists or Quackers of young or middle age do you know?

The Anglicans will be the next to go.

Good riddance. There is no need for any religion of wordliness.



Methodists Vote Their Own Theology On Sodomy. For Once, They Vote Right.

As a Catholic, I never cease to be amazed at the very concept a group of faithful calling themselves a church can think of voting their own theology, the same way as a council would vote whether they want a new bridge or to enlarge the hospital. Apparently, the thinking behind that is that  the Holy Ghost guides them. So if community A is guided in a way and the neighbouring community B is guided in a different one…

This, let me say this, utterly ridiculous and childlike system of deciding what is right and what is wrong must not necessarily lead to the wrong results.  Let us say, there is on average a 50% probability they will do what is right. This happened to the biggest US mainstream Protestant denomination in the US, the Methodists.

The Methodists have defeated attempts to modify their own theology in a way which “includes” perversion. The political correctness on the proposed formulations leaves one speechless: what does it mean to say homosexual are “people of sacred worth?” As human beings, of course they have sacred worth. But is their perversion worth anything?

To have an idea of the errors of Protestantism,  please consider another motion called for the acknowledgment we have “limited understanding” of homosexuality and (hold fast) should  “refrain from judgment regarding homosexual persons and practices until the Spirit leads us to new insight.” This is absolutely fantastic: if something is not after my liking, I will “refrain from judging” until the “Spirit” mysteriously changes his mind and “leads me to a new insight”.

This is not even Christianity a’ la carte. This is Christianity wanting something that is not even on the menu.

Then there is the idea one shouldn’t use “incompatibility language”. Whence they do get all these stupid expressions is beyond me, but they must feel smart.

Still, even in the middle of this democratic madness it appears a majority has refused to throw Christian values out of the window, and has rejected all motions seeking to water down the Christian position on sodomy. This, notwithstanding a debate tending to persuade them that if they aren’t inclusive, they will be responsible for many suicides.

Some of the delegates maintained some freshness, like the one comparing homosexuality to bestiality; which should actually be rather normal; unless you are a Methodist, in which case it’s use of “incompatibility language”.

The incestuous and pedophiles now want to be made “compatible”, too.

Otherwise, they will commit suicide.

And it will be all your fault.

Kudos to our proddie friends, anyway. At least, to that 54% who got it right.


“This Garbage Has Got To Stop”. A Michael Voris Video.

Brilliant post of Michael Voris about a strange, but probably not so unusual experience in Ireland. In this once most Catholic of countries, a non-baptised non-believer starts to see the light and to have a vague idea that the Church might be right. But in his understandable desire to deepen the matter he is confronted with a solid wall of common places, rather meaningless truisms and desire not to offend anyone (in Italy we call it buonismo, “good-ism”). Even his Catholic friends can’t really help him, because whilst their intention are good, their instruction is bad and they are therefore unable to adequately articulate and explain their faith.

We have here so much of what is going on all over the West: a great desire of spirituality, to which the Church’s shepherds react with such a load of politically correct platitudes that this desire is, to all intents and purposes, negated.

I smile when I hear that the troubles of the Church are due to the fact that society has grown “materialistic”. This utterly ignores the army of people now looking at oriental religions, or at other strange spiritual movements. They do so because the kindergarten, “Dalai Lama-cum-Mandela” Christianity that has been imparted to them was of such self-defeating stupidity that they do not even imagine what beauty and greatness real Christianity has. When your local priest or vicar goes on all day saying the same shallow platitudes you simply lose faith in the ability of the shop to teach anything meaningful to you. When the only value a priest or vicar can impart is the one of “tolerance” and/or “niceness” it is obvious that this person has absolutely nothing to say, and the BBC can easily take his place.

The Church has filled her ranks with inept shepherds unable to transmit the message and meaning of Christianity and, in many cases, probably not even aware of them anymore themselves; the Anglicans and Methodists have done much worse and I doubt whether others, like some Episcopalians, can still be called Christians. As a result, the need for spirituality – which has always been there, and will always be there; even when not properly fostered – has lost itself in a myriad of small creeks rather than finding rest where the Truth lies.

For the last fifty years, the Catholic clergy have done everything possible to blabber the Church out of existence whilst they felt so “hip” and “with it”. The attempt has, predictably, failed, but not without leaving a huge trail of destruction. It is now time to start reconstructing what has been destroyed, and in my eyes the reconstruction must start whence the decadence started: the bishops.


P.s. on a lighter note: the clear attempt of the street cleaner to stop the advancement of Catholicism at 5:00 has been valiantly stopped…

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