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Required Viewing: “The Remnant” Strikes Back

My dear readers,

if you ask me, and if you have any trust in your humble correspondent, the video below (hat tip to reader scarygoat61) is required viewing. 

So much so, that I will post this without further comment, and will make my considerations (for anyone who will want to do it; but you don’t have to, as the video is good enough) in another post, that will assume this video has been seen. 

There are moments when I think that we can behold victory not (hopefully) only on the day we die, but in our lifetime. This is one of these moments. The war will be hard, but if I look at the first major battle I start to think it is Axis against Allies here. Which, patriotic as your truly is, could only have only one outcome since 7 December 1941.

Enjoy the video.  

Michael Voris On Fire. Bill Donohue Heavily Burned.

The scandalous invitation for the President continues to make waves; this time, we see a rather excited Bill Donohue barking furiously against orthodox and sincere Catholics who just refuse to let elementary logic and common sense go to the dogs.

Please sign the “little petition they have out there”.

By the way, I wouldn’t say that Cardinal Dolan was bought. Even the Obama lieutenants are too smart for that. I’d rather say he has sent a heavy signal he is ready to sell off; just in case, you see. One must care not to have enemies, he obviously thinks…

Voris dismantles the rather pathetic – if very excitedly exposed – arguments of the man in the usual poignant way.

We have the wrong people at the top.


Michael Voris on “Nice People”

Perhaps the best “Vortex”  I have ever seen, this one deals with the “nice people” poisoning the Church.

At the beginning of the video there is a photo of a great man the one or other of you might find somewhat familiar, and the Fulton Sheen citation is stellar; but this short video reaches an explosion of politically incorrect truth at the end.

Don’t miss this beautiful video.


Michael Voris On The Bad Nuns…

This video is in itself nothing extraordinary. If you read this blog, you know all this already.

What I find extremely refreshing is the energy with which Voris exposes the boundless hypocrisy of the nuns raping Catholicism (or Christianity tout court) for many decades, and then crying…. rape when someone suggests they try to change their way, if they can.

In fact, the only point I disagree with Voris in this video is the repeated use of the word “crackdown”. Doesn’t look much like a crackdown to me as precious little will be cracked in any way, shape or form. Again, it seems to me more like an open fatherly rebuke and the start of a very gentle process of, hopefully, reform. I also did not know of the vile attempt to mix together saintly women of the past, and wiccans of the present. Astonishing.

The result of the softly softly approach is that the b witches scream as loud as they can anyway, and the Vatican appears to have been, perhaps, too harsh on the old ladies, at least to the uninitiated and uninformed.

If the Vatican had kicked out a dozen or two among the worst of them, I am sure the sisters (not kicked out) wouldn’t have shouted any louder. Actually, I think possibly they wouldn’t have shouted at all. But even if they had, at least the world at large would have at least known beyond doubt what was going on among them.

Alas, we live in times where common sense is considered uncharitable.


“A Scandal Of Enormous Proportions”: A Michael Voris Video

40 years of scandal and open abomination.

May God forgive the Bishops and Popes who have allowed, and continue to allow, all this.


Socialists, and Why BBC Three Is Secular Garbage

“Protesters” protest against the alleged costs of the papal visit. It turns out that:

1) the Government doesn’t pay a penny. Kudos to companies like Coca-Cola which have actually sponsored the visit (compare this please with the behaviour of the likes of Starbucks).

2) The huge influx of foreign tourists is a boon for which the local economy doesn’t even have to go through the usual circus of megalomaniac expenses, as in the case of the Olympic games, a trifle costing several billion GBP for three weeks of tourism, against whose costs nothing comparable is happening; at least nothing getting the attention of the goddamn liberals.

3) The popular participation is massive, which again questions the idea whether a couple of hundreds cretins should really have some relevance compared to the huge masses obviously not having a probably with the costs, even if such had been incurred.

“This kind of secular garbage makes you seek, it’s nothing but lies and distortions”, says Voris, and how right he is.

This with the “secular garbage” well applies to BBC Radio three, which this morning at 800 only had to mention the Papal Visit in Spain to say that some ppeople have been arrested “who protests against the costs of the visit”. No mention of the huge popular success, no mention of what the Pope has said, nothing of nothing.


If these scroungers had a minimum of ethical standards instead of abusing OUR money for their propaganda, one might be a little less angered for the compulsory expropriation of our money.

You can start the complaint procedure here.

It won’t be of much use for now, but the piling of the complaints will make things easier when someone of good will comes around and decides to do it differently.

Let them work and give an answer, at least.




How Seriously Do We Believe? A Michael Voris video

Apart from his insistence in not wanting to wear a tie in his “vortex” series, I must say this man does continue to make a wonderful job or saying what is uncomfortable in a way that can be – if good will is there – digested and accepted.

This time I would like to draw your attention on the video above, which forgetting for a moment the rather strong words used does point out to a common trait of both believers (not only Christians, I would say) and atheists: they do not fully draw the consequences of what they believe, and they do it because they do not really believe so strongly that there is (or that there isn’t) a God.

If they did, most Christians would make of salvation their absolute priority and would pursue this scope with grim determination, and most atheists would simply forget every trace of the Christian values of the society they live in and would fully abandon themselves to the absolute dominance of one’s own interests and desires a world without religious values must necessarily engender. In the end, neither of the two groups has thought his belief and its consequences to the end.

It is true that human weakness plays a big role in a faithful’s shortcomings, but I think that Voris here is deliberately avoiding the issue to concentrate on what seems to me his central message, the “quiet politeness” which does not translate an individual’s faith in a world changing (and self-changing) force. He notices that Catholics are the salt of the Earth, but a salt which, too often, loses his flavour. And in fact one billion Catholics could be a tremendous force for (I slowly hate the word) “change”, but they do not have the weight they should have because……. they do not have the faith they should have.

In the end, though, it is we Catholics who have the biggest responsibility, because we have received the biggest gift.


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