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Milan Wrong, St. Petersburg Right On Homo-Controversy

Christians from the cold.


One must absolutely congratulate the city of St. Petersburg for their brave reaction to their twin city Milan to “suspend” the collaboration. I truly hope the brave Russians will not cave in to fashionable perversions; but judging from the reactions this should not be the case. It’s not everyday you read from an MP the words:

“Of course, it’s hard for many of our European colleagues to accept our law, as many of them are members of the gay lobby.”

Da, da!

It goes without saying that as an Italian I am deeply ashamed – though not entirely surprised – at the decision of my disgraceful countrymen.

Kudos to the Christians still remained, who believe in God rather than in political correctness and have their own salvation – and a healthy Christian environment for those they love – dearer than their own electoral interest.

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.


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