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Vatican II’s “Edible Poker Chip”

Father hadn’t really noticed the kippah of the man standing in front of him.

Extremely interesting blog post from Father Z about the angry priest. I will possibly write another blog post on the main matter, but what shocked me most was to read the following paragraphs. Emphases and comments mine.

I am tired to distraction of having to chase young people down the aisles in church to retrieve the Blessed Sacrament because they have no clue what it is. [I did not understand this at first. Keep reading…]. A year or so back, I was offering a funeral Mass and a teenaged girl came up for Communion, took the host, looked at it, turned it over and began to walk away holding it in her palm. I followed her and asked, “Have you made your First Communion?” She said simply, “I’m Jewish.” I smiled and said, “Perhaps I should take that from you.” Quite a few of the mourners were furious with me for my discourtesy [hopefully the non-Catholics. Hopefully..].

At another funeral not long ago I saw a passel of tattooed and pierced adolescents [this is, to an intelligent priest, a clear sign they are not Christians] coming down the aisle at a funeral. It was a large funeral so a number of priests were helping with Communion. I had finished my line so I stood about ten paces from the celebrant, a visiting priest. The first of the young Goths [this is a good priest…]received the host, looked at it curiously and as she passed me I asked, are you Catholic? She said, “no.” I said “Perhaps I should take that.” So there began a curious ritual, of clueless youths. One priest would say “Body of Christ and the second priest would say “I’ll just take that.”

There are several shocking elements in these few lines.

In the US today there are evidently Masses at which communion is offered as a matter of course, to everyone, as if it were a refreshment. In doing so, not many seem to care if the recipients are Catholics, or Christians in the first place. They are given the Holy Communion in the same way as you are given lunch in an aeroplane. Priests do this and they just don’t care.

I wonder whether caning would be more appropriate for the “visiting priest”, of his dismissal from the clerical garb altogether. Probably both. I wonder what he would do if a young and unsuspecting boy wearing a kippah would appear in front of him in the communion line.  No, wait, better not, it’s bad for my health.

I am curious to know whether there is any sensible man who still does not get that this sacrilege is the product of Vatican II.   It is clear enough that Vatican II, whilst obviously not prescribing to allow young Jewish girl to (unwittingly try to) receive the Most Holy Communion, made it possible in the first place, or can you explain to me how, without V II and the decades of mess than followed, such a mess would have been possible in the first place, or how priests like the “visiting” one of these short lines could have been allowed to get out of seminaries (nay! To get into them!) in the first place. In the end, it is V II that brought us all this, as it created the mentality and the humus allowing this madness to flourish. 


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