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More Help From Our Lord To Understand FrancisFraud



The Albanian-British singer Rita Ora is flying to the Vatican to take part to a concert linked to the imminent canonisation of Mother Theresa, though clearly she is so much into the entire thing that she thinks Mother Theresa has already been canonised.

We should be thankful for all these little breaks. Every time something unspeakably stupid like this happens, Our Lord allows us to understand what is going on: he is punishing us with an overdose of that same stupidity we have inflicted on His Church. However, he also allows us to clearly understand that what is happening is wrong, a just punishment for our refusal to do what is right.

We have been receiving these signals for many decades now, and already since the time of JP II the unholy mingling of pop concert and religion has been a way Our Lord told us: “see? Do you understand *hiw wrong this is*? What about doing something against it?”.

Not much was done, and we are now punished far more harshly. Utterly deserved. We had it coming.

As we pray for the end of this Pontificate and the election of a catholic pope (small “c” at this point already a big improvement), we must always bear in mind that God inflicts some popes, so that His Justice may be satisfied; but he allows us to see that we are being punished, so that His Mercy may shine on us.

Read all these news – now clearly heaping ridicule on the already fully discredited FrancisChurch – as just as many ways of helping us to understand the error of our ways, realise the utter dirt now covering the Church and start doing our bit – with our prayers and our actions – to collectively deserve the cleanup that will, one day, most certainly arrive.

Thank you, Francis, for showing us with such clarity what an unmitigated godless, evil ass you are. If you had managed to be a tad more subtle you would have caused a far greater damage.

For now, the Lord is protecting us from a Pope that his both His enemy and smart. Unless there is a strong reaction to Francis, I am not sure this terrifying scenario will not happen at some point.

Pray for a catholic pope. We have had enough of this tool.



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