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“Coalition For Marriage” Instructions

The Coalition For Marriage initiative is now marching towards half million signatures, though the pace has now clearly (and predictably) reduced.

If you are a UK resident and haven’t signed, I allow myself to invite you again to do it.

When you do, you will receive (or have already received) an automated email with the email address of your MP. Again, I would encourage everyone to send this email.

But the reason of this blog post is that I would like to make of this blog a megaphone for all answers from your MP stinking of political correctness and/or in which the MP presents himself as the defender of “inclusiveness”, & Co. If you send the answer email to me, I will take care to make an extra post exposing him, and I will do it for every MP for whom you send me unacceptable answers to your email you have received.

This blog is little, but Google has a lot of patience, and if other blogs echo the initiative this will become a useful source of information when the next election comes, and one the relevant MP will not like.

Please send your email in form of message in answer to whatever post.


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