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Unprecedented Support For SSPX From Msgr Bux

Hounds wanted for glorious run.

Monsignor Bux, CDF, wrote a letter to Bishop Fellay about the present situation. Rorate Caeli has the story, and an English translation of the letter.

Msgr Bux’s statement are, in places, nothing less than stunning. I had to stop and read twice, to be sure I had read correctly.

You can (and should) click the link to Rorate to read the entire letter. I will limit myself, here, to comment on what I find the most important statements. Emphases always mine.

It is undeniable that numerous facts of Vatican II and of the period that followed it, related to the human dimension of this event, have represented true calamities and have caused intense pain to many great Churchmen.

There are four statements of barely believable vis polemica here:

1) Vatican II itself (not the “spirit”. The Council itself) was, in part, an utter disgrace.

2) The “Spirit of Vatican II” which followed continued the work of destruction.

3) This is nothing to do with the Holy Ghost. This was a purely man-made devastation.

4) The mess caused many great Churchmen to suffer whilst the destruction went on substantially unchallenged in Rome. I personally believe this is a personal tribute to Archbishop Lefebvre.

If we except statement 2, I’d say the other three are a frontal attack to the “moderates” within the Vatican, and an open declaration of support for fundamental SSPX tenets.

But God does not allow His Holy Church to reach self-destruction.

The V II crowd would have, left to itself, utterly destroyed the Church. But God would never allow it. The devastating force of these words cannot be put in doubt: Monsignore says self-destruction, in the same breath as he talks of the “true calamities” of V II.

[…] we believe that God has prepared and continues to prepare, throughout these years, men who are worthy of rectifying the errors and the ommissions we all deplore.

Make no mistake, among the men God prepares are the priests of the SSPX, to whom the letter is addressed. They are among the men God trains for the good fight, and to whom He gives the task to put things right. Again, read the letter in its context and tell me whether this is not a reference to those who have made “resistance” in the past (in general) and to the SSPX (in particular). It doesn’t mean, of course, these men only come from outside of the Vatican.

These divine interventions seem to grow in proportion to the complexity of the facts. The future will make it clear, as we are convinced, and it seems dawn is almost at hand.

The V II-induced darkness is almost at hand, but it’s there still.The Church is still enshrouded in V II darkness, but dawn is near. And we are not even sure of this, because still it is dark. 

With Saint Catherine of Siena, we wish to say: “Come to Rome in complete safety,”

This seems to me to echo what I have written just some days ago: that the main obstacle is now the fear of the SSPX of being muzzled after a reconciliation. Msgr Bux seems to me to lean out of the window and say: “come in, dear friends; let us fight together. You’ll be fine; you’ll have allies in the Vatican only waiting for you to come in to fire from all cannons”.

Your refusal would increase darkness, not light. And yet the sparks of light we can already admire are numerous, beginning with those of the great liturgical restoration effected by the motu proprio “Summorum Pontificum”. It stirs up, throughout the whole world, a large movement of adherence from all those who wish to increase the worship of God, particularly the young.

This is, I think, the core of Monsignor Bux’s sales pitch: the movement has already started and it will soon become unstoppable. You’ll help it by getting in, you’ll damage it by staying out. Not sure about that personally, but one gets the drift.

How not to think of the contribution you could give to the welfare of the whole Church, thanks to your pastoral and doctrinal resources, your capabilities and your sensibility?

This seems to me to reinforce the point made above: we don’t want you muzzled. We want you barking, and biting. Come to us, o hounds of the Lord, and join us in this glorious run that will end with the killing of the cunning fox of Vatican II.

There are some other elements which I consider rather secondary, like the invitation to consider how good the Pope has been to them and how much he suffered (erm… all the way back from Assisi… but I digress…); but in general, I’d say this is the most explicit statement of admiration and support for the SSPX I have ever read from a papavero of the Vatican.

Will this dispel the SSPX’s reservations? I doubt it. But it could give them a big hand inside the Vatican in this delicate phase, and in my eyes it shows that within the Vatican there is a “right wing” not ready to see the SSPX being refused admission without putting up a fight to allow them to get in in the proper  manner.

We shall see. For sure, this is a surprise.


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