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MSNBC Wins Libtard Prize 2015

This astonishing piece of journalistic excrement does not come from a rabid, drunken libtard blogger, but from a big news outlet; evidently made from the same libtards who write the drunken, rabid bloggers mentioned above. Of course, someone considered a genius by Libtard standard must have looked at it and spit his coffee on his desk, and the rubbish was removed. But the tragedy is that it was posted in the first place.

I am not saying here that the man who wrote the title should be fired. I am saying that everyone involved with this should be fired. This is a level of stupidity and childishness astonishing even for Libtard standards. To think that this very same outlets “informs” millions about serious world matters, and millions are ready to believe what they write, is simply mind-boggling.

No wonder the readers of such outlets dwindle, as less traditional but more informed sources become the place where people with a brain go to get their news.

The sad thing is that, in the end, Libtard is who Libtard reads. Therefore, shops like MSNBC can be sure that as the mother of the idiot is always pregnant, so there will always be libtards in great numbers willing to read this rubbish and think it's professional journalism.

Whether it's enough to make good money remains to be seen. But I think it will be enough to allow countless reprobates to go to hell with the high speed train.



Pope “Awesome” The First.

moustache-and-circus_Photo-Booth-and-Moustaches“Now, I don’t have a whole lot of hope that the Church itself is going to come around and change tenets or official positions that I deeply oppose — its rejection of things like gay marriage, women in the priesthood, a woman’s autonomy over her own body,” he wrote. “But given the constraints of what being pope is, you can operate in one of two ways: you can be a jerk about it, or you can be awesome,” he said. And Francis, “is choosing to be awesome.”

These stupid, but revealing words have been pronounced by a liberal journalist at MSNBC.

They explain pretty well not only what is happening, but what Francis wants to do.

Francis' aim is to be considered by the liberals the best Pope they can get, and to be followed in every nonsense by the Catholics because he is the Pope.

On the one hand he sends continuous, fast daily messages to the liberals, saying “I would so much like to be more like you, but I am the Pope so please understand the office has some constraints”.

To the Catholics, he says that they are “criminals” if they “criticise” and “judge”, which includes not only all the sins of the unbelievers, but obviously and in the first place also the criticism of his own humble person.

What happens if I criticise “in conscience”? Does that which applies to atheists not apply to me? Do they go to paradise whilst aborting “in conscience”, and I am a “criminal” for criticising them? How old is this man, three?

The general rule of this pontificate is that the Catholics are supposed to shut up, and the liberals are supposed to sympathise with the ringmaster. In exchange for this, he will tell them they can go to heaven if they abort, fornicate, commit adultery or sodomy, and do all the other things a Pope is supposed to criticise. And as to criticise is now allegedly “criminal” he will not criticise adulterers, sodomites and fornicators; he will criticise, and call criminal, those who criticise them.

Francis has been pandering to these idiots from day one. His strategy is working all right. He manages to be popular among the enemies of Christ, whilst avoiding criticism from most of those of his own parish.

Please do not delude yourself into thinking the entire liberal world has now, for some strange reason, become blind and fallen in love with a oh so orthodox pope they have decided to appoint an honorary liberal.

The liberal press exalts Francis because they can read, and because Francis does not let one day pass without saying something obviously meant to pander to them.

Wake up and smell the incense. This is a first-class clown to whom Christian values are expendable, provided he is popular and can promote his own strange new kindergarten religion where everyone is saved, no one criticises anyone, and atheists go to heaven just doing what they damn well please.


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