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Francis Is MTV Man Of The Year

Mundabor's "Buffoon of the Year" award goes to Pope Francis.

No, he is struly that.



This was also the year when Pope Francis spoke out about a range of contentious topics including: homosexuality, wealth accumulation, abortion and birth control, challenging the church to become more compassionate, inclusive and accepting of love over dogma, while also pushing the church to serve a broader purpose in the lives of its followers. He simultaneously questioned his own absolute authority, asking “Who am I to judge?” in reference to a person’s sexual preference, showcasing a radical sense of humility for a figure of his prominent stature.

This is, I think, not a spoof and comes courtesy of the reader Trof4st.

Words fail me.

Now, you might say that this is not exactly what the Pope said; but by the umpteenth liberal outlet who understands him so without any will of the man – who actually basks in his popularity – to correct his public image, even my cat understands this is the way he wants to be understood.

We are now eagerly awaiting for Francis to correct his consolidated image of buffoon of the liberal society. After all, he is supposed to be the Pope, and someone should tell him a word or two about the job description.

Don’t hold your breath.


The “Surfing Madonna” Must Be Taken Down

In reparation for irreligious graffiti: Raffaello Sanzio, "Madonna della seggiola".

One really doesn’t know in which world one lives anymore.

It would appear than in the otherwise rather nice community of Encinitas, in California, some workers have made a mosaic of a “surfing Madonna”.

What is more disconcerting of this exercise is that the “work” has been executed by people whose intent was, clearly, not the one of being disrespectful. That their Catholicism is – or has become – a pale shadow of what it should be is very clearly shown by the real message the “artists” want to spread, to wit: “save the ocean”.

This would be just another episode of new age cum environmentalism stunt, mixing what is most sacred with a vague concept that the ocean be, in a way, sacred or, which is equally absurd, in danger of being destroyed. But the problem here is, as I see it, that this is not the work of people who have heard about the Blessed Virgin from the Los Angeles Times or MTV, but from people who truly should know better. They have depicted Mary praying with a rosary and are, therefore, somewhat acquainted with the utter respect and reverence with which everything concerning the Blessed Virgin must be treated.

Unsurprisingly, this being California, someone thought this something truly useful or not irreverent.

Even less surprising, this always being California, the local authorities have decided to have the “work” appraised, at the cost for the taxpayer of $ 2,000. Then they complain that they drown in an ….. ocean of debts. You don’t say?

Technically, says the author of the article, this is a graffiti.

Religiously, says the author of this blog, this is utter lack of reverence, a hijacking of the Blessed Virgin for a cretinous environ-mentalist message, and utter banalisation of what is sacred. 

I wonder what the “artists” who have done this will think next: Jesus attacking a nuclear plant with a “Greenpeace” banner perhaps?

In Italy they say that “the mother of the idiot is always pregnant”.

How right they are.


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