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The Three Europes, According to Putin

You tell me if this guy looks like he is bluffing…

Putin’s yesterday speech was long, momentous, and utterly brutal.

I would like, here, to take one part of it and say two or three words about what I think this part of the message meant for the conflict, for Russia, and for all of us.

Putin made two clear distinctions. The first, between Russia and the West. The second, between the “Anglo Saxons” (means, here, UK and USA) and the rest of the West.

From a military/political point of view, he sees the US bullying the rest of the west, with the UK serving as Dobermann and all the others as Chihuahuas. From a cultural point of view, he sees the USA as leading a wave of madness and degeneracy, with the Dobermann trying to keep up and the Chihuahuas more or less ready to obey orders.

There are, therefore, in this vision, three Europes.

The first one is Russia. This is the Europe which wants to stay Europe. The Europe which reveres its cultural and religious values and keeps honoring traditional Western European culture. The Europe for which a penis makes you a male and a vagina a female, with all that entails.

The second one is the Anglo Saxon bloc. This is the Europe which wants to become a madhouse. Trannie soldiers, celebrations of degeneracy in every form, corruption of the youth since childhood, rented uteruses for rich perverts, “parent 1 and parent 2”.

The third one is the remaining European Countries. Some of them more traditional, some of them veering towards madness. All of them, unable to make their own path and to escape the immense economic pressure of Big Bullying Fag.

If you ask me, Putin has reassured the first Europe, thrown down the gauntlet to the Second, and told the Third to choose side.

This was a very intelligent move. A lot of Poles, a lot of Czechs, even a lot of Ukrainians hearing him talk of “Parent 1 and parent 2” will instinctively know – in fact, will not be able to deny – that, however much they may hate him, he is right on fundamental, foundational, civilisational questions. They know what the Anglo Saxon Faggotry is trying to do to their children and nephews. They know what their instincts, basic decency, and religious traditions says about that.

At home, in Russia, where his popularity is unabated and gaining ground, millions will have heard his words as if it was music. He promised them that Russia will not, ever, slide down the path of sexual degeneracy. In fact, Russia is tightening its degeneracy legislation right now.

As to the third, the Degenerate Europe (and West), he has clearly stopped to care. We will be mocked, and deservedly so. We will be ignored, and deservedly so. I hope it does not happen, but I am sure that, if we deserve it, he will bomb the living shit out of us, too. This is what, at some point, might happen if you allow your country to become a Sodom.

Sodoms have this strange tendencies to attract destruction.

More has emerged from yesterday’s event, but I wanted to throw some light on this aspect here first.

Because, whatever you may think of it, this is a conflict between the forces of light and those of darkness.

Boots On The Ground, Or: NATO Mercenaries And Us

The recent Russian attack on the military basis in Western Ukraine, about which the Western media were astonishingly stingy with details, appears to have killed (according to whom you read) between 180 and 280 NATO mercenaries. Boy, I think the daily rate for mercenaries has just gone up, a lot.

But I have other questions about it:

1) Are the populations of the NATO Countries aware that we are sending mercenaries to a war theatre? A mercenary is a mercenary whatever the name you give him. We should be informed and able to say what we think.

2) How is sending mercenaries in the Ukraine not a hostile NATO act? Why should sending highly specialised soldiers not be a hostile act, but sending greener, drafted soldier be? Granted, the mercenaries would fight with Ukraine uniforms, but a hostile intention is a hostile intention whatever the uniform that is employed.

I am not saying that it is always wrong to employing mercenaries. What I am saying is that the country employing mercenaries is choosing a less politically laden, if more expensive, way to achieve a “boots on the ground” situation, which, however you colour it, it’s still boots on the ground.

This is a dangerous development, which could escalate in a very, very dangerous way, and which should be subject to public debate and scrutiny; so that, if we are nuked tomorrow, we at least know why and because of whose fault.

In my eyes, the energies of the NATO Countries would be much better employed making clear to Zelensky & Co. that the inevitable is coming and that he should get to grips with the idea of doing what is reasonable rather than letting his civilians die in the hope of lucrative media contracts for him, and of an easy escape for his Nazi hounds of the Azov battalions.

The cognitive dissonance of your average, brainwashed European voter must also be staggering: the Ukraine seems to permanently be about to win and on the bring of annihilation at the same time, according to the emotions that the Western Media want to excite at any given time.

Fact: innocent people are dying unnecessarily every day to feed the Evil Globalist Empire.

Their blood is mainly on Zelensky’s and his supporters’ hands. Then Putin is waging a, comparatively, mild war, countered with harsh rhetoric and civilian hostage taking.

The Ukraine And You, Part II

I have described in my previous post how I see the situation from a geopolitical point of view. I would like, here, to make some prediction about the future and give my two cents about what I think it’s happening.

First: there is going to be no invasion. Putin is intelligent. I’d say he can vastly outsmart the EU, let alone the Demented Thief. He could never invade the Ukraine with 100,000 people unless he expects no resistance and it would be a politically risky and very expensive proposition to go all-in. Perhaps the gender-uncertain people at the EU and NATO are worried because they know there would be little or no resistance?

Second: Putin wants to consolidate the long shadow he throws over the Ukraine and, possibly, make it darker. Both because of what I have written in the former post and because he wants to show the EU who has a Willie, and who has a Mangina. In fact, the EU does not even have a Mangina. They are merely trying to work on one.

Third: Putin wants to tests the waters, as he will likely gauge whether a coup d’etat in the Ukraine is feasible. If (big if) it’s feasible, he will need the current confrontation in order to house train the EU and NATO to limit themselves to the usual talk, but without any walk, when the time comes; if it’s not, he will still have asserted himself, and he will have made clear that the Ukraine is off-limits for both EU and NATO. He already has a couple of “independent republics” faithful to him. He could extend the gains and humiliate Kiev even more. I think when the microphones are switched off, everybody gets it.

Fourth: Putin wants every American to ask himself: do we want our soldiers to die for the Ukraine? The question is not a dumb one, as even my cat has amply realised that, in the very improbable event of an invasion, the Ukrainian army would fold before you can say “Putin”, and the extremely flat nature of the land would give them nowhere to run, either. Nor would the European NATO Countries go in, firstly because it would be politically suicidal and second because they would have, realistically, a very bad hand against the hardened and technologically savvy Russian army. Therefore, in the end it would be the old U S of A who, in various guises (“security advisers” or the like) sends down to the Ukraine ten or twenty battalions, just so Biden can play “freedom fighter “ whilst his son snorts so much white powder you could make pizza with it.

But again, this is all just not going to happen. Putin is not going to invade. What Putin is doing is, very simply, marking his territory.

This is, to me, so obvious, that I wonder if there is even one political operative who has not understood it yet.

Still: you, dear reader, will be deafened with the usual virtue signalling calls to peace and dialogue, after the aggressive expansion politics of the EU and the encirclement attempt of the NATO have caused the issue in the first place.

The Ukraine shall remain within the traditional cultural sphere of influence of the old Kievan Rus’.

It is fitting, prudent, even Christian that things should stay that way.

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