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Uganda: Gaystapo In The West.

US Secretary of State Kerry is so stupid that he compares the recent Ugandan measures against sexual perversions to Nazi Germany.

Some facts for Mr Kerry:

1. There was only one Country in Europe or North America that allowed Abortion in the Thirties. It was Nazi Germany. Abortion in its most extreme forms is a flag of the Obama Administration.

2. Sodomy laws were in place all over the West until a few decades ago. Including all the Western countries that defeated Nazism.

Who is the Nazi, then?

On another note, and as you read in the same article, the World Bank has frozen aid money for Uganda after the adoption of the law. Unfortunately for them with no results, at least for now. But make no mistake, the bullying will continue.

Leading the charge are countries like Norway, Danemark and the Netherlands; all of them heavy sponsors of sexual perversion, or euthanasia, or both.

Let us pray countries like Uganda – last time I look, a success story for African standards in the last decades – find the economic and spiritual strength to go on without the bribes of an increasingly nazified West.



Abortion: Norway Tries To Think, And Fails.

No possibility of being able to live? Sorry, young man. You'll have to be cut to pieces.

I do not much like Norway. A country secular and atheist like few others on earth, they incarnate everything that is wrong with the West, as also seen in their worldwide bullying for the slaughter of unborn babies. It goes without saying that they also have a “liberal” (which means: murderous) legislation about abortion, too.

This legislation appears to have, at present, some massive uncertainties of interpretation, particularly considering the point up to which the abortion is allowed.

The Norwegian government has now decided, following the recommendation of an “expert panel”, to adopt and enforce the principle – and to promote correspondent legislative measures; which means the ambiguity was too obvious to be cleared merely by secondary sources – that abortion is never allowed if the baby is viable (that is: in the case of babies “who have the possibility of being able to live”, as they hilariously describe the matter), and the absence of logic boggles the mind.

Every baby who is not murdered in the womb has the “possibility of being able to live”. On the other hand, a baby who has just been born isn't ipso facto able to survive. He needs constant care and attention from others – hopefully the parents; one wonders how often in Norway there are two of them, of different sexes, and married to each other – and without this care and attention he would die very fast. A newborn baby is, therefore, not logically more “viable” than the same baby was just after conception: still a human life, but still in need of help of another person to reach the point where he will be able to care for himself.

The Norwegian government's way of thinking is therefore, if a slight improvement to the previous situation, a prime example of the absurdity of every abortion legislation: it is absurd in thinking that being “viable” is a criterium to decide which human life can be terminated and which is allowed to continue, and it is absurd in the arbitrary way in which a human life is considered worthy of protection: a human life is a human life, and this difference – being a human life or not – is logically and qualitatively infinitely more important than every degree of development of this life's internal organs.

This seems to me – taken in general and present company obviously excluded – a seriously stupid country; and in fact a vastly atheist country cannot but be stupid.

Still, as long as there's life there's hope, as they say. I have already reported about some good sign, and even in the matter of gender madness I have seen some signs of sanity. You never know, perhaps this decision will help the one or other to understand the cruel absurdity and selfish monstrosity of abortion legislation.



Thirst For God… Even In Norway!

I notice again and again that even among secularised people a subterranean desires emerges at times, to know more about God. This desire has several way of manifesting itself, and is certainly not strong enough to move to a real search, to the determination to take the matter seriously; but it is probably fair to say in many it sits there somewhere in their consciousness like a mixture of mild curiosity to search, and acute discomfort at what might be found.

We have now a rather brutal example of this in one of the most atrociously secularised countries of the planet, Norway; where, as EF informs us, a new edition of the Bible has now become the best seller, dethroning Fifty Shades of Gray, a book certainly much more in tune with the country's psyche and attitude.

I have few doubts this new Translation will be an atrocious one, trying to erase Christianity from Scripture as much as it can. Still, the mere fact that people buy his book is, again, an indication of this subterranean desire to know more.

Whilst I personally consider suspicious every new translation of the Bible, as I imagine the desire to make Christianity more palatable is the main motivation behind such enterprises, it is probably better to have a bad Bible at home, than none at all.



Norway Cuts Taxpayers’ Money For Gender Madness

Norway was extremely excited at the discovery of hot water.

You would not believe Norway is a country where people can still think in a halfway reasonable way (try here or here for examples) but apparently they do.

It says here on, the biggest Catholic internet site in Europe (much-hated from the German bishops who are now trying to ally themselves to sodomites to try to get rid of them; from their friends you’ll recognise them) that in Norway “gender madness”  had come to such an extent that there were people walking around and thinking along the line that the only difference between men and women lies in their…. reproduction organs. One of the gender morons actually said so verbatim.

This obvious stupidity did not escape a Norwegian comedian, Harald Eia. Being one of those still able to think with his own head, he interviewed several of them and made of it a TV programme, part of a series called “brainwash”. Norway is, interestingly, one of those countries where the separation between “men” and “women” jobs is still very much marked, notwithstanding decades of gender neutral indoctrination; so they noticed.    

Following the broadcast of the TV programme in February 2011, further “research” was commissioned, and hot water finally discovered: little boys and girls have innate different behaviour from a very tender age, before being able to speak and to be “indoctrinated” by the sexist macho world outside (in Norway; think that…).

This is pure common sense to normal people, like you and I, and every kindergarten will allow you to observe (if you don’t remember yours) that no four or five years old child can have been so “indoctrinated” as to be, at his age, so markedly a boy or a girl as most of them already are.

But we aren’t Norwegians, you see; they need more research.

The “Nordic Gender Institute” targeted by Mr Eia is a creature – and an expense – of the Nordic Council, a kind of “Nordic Community” on the style of the old CEE (before it became another madness, the EU).

The interesting news is that the Nordic Council has now decided to simply shut down  the “Nordic Gender Institute”. From the end of this year, the gender cretins will have to do damage somewhere else.

Perhaps I am being too optimistic here, but it seems to me that the signs are multiplying that something like a slow awakening is now taking place, and sanity here and there coming to the fore. The “Coalition for marriage” in the UK is the biggest popular slap ever given to a Government and whilst the battle still rages, victory is now a concrete possibility; the debate on so-called “gay marriage” in the US is furious, and the Church begins to mobilise in the right direction, which in time will not fail to bring fruits; always in the UK, the political correct stupidity of the “hate speech” is being vigorously targeted, and Anne Widdecombe  has explained so well – in front of an audience of angry Conservatives – how our faggot-friendly PM is trying to kill our freedom in the name of political correctness and sexual perversion. 

We shall see, but it seems to me we might be at the turning of the tide.

In the longer term, may I suggest some further improvement.


Breivik Is Not Mad; Norway Is.

Make no mistake: he will laugh last.

I know the BBC is not what it used to be, but I read today if found sane the man risks, incredibile dictu, full twenty-one years in jail. That’s the same one gets in Italy for a “standard” homicide.

Now let us make some simple calculations: the man is around 33 now. Add 21 to the 33 and he has freedom at 55 as his worst case scenario. Best case is, of course, he is declared insane, spending his 21 years (or more) in some comfortable hospital, surrounded by creature comforts and an aura of heroism among those ready to see in him a paladin of some mad Nazi cause.

He will then, very probably, still be a free man in his mid-fifties, and his statistical life expectancy will be counted in decades; that is, a much longer time than the majority of his victims had lived. He will probably make some not inconsiderable money writing memoirs for the morbidly curious and the Neonazis; but even if he won’t, the Norwegian nanny state will throw further money on him allowing him to live in relative comfort out of the taxpayer’s purse.

If he has been in jail – which in a Country like Norway must be a radically different experience than, say, in the Guantanamo prison –  he will be, erm, hailed as a victim and a martyr by the other nutcases; if he has been in hospital, he will be celebrated as a smart guy who has outsmarted the system for many years and is preparing to do the same for the rest of his life.

He might, of course, stay in hospital indefinitely, but seriously: a) how likely is that, and b) would this be really so bad for him?

Clearly, people like Breivik have such an  inflated, deformed ego that the feeling of notoriety and admiration – make no mistake, this is what he will get from those nearly as nuts as himself – will easily compensate for the lack – for only a fraction of his life expectancy – of a freedom which must be to him less valuable than the desire of self-aggrandisement. Breivik got a kick for his ego to last him for the rest of his days; he knew that, and lucidly accepted to pay the price. 

Whilst this is obviously an ideological nut case, I can’t imagine him as mad. Evil is not mad, and can be very lucid. It is clear everything is going according to his calculations; he knew what expected him and is now going to ride the tsunami of social workers for the rest of his imprisonment/hospital days.

On the other side, we have the Norwegian justice system. A hugely expensive trial. A certainly controversial sentence. The alternative between a couple of decade in jail, surrounded by many comforts and the attention of countless taxpayer-financed social workers, and a possibly even longer permanence in a hospital,  surrounded by even more comforts and even more social workers. Years of confinement during which he will feel a hero, and after which he might get comfortably provided for.

This is, clearly, the result of a system which has a problem in even admitting evil can exist, let alone exist on such a scale, and is desperately trying to put Breivik’s behaviour within the usual comfortable box of an ill-guided person who can, of course, be reformed.

If the Norwegian public opinion decides the man is pure evil, they will have to wake up to the existence of evil, and confront their own ideological blindness.  If they decide the man is mad, they will make a mockery of themselves in front of the entire planet for, possibly, many decades to come.

All this is not surprising from a country which cannot even conceive the death penalty, and might give Breivik the ride of (literally) a lifetime, but is in the first line among the countries trying to impose abortion everywhere. This is what happens when a country reduces Christianity to a mockery, and starts thinking in a pure secular way. They have created their own Breiviks, and will now have to live with – and pay for – the consequences.

Take it from me: Breivik is evil, but not mad. He is, actually, rather smart, in the way a Himmler was smart.

The Norwegians, on the other hand, are certifiably insane.


Polish MPs In Bid For Total Abortion Ban

Map of a Christian Country

This article has so many good news, that one doesn’t even know whence to start.

The facts: Poland already has one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the West. Abortion is: a) always (as in: immer, toujours, sempre, siempre,) illegal, but b) in limited case it is “non punishable”. A change is now going to be proposed to eliminate the cases (like malformation,  “illegal activity”) in which it is non punishable. This is, in its root, a popular initiative supported by the Church and by a group of strongly pro-life MPs. For such initiative to be presented to Parliament it is necessary to collect 100,000 signature within three months. The promoters got 600,000 in two weeks.

The good news are, then, as follows:

1. This is a country that already has a very restrictive legislation, but thinks that its legislation is not Christian enough. Therefore, they set up to improve it.

2. This is a country where it is not good for a politician to appear to be at odds with Catholic teaching. A Catholic dream.

3. This is a country that already has one of the best legislations in Europe, but where a cardinal has the gut to say: “The Church clearly teaches that it is the obligation of Catholics not to protect the current ‘compromise’ but to aim at complete protection of life”. Clearly teaches. Wake up, Catholic world.

4. This is a country where the Church doesn’t have any problem in conducting a massive work on the ground, in defending it vocally and in openly putting politicians in front of their responsibility.

5. This is a country wealthy enough (and self-assured enough) to completely ignore the predictable resistance of nazi-like organisations like the UN, or post-nazi countries like Norway, intent on imposing their own abortion agenda on poorer countries with the threat of shutting down the flux of aid money if they don’t comply with Big Adolf’s wishes.

6. I wonder how Mrs. Merkel will look if the law is approved. On the one side of the border a fake Christian politician who even promotes homosexual unions; on the other, true Christian politicians who act in a way she might well describe as against the human rights of the women. What will she do? Will she accuse the Poles of human rights violations? HUAHUAHUAHUA!!!

Are there any other good news? Oh yes, I almost forgot:

7. This is a country where people have the guts of recognising that abortion is a fundamentally Nazist and Communist policy that is nothing to do with Christianity.

8. Support for total ban on abortion is strongest among the 15-24 years old (a staggering 76%) and very high even among the least supportive group, who are (predictably) the 55-70 years old, at a still very impressive 56%. The Church must be doing something right here.

Look! A Christian Country!


Norway And The United Nations Make The Work Of The Devil

Wehrmacht away. Nazis still there.

From the CNA, some rather interesting news for Catholic readers.

1) Countries like Norway routinely put – through the United Nations – poor countries under pressure to legalise abortion. The idea is that if you don’t allow abortion, you are infringing the human rights of the women.

Babies have, of course, no human rights in Norway. They must have learnt that during the Nazi invasion.

2) Pressure from non better identified European Countries – always through the UN – has already achieved that Nicaragua had to (well, chose to) bow to the pressure and legalise abortion after being threatened with aid cuts.

3) Next chosen victim, apparently, Paraguay.

It is nice to know that the money of European taxpayers is used to force poorer countries to adopt the nazi agenda of our oh so liberal rulers; even nicer to realise that this is done not through the usual, old channels of covert bilateral pressure, but with the convenient excuse of the “human rights” defended by our so meritorious collection of bloody and corrupt dictatorship and pro-abortion liberal lobbies called United Nations. That Norway – one of the most atheist countries on earth – be in the first row of this genocidal movement is no surprise.
When a country forgets Christ, Hitler isn’t far away.

I’d like to know how Norway will react on the – possibly not very far away – day that the United States will seriously start to reverse the pendulum on abortion. Will they denounce the US to the UN, or give them their “recommendations”?

Damn bastards.


Failure Of Same-Sex Concubinage Exposed

I am rather sure that you have wondered, like me, about how the hysterical screaming of perverts of both sexes for “marriage” (ha!) and “adoption” (ha!) contrasts with the stability of such “unions” (ha!) in real life.

I would have thought (being of gentle disposition; and much less chauvinist than I may sound ; and generally well disposed toward the other sex, and ready to attribute to it all the advantages and accomplishments my own sex hasn’t) that whilst the co-habitation of two sodomites must be hell on earth – with a drama queen factor barely endurable by human nature, and a compound bitchiness rate higher than even perverted natures can live with – the concubinage of two inverted women must be, in its own way, stable; as if the abomination of same sex attraction would not be able to cancel the natural attitude of the gentle sex to cling to one’s companion, to look for stability in a relationship and to exercise those virtues of forgiveness and understanding for the faults of the beloved person that are so rightly considered its natural traits.

It turns out that, whilst the easy prediction about the “marriage” (ha!) behaviour of poofs are confirmed, I clearly overestimated the lesbian part of the equation.

It would appear from here (and please look at the notes for some original sources, further sources will very probably follow) that the exam of perverted “couples” (ha!) in countries where such abominations have a sort of “tradition” (we are talking, of course, of the fortresses of European secularism: Netherlands, Danemark, Norway and Sweden) shows pretty constant results as follows:

1) Marriages between people of opposite sexes (erm: marriages) are the most stable.

2) “Unions” (ha!) between homos have a far higher probability of dissolution than heterosexual ones. This alone should – if common sense were not enough already – put an end to every discussion about “adoption”; but no, it is better for our politicians to utterly wretch young lives, than to risk some votes. Hell awaits, I suppose…

3) “Unions” (ha!) among lesbians are actually – with the only exception of the Netherlands, where readily available pot might be of some help – even less stable than the faggoty ones, with the “ladies” (ha!) actually parting ways like there’s no tomorrow.

This, mind you, in a context of societies where promiscuity is ripe and divorce a common occurrence even among heterosexually oriented people.

What transpires is the extreme childishness, selfishness and utter ridicule of a small bunch of perverts who play with “marriage” and “adoption” as if they were toys seen in a shop window and obtained through senseless and ceaseless crying, but soon discarded after having obtained them. This, note again, not from limited anecdotal evidence, but at collective, multinational level across a couple of decades.

The utterly criminal concept of allowing such small children to even adopt small children has been already examined, and doesn’t need any further explanation.

In their collective behaviour, our perverts’ population shows all the traits the popular wisdom – now branded as “homophobic” but, in fact, purely factual – has always attributed to them.

It is time to throw in the bin of the political correct madness every concept of homosexual “couple” (ha!), let alone “adoption” (ha!).


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