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Is The Pope a Jesuit?

Decidedly, breathtaking hypocrisy is another mark of the Bishop of Rome.

Having decided it is now time to give some bird food to the Neocon pigeons, Francis has looked for something orthodox in Pope Paul VI's archives and has come out with very fitting words about the necessity of being faithful to the Church, and uphold her doctrine. He has also told the Notre Shame people one can't do what he wants with doctrine. Fitting words, indeed.

Only problem is that his entire papacy is in blatant contradiction to his words. Let me state this once again, so that it does not look like it was a slip of the keyboard: this man's hypocrisy is breathtaking.

This blog could consist entirely of refutations of the infinite, almost daily ways in which this man either denies Christ, or insults the Blessed Virgin, or sabotages Church teaching, or expresses himself in a confused and at times outright creepy way. The last post was just yesterday evening, and it would shame every Papacy alone. Please note I try to write about other issues too; but by the barrage of nonsense we get from the man it gets rather difficult at times.

This is the same man who now has the insolence of telling us that we must be faithful to what the Church teaches.

Is the Pope a Jesuit?

Yes. Quite the Jesuit.



Notre Dame University: Bishop Jenky Is Too Catholic!

The faculty members were terrified when they realised the bishop was, actually, Catholic...

When he bravely spoke against the Nazi Obama politics, I invited to make three cheers for Bishop Jenky.

Predictably, many members of the faculty were of different opinion. With the usual shamelessness so typical of the liberal, they call the comments of one who dares to point out to a genocide of more than Holocaust proportions “incendiary”. As this is a liberal university, the cry of being “insensitive” could also not fail to make his incensed appearance.

It is interesting to show the way of thinking of these people. Please reflect they work in the faculty of a Catholic university:

“We accept that Jenky’s comments are protected by the First Amendment, but we find it profoundly offensive that a member of our beloved University’s highest authority, the Board of Fellows, should compare the president’s actions with those whose genocidal policies murdered tens of millions of people, including the specific targeting of Catholics, Jews and other minorities for their faith.”

And the difference with abortion is….. where exactly? Let me look: is there an explanation of why an abortion be anything different from the killing of a baby? I will,  for the sake of charity, gloss over the despicable attempt to hide behind the Catholic victims of those same Nazi cruelty we see at work in the Obama camp every day.

If memory serves, though (and I think it does) this university is the same one happy to rub itself against Obama, inviting him to give the commencement address a couple of years ago.

Not much has changed in their attitude, and I wonder how long will it take before it does.


Why Father Jenkins Has To Go

In need of conversion to Catholicism: father John Jenkins

Let us imagine that it turned out that someone has given money to, say, the Ku Klux Klan. Or the Illinois’ Nazis. Or the British Heart Foundation.

It is difficult to believe that anyone can give money to these (real or imaginary) organisations by mistake. It is not that they have a vast range of operations, of which some of them might find our approval and some others our disapproval. The Ku Klux Klan is not there also to save the forests; the Illinois’ Nazis are not there also to help people with Alzheimer’s disease; the British Heart Foundation is not there also for people with rheumatism.

I hope that up to here everything is very logical. You just can’t give money to a mono thematic organisation by chance.

Strangely, Father Jenkins, the President of the University of Notre Dame (in theory, a Catholic university), doesn’t seem to think along these rather comprehensible lines.

To him, you can give money to an organisation exclusively devoted to the killing of babies (and no, no link; and no name, either) and still not knowing what you are doing, and therefore being worthy of remaining among the trustees of your university.

“Wait a minute, Mundabor”, I hear you say. “This person might have been misled; she might simply have confused the organisation with another one with a very similar name; she might just be a tad naive”.

Nice try, but it won’t work. The lady hasn’t donated three dollars to the friendly woman approaching her on the street with a beautiful smile and a donations basket; she has given in total almost thirty thousand dollar to such causes; the clearly, exclusively devoted to the pro-choice “cause” organisations were not even one, but two (no names again); and she is a successful businesswoman certainly paying attention to everything she does, and must know that this kind of donations bring to her contacts, and sympathies from potential clients of a certain kind.

No, such a behaviour is just indefensible.

It is therefore high time to ask why on earth a person either so clearly disingenuous, or so evidently thick-headed like Fr Jenkins should remain at the top of Notre Dame. The more so if one considers that said Father Jenkins is not a shining example of Catholic orthodoxy.

Please read what letter he has received from Bishop Bruskewitz:

Reverend and dear Father Jenkins,

Permit me to add my name as well to the long list of Bishops of the Catholic Church who are utterly appalled at your dedication to immorality and wrong-doing represented by your support for the obscenity called “The Vagina Monologues” and your absolute indifference to the murderous abortion program and beliefs of this President of the United States. The fact that you have some sort of past connection with the State of Nebraska makes it all the more painful that the Catholic people here have to see your betrayal of the moral teachings of the Catholic Church.

I can assure you of my prayers for your conversion, and for the conversion of your formerly Catholic University. I am

Sincerely yours in Christ Jesus,

The Most Reverend Fabian W. Bruskewitz
Bishop of Lincoln

Note the words here: “betrayal of the moral teaching of the Catholic Church” and, even more to the point: “for your conversion, and for the conversion of your formerly Catholic University”; words of such harshness that you would hardly expect them to ever be uttered by a bishop to another religious.

There is no prize for guessing which order Fr Jenkins belongs to .

One thing is clear: the man has done stupid things once too often, and he has to go.


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