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Help Needed for Online Breviary

As you can read on Rorate Caeli, the person who has maintained the beautiful “Divinum Officium” site to which I also link under Online Breviary, Mr Laszlo Kiss, suddenly passed away on July 11.

May he rest in peace. An “Eternal Rest” or ten for a man who has dedicated so much time to such an endeavour is certainly in order.

On a more pressing level, there are now doubts as to the survival/maintenance of the site.

Rorate Caeli launches an appeal to discover

if perhaps any members of our readership who are internet and computer-savvy would be interested in working on a project to repost the site using the downloaded files, so that the site may be kept alive and any edits can be made so that it remains accurate.

A priest is available to help with the text part, but he needs someone able to work on the technical side.

It would be ideal if a Congregation or Particular Church could host such a site… In the meantime, if you believe you can help Father in this project, with ideas and other relevant suggestions, please contact us: newcatholic AT gmail DOT com, with the subject “Divinum Officium”.

This is to help the search. In case someone were able to help, please contact Rorate Caeli directly at the above mentioned address.


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