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FFI: Sign The Petition… Again!

Monsignor was becoming slightly nervous.

Monsignor was becoming slightly nervous.


I have already invited my readers to sign the FFI petition.

This petition was launched by the excellent Roberto de Mattei to demand the dismissal of Monsignor Fox; in Italian: Volpi.

It seems the FFI matter is getting momentum now.

Father Z links to a new petition, that will be officially launched today. 

This is a different petition, addressed to the Secretay of State, Archbishop Parolin.

For your convenience, the text is here.

You can either print and send via surface mail, or scan and send via email at the address therein given.

This a good way to give our little help.

Make no mistake: the pressure is growing, and this will not stop. 

Hopefully, soon it will be open season for the… fox hunt.





Petition: Blasphemy Is Not Free Speech!

Please click on this link to send your electronic petition against a blasphemous play, depicting among other things the Blessed Virgin as a lesbian, staged at the University of Oklahoma.

As the petition says, “blasphemy is not a legitimate form of artistic expression”.

Please take a minute of your time to help on this and forward this or the link to everyone you know.

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.





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