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Benedict Is No Friend Of Ours

Drunk on V II: Pope Emeritus

Pope Emeritus, who for one who wanted to be forgotten by the world talks an awful lot, is on record for saying that The Lord wins in the end.

No shit, Sherlock!

It surprises me that some have taken this fairly obvious point as a critic to the new Cardinals Francis has appointed.

Benedict was receiving those very Cardinals, something which he was under no obligation to do. He entertained himself with them in a very cordial manner. There is nothing in the linked article that shows he is in any way dissatisfied with them.

We should stop seeing in Benedict a sort of princess held in the tower by an evil wizard, or a man suffering in silence the papacy of Francis. The man is not silent at all, and when he speaks of Francis he invariably supports him, as the two interviews released in the last months, and about which I have reported, abundantly show.

The man is a total and complete disappointment. He is through and through a Vatican II man with merely a thin varnish of I do not say “conservatism” (I do not think he even deserves the adjective after supporting Francis), but merely prudence or timidity. His first and last allegiance go to V II: he promoted a vaguely more conservative version of it, but it is clear to him V II is the priority and Benedict and Francis only two slightly different flavours of it.

Forget Benedict as our ally.

Think of him as the well-spoken, multi-lingual useful idiot of the heretics and perverts in the Vatican.




Ratzingergate. Part II: More Downfall, And Some Background



The first part of this embarrassed analysis is here. 

The horror shows continues: 

The moment he was elected I felt, as many others did, a spontaneous sense of gratitude towards Providence. After two Pontiffs from Central Europe, the Lord set his eyes as it were on the universal Church and invited us towards a broader, more Catholic communion.

The “spontaneous sense of gratitude” wasn’t shared by many. The man does not say a word indicating he knew Bergoglio before. It appears to him he was a perfect nobody, known mainly for coming from Argentina. But in the age of Francis a Pope Emeritus is probably expected to say how delighted he is that a flaming heretic was made Pope.

Note, here, that at this point Benedict starts a long encomium of Francis as a nice guy, and does not spend a word about his Pontificate. Methinks, our Ratzi doesn’t think Bergo a great blessing after all. But hey, he will tow the line anyway. That’s what yes-men are for.


Let me now come to the unavoidable reaction of the pro-Ratzingerian conservatives to this, well, downfall.

Unable to see reality for what it is, they will claim one or more of the following:

  • The Pontiff Emeritus has not pronounced the words.
  • The Pontiff Emeritus never gave the interview 
  • The Pontiff Emeritus knows nothing about the book. 
  • The Pontiff Emeritus has been told not to buy “La Repubblica”, because it’s a bad, bad newspaper beloved by his successor.
  • The Pontiff Emeritus was in the bathroom when the words were added to the minutes.
  • The Pontiff Emeritus has been threatened with, oh I don’t know, being left without the piano if he says those were not his words.
  • The Pontiff Emeritus is tied in the basement of Castel Gandolfo 
  • The Pontiff Emeritus has died years ago. A Duracell-battery-powered mechanical bunny has taken his place since.
  • The Pontiff Emeritus is playing a very refined game: around 2026 he will come out and say it was all a joke, and everyone will recognise his genius and great political and spiritual game.

You see, there is a problem with all this: the man has not denied the words. Therefore, he owns them. That’s it [and no, you don’t think he is tied in the basement of Castel Gandolfo, either]. 

We must treat responsible adults like responsible adults. Ratzinger can dictate interview-books. Therefore, he can answer for what is in them. That he really pronounced those literal words is very hard to believe. That he is OK with having them attributed to himself is obvious. As they say, scripta manent.

The man has nowhere to hide. He is clearly practising mini-me Francis. Can’t imagine it’s because of personal vanity. I think it’s for love of being aligned with the Obrigkeit, and because of the fear of being seen as the difficult one, the party pooper, the “rebel”, the one that does not play for the team. Jesus’ team is irrelevant, of course. What count is to be on the side of the (earthly) authority.   

Depressing, I know.

But so freakin’ German. 





World Cup Final And Papal Styles




The Football World Cup will be, then, decided on Sunday between Argentina and Germany; exactly as in 1986 (when Argentina won) and 1990 (when Germany did).

I will support Germany. This is clearly against my patriotic football interest, as Germany would reach the up to now lone Italy at 4 victories, with only Brasil at 5. Argentina has “only” two victories (1978 and, as mentioned, 1986), so they would still remain behind us.

Still, I think that the German squad has showed the planet how to play football, and even without the glorious day in Belo Horizonte I think they would, on the whole and from what we have seen up to now, clearly deserve to win in preference of a rather lacklustre, if at times brilliant, Argentina. Plus, they do not tattoo themselves like savages and do not carry hair like they are the Mao-Mao.

Coincidentally, this match also… matches the Countries of the Pontiff Emeritus and the Pope (I don’t like at all the “two Popes” rhetoric; one is Pope; the other was, and keeps a title, like, say, every former “Primo Ministro” or “Presidente della Repubblica” in Italy).

I think of the strange coincidence of this (which amplifies the other one: Argentina against Switzerland, with the cartoons with the Pope on one side and his Swiss Guards on the other…), and would like to point out two things: one sporty, and one religious.

1. The Germans would never, ever boast of a World Championship won with an unfair and unsporting behaviour, and call it “the hand of God”. Never, ever. But then again I look at Bergoglio, who thinks Jesus deceived his disciples, and understand how he, and too many of them, think. 

2. If Germany wins, Benedict will probably stay silent, or will – like the kind of gentle, self-effacing person he is – express a word or two of satisfaction only if really pressed by the media.

If Argentina wins, I shudder at the thought of what might happen: from the Pope dressed in footballer attire, to an Argentine trikot on the main altar of Santa Maria Maggiore, to a deluge of “selfies”, to improvised and not-entirely-sober video messages to the Argentinian people, nothing can be said to be below the abysmally low level of this man.

Let’s support Germany, then.

If not for love of their football, at least for fear of the “selfies”.


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