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Old, Fat, Bitter, Godless, Wannabe Hippy Ass Complains About The Young

Old ass hee-haws a lot

“Indietrismo” is the new word some speech writer in the Vatican has coined to allow Francis to express his dislike for people who are, you know, Catholics.

It means “backward-ism”, and we understand that, in the eyes of Francis, is meant as an insult.

You see, not to put too fine a point on it, the old, lewd, fat, bitter guy is angry with the people who want to go back to Catholicism, back to proper liturgy, back to proper doctrine, back to precise and correct theology, back to actually practising the sacraments, back to proper prayer, back to doing penance, and back to all that other stuff that, actually – and to the chagrin of the old, lewd guy – makes a Catholic.

I find this backward-ism, in fact, really good. It seems I am not the only one, either. The SSPX has just consecrated a $42m church, which shows that the movement is in rude health.

It appears, in fact, that the people who want to go back to sanity are, in great part, young; whilst those who think that the Blessed Virgin might have felt betrayed at the foot of the cross are, in fact, old, fat, bitter, ignorant and very, very stupid like the Evil Clown itself. Hence, his complaining in the company of decrepit, dying Jesuits who think it’s 1969, and who have by now hopefully forgotten that they are atheists, heretics, homosexuals, or all of the above. No worries, though. They will be reminded soon enough.

Back is the new forward, whilst the decrepit heretics who think themselves progressives are those who want to bring us back to pre-Christian times, when people worshipped trees and totems and animals just as the Francistroops worship the climate, the forest, and retarded girls from Sweden.

The guy is losing, and he knows it. He is losing and it makes him angry. He has already understood that, when he is six feet under, he will be ridiculed just as much as he will be condemned. For a big, fat ego like the guy’s it’s a kick on the teeth even if he is an atheist. Hence, the bitterness.

We just had a coronation.

Let’s hope we’ll soon have a new one; and that, this time, the new king will be better than the old one.

Coronation, Christianity, And Copium.

Charles’ King

I have not watched Charles’ coronation. Firstly, I am allergic to Welby, and secondly, I was mindful of what happened to Elizabeth’s funeral.

This Country seem to be so, that the same people who sanction abominations like the so-called same sex marriage also enjoy the pomp and circumstance of Royal ceremonies, and make themselves beautiful giving a fake show of Christian allegiance, and nobody calls them out for their hypocrisy. This likely happens because everybody knows it’s only a show.

Therefore, those self-important, self-appointed representatives of Catholicism in England, who say that the ceremony was a reaffirmation of Christian values, have understood exactly zippo of what this was all about: the respect of traditional forms now largely devoid of significance.

The Romans did that, too, and they still had solemn appointment of the Pontifex Maximus and other religious as well as political figures (even of tribunes, consuls, etc.) long after these appointment had ceased to have but a symbolic role, a tribute to a past long gone.

State organisations want to perpetuate themselves. If they threw away today the traditions of yesterday, people would start to wonder why more radical modernisations should not be introduced. The British Government has divested itself of its Empire, but it has remained the same: there was never a breach, or a revolution, or a dramatic change like the Weimar Republic when the Empire was euthanised. Hence, the same kings and queens, and the same solemn funerals and celebrations, and the same pomp that the tourists like so much, and is so reassuring to the average citizen.

But look a bit deeper, and you will see a Country changed beyond recognition since Elizabeth’s coronation, and in which Christianity is, de facto, the preserve of a minority of the population, all others thinking that it is absolutely fine to be a pervert (they don’t even use that word anymore, they say “gay”) and so on. Plus, the millions of Muslims and of the members of other religions, some of them actually believing in it (let me reassure my readers that, in the UK, most Muslims are pretty much as disinterested in Islam as the official Christians are in Christianity, and are twenty years behind us at the most).

So no, the Coronation has not “reaffirmed” absolutely anything, and in order to believe that one needs a big injection of copium.

Pachamama Good, Christ Bad. Or: Tough Guys, Clowns, And Cowards

I wonder what Bishop Cibotti thinks of this….

An Italian Priest has been suspended a divinis for having dared to publish a 1300-Pages mammoth book about Francis’ heresies, with particular reference to Amoris Laetitia.

Don Tullio Rotondo, the courageous and, actually, Catholic priest, has been suspended by his own bishop.

This means that this was not, say, the CDF suspending Father for being heretical, something which would have been extremely fun to watch. It is, instead, his own pastor suspending him for being Catholic.

I wonder how many, certainly, heretical books have been published by religious in the Sixties and Seventies (and later, too) without the relevant Ordinary emitting the faintest peep. But no, in the time of “who am I to judge” Catholics are very, very rapidly condemned.

I cannot imagine the Bishop’s decision having been taken without some phone calls from the Vatican, giving him some useful hints as to what to do. I say this because I cannot imagine the Evil Clown reacting to the book with anything other than a tirade filled with expletives. But again, it’s very difficult to challenge the courageous Don Tullio to an orthodoxy contest when you are the heretic. Therefore, let us call the bishop (who, likely, desired nothing more than being left alone, as most of them do) and order him to kick the priest where it hurts.

This is so Francis it actually screams “c@zzo!!”

Sadly for the bishop – and the clown – this Don Tullio seems the kind of guy who embraces persecution in the name of Christ and it is, in fact, consoling that there are V II priests able to behave in this way.

Note here that Don Tullio does not say that Francis is not the Pope. He states – correctly so – that the guy spreads heresy. He does not flee from reality, he gives it a long, hard stare in the face, and then says what he sees.

I don’t think that Bishop Cibotti is being Ultramontanist. I think he is just being a coward. In fact, the suspension a divinis is not entering, from what I can see, the controversy. It is simply justified with Don Tullio’ alleged disobedience, seen that Don Tullio prefers to obey to Christ first. A tough guy, this one. I hope he keeps resisting. I also hope he will evolve his thinking and embrace Traditionalism.

But look: what is this to do with tolerance and inclusion? Why not choose peace instead of confrontation? Why this ossified reaction to a man simply following the Spirit?

The Bishop (a Francis appointment) knows why; he is just too coward to tell you.

The conclusion of all this is: Pachamama Good, Christ Bad. Clearly, neither Francis nor this Cibotti guy believe in the Judgment. If they did, they would believe in a very different way.

Further Proof Francis Is Just Plain Dumb

Pope Clown has made further modifications to the (don’t laugh) “synodal process”.

I think he might have done us a favour.

The new measures are more cosmetic “inclusion”, with the participation of women and lay men instead of bishops only, but with Francis making all decisions himself anyway. The result of this is that the synod becomes indistinguishable from a Sunday afternoon “meet the faithful” exercise, at the end of which Francis excrements at his pleasure; and will, therefore, be discounted even more by the faithful than a normal synod would have been.

Every idiot understands that religion is not dependent on what people, particularly lay people, think, or vote. A Catholic idiot understands it even faster than a non-Catholic one, because of the natural role of the hierarchy in the life of the Church.

The casual Catholic reader who is informed that a new “synod” (of which he never knew what it was in the first place) with the vote of women and laymen, has approved this and that, will forget in three seconds what it was all about and move to more interesting and relevant things in life like sports, politics, the history of the semicolon, or watching paint dry.

Francis is making his circus-church like the world. In this way, his circus-church becomes indistinguishable from the world and, basically, invisible. This is, in the current circumstances, the best that can be hoped for and allow for the perennial teaching of the Church to be spread more easily.

As the next measure, I suggest that Francis organises, together with women and lay people, a tombola, a karaoke, and a cooking contest.

We are almost there already, anyway.

Furious Backpedaling

“He” just realised Russia is crushing “his” favourite “gheis”.

The months go by and even the most obdurate Pollyannas begin to understand that Russia is winning, and it is winning big. The cognitive dissonance must make their ears whistle, and they need to plant their fingers more and more firmly inside them, hoping not to hear it anymore. It really is sad to see.

In this situation, it is fascinating to observe what the Western Mass media do to try and extricate themselves from the horrible situation in which they have put themselves. They have lied to everybody, in the most shameful way ever seen, for almost 15 months now, and they need to get out of this with some shred of reputation left.

I am seeing two main narratives to explain the (if you believed the narrative in the first place) inexplicable:

A) The Russians have horrendous casualties , and

B) The Russian army has learned fast.

Both these excuses are lame. Let us see why.


Even the BBC-gathered data (and I cannot imagine a broadcaster worse than this one, possibly not even CNN) clearly and constantly indicate a number of killed in action of around 11% of the Ukrainian killed in action, that is: 9 to 1. Even the biased, leaked Pentagon documents have to admit a 7:1 ratio. The BBC numbers are the result of extensive internet research (local newspapers, social media, and the like) covering funerals and obituaries all over Russia. After months of results, the evidence is now overwhelming: the Russians are paying an extremely low price for the losses they are inflicting to the Ukrainians.

Plus, the alleged underpinning of the Russians “high casualties” have never materialised. There are no video of Russian “multiple waves” Mass attacks. There are no videos of Russians attacking armed with their trench shovels, as it has been assured was the case. It seems like there is no shortage of drone, guns or shells, either (as shown from the constant tragic videos from the Ukrainian front). There are no videos of immense Russian cemeteries full of flags, as I see almost daily for the Ukraine. In short, the facts on the ground are, literally, shelling into the West’s consciousness that Russia’s army is in rude health.

B) The claim is in blatant contradiction to the narrative pushed for 15 months, and for many years before that. If the Russian army is terminally incompetent, incapable and ossified, they will certainly never learn how it’s done in 15 months, because you don’t change your army’s culture in such a ridiculously short time.

Learning how to adapt drone use to what is observed on the battleground, or changing some of their BTG, Battalion Tactical Groups (a Russian invention btw) to “shock troops” suited for a more nimble type of assault operations is, quite on the contrary of what the West wants you to believe, clear evidence of a highly evolved, very flexible, competently led armed force.

This was evident from day one to everybody who had eyes to see. Even the supposed “defeat” in the supposed “battle of Kiev” (both as real as the eponymous “ghost”) showed an Army able to master both the “deep penetration” assault (worked wonderfully in Crimea in 2014, did not work in the Ukraine in 2022; but hey, these are gambles you decide to make, accepting they might not work) and the positional, attrition campaign run very successful from the start. Again, this is a sophisticated army, led by obviously smart commanders as seen in September during the wasteful, almost suicidal, Ukrainian “offensive”, and lacking, well, nothing of import.


As I write this, the Russian side controls more than 80% of Bakhmut, the theatre of an extremely stupid Ukrainian massacre of self-immolation that will be remembered in 100 years. Slowly, methodically, and as safely as possible, they will take all they want to take, and they will not care one straw for the high-pitched screaming of transitioning British journalists, or condescending, lesbian American ones.

Russia is winning. But it’s not happening at videogame speed, which makes a videogame generation very slow in understanding simple facts on the ground. Ukraine 2022 is not Kuwait 1991. It’s a different beast, requiring a different conduct.

Russia is winning, and thank God for that.

They are on our side.

The Nazi bigots in the Ukrainian ranks aren’t.

Faggocracy In Action: Meet Bishop Stowe

How the heck these people are allowed to be bishops is beyond me. Why is this guy allowed to hire an openly faggoty fag guy to be “in charge of worship?

And as we are there, we should pose the next question that comes to mind: what the heck is the “office for worship”? What need there is of all these “offices” made to procure comfortable jobs to one’s friends. Heck: who should be in charge of worship, if not, very directly, the bishop himself?

What does bishop Stowe do all day if he has no time to care for the worship of his parishioners? How were these things done in those blessed times before Vatican II, when parishes were more numerous and administration less bloated?

There is an entire Faggocracy that is getting fat with Peter’s pence. They have become so brazen now that they even hire their own, shamelessly, under the sun, and boast of it!

This guy Stowe needs to be defrocked and thrown on the street.

I think I know what his next job would be, but I don’t want to write it here because I am read by women.

And on the very odd chance that this Stowe guy is not homosexual himself, one wonders: what kind of kompromat does the faggot mafia have on him, to force him to take on one of their own in such a way?

Every time that someone asks you what, in the end, is wrong with Vatican II, answer mentioning this darn guy.

Boy, I miss the good old times. God has given me a different lot, and I had to grow up and live in a time of shameless “celebration” of sexual perversion, carried out by bishops!

Who made this clown a priest? Who made him a bishop? They will answer – or have answered – for this.

Nil inultum remanebit.

This is the only consolation.

Yes, I Am A Keyboard Warrior

Hates the keyboard warriors…

Francis has once again barked against the keyboard warriors.

Don’t be a keyboard warrior, says Frankie. They displease him too much.

Frankie would want to go on peddling his environ-mental cum social justice fake gospel of globalism, without any fear of being outed, every day, as the pathetic clown he is.

Ridiculed at every step, exposed as peddler of catholic fake news, constantly reminded of what he should actually do as a job, Frankie must hate us with all the rage his failing health still allows him.

The very claim is contradictory. If being a keyboard warrior is bad, why does he invite the press on his trips? Are they not supposed to do exactly the same as the people Francis criticises?

Oh wait, the journalists are supposed to actually act as his propaganda outlet. They are not bad. Proper Catholics are!

I really wish that this boor had a bit of I don’t say class – he’ll never get there – but at least sense about it. We anger you, Frankie? At least be smart and don’t show it so openly! But no, the bitching must go on, because it makes him feel good on the moment, and who cares if he looks even dumber than everyone thought at the end of the rant.

Unscripted Francis then proceeds to shoot himself in the foot again, criticising us for defending what “has always been done this way”. That’s exactly the problem, Sherlock.

The keyboard warriors would not criticise him, if he defended Church tradition. They criticise him because he sabotages it, or at least tries, in that quite arrogant, unbearable, stupid way of his.

I am a proud Keyboard Warrior. Thousands, like me, fight their little fight for Catholicism with a keyboard, helping to confirm fellow Catholics in the faith – and, with God’s grace, perhaps even help the one or other getting nearer to it – and exposing, as well as they are able to, all the lies of the circus tools like Francis and his bunch of sycophants, heretics, and faggots. Francis certainly wishes we would limit our protests to friends and family.

Not happening, Bozo.

I really wonder now: is this man really so thick that he still has not understood that his little game is up, and has been for many years? Or, rather, he knows that everybody understands that the keyboard warriors are the Catholics, and he is the problem?

Whilst I think the man obtuse, he is not outright dumb. I can well imagine he knows perfectly well that the keyboard warriors have made him look a clown for many years now. Fact is, the guy just can’t deny himself the petty satisfaction of a petty rant.

Now with one foot in the grave, there is no sign whatsoever that this man is, in the very last stretch of a disgraceful existence, approaching anything remotely resembling conversion. He seems intentioned to die just as he has lived: hating us all, with a passion.

Go on this way, Frankie boy. Your day cannot be too far away now.

Methinks, on that day you will hate us all even more, and for all eternity.

False Charity

Ill, but not improved….

I never cease to be amazed at how many people confuse charity with simply feeling good with themselves.

Francis is ill, and the rumour mill is, predictably, spinning. We hope he dies soon. Why do we do that? Because he has an extremely important function and public role, which he has abused in the most grievous way. He is a real and present danger to the faith of Catholic and to the reputation of the Church. Bar a miracle, he will remain so until the day he dies. It is perfectly legitimate – and I would add, the only decent thing to do – to hope that he dies today. Alas, it’s not happening, but here’s hoping.

What, I think, Christian charity commands that we owe Francis is: a) the wish for his painless death and b) the wish for his salvation. I have prayed for both on a number of occasions. Let’s hope I need to intensify my prayers soon.

However, on the second point one must soberly recognise that the man’s salvation is improbable. It is very rare that God allows someone who has been his enemy for many decades to repent and die at peace with Him. It must, realistically, be even rarer when the scoundrel in question has damaged the Church he had the duty to guide and protect.

This is why, in Catholic tradition, a lifetime of prayer has been traditionally seen as a sign of predestination, and a lifetime of enmity with the Church as a sign of reprobation. We can’t just say “we don’t know, God decides, we just need to shut up”. If this were the case, then a life spent in prayerful service to God would not be a better indicator of salvation than a life spent as a gang killer in Mexico.

I have just reposted an old post that dealt with another side of the same issue: if, to you, Francis’ continued destruction is more important to you than the welfare of the Church, do you really love the Church? What is more important, your emotional, feel-good false charity, or Holy Mother Church?

No. I hope he dies soon. I hope he dies today. I wish he were already dead as I am writing his. And yes, this guy looks like reprobation like no other person I know or knew of.

But I have prayed for his salvation anyway, because his soul has immeasurable value.

Wait A Little Bit Longer

Look at this article and observe the picture at the top.

Never have I seen Francis so fat. If you compare this picture to the man who was – disgracefully – made Pope eight years ago, you would think them two different persons if it was not for the insufferable smirk.

I look at the picture. and I tried to put myself in the shoes of his knees. There is no way two 85 years old knees can carry a man of such vast proportions.

Francis says his diverticulitis has come back; this is no surprise looking at his vast circumference. You fight diverticulitis by living of fruits, dried fruits, and (most importantly) vegetables. If you keep eating meat, you will keep adding problems. I don’t know how much refined carbs he heats, but those won’t help him much, either, particularly with all that insulin clearly swimming in his blood.

Francis has now gone to the hospital again; however, this time this looks like a respiratory infection that is not Covid (how could it? Come on: science…!!!), and which will keep him a couple of days out of combat.

I wish we could be spared his presence during the Holy Week; but I think I am being too optimistic.

Still: time is on our side.

The Church is never in a hurry, and she has buried countless kings and emperors.

I am sure she can bear to wait a little bit longer on this one.

Mundabor’s Call For A Ban On Trannies

In more ways than one…

The murderous tragedy in Tennessee really has a lot of overtly satanical in it.

A woman thinking that she is a man, mad of hate against her Christian school for calling her madness exactly what it is. This mad hate leading the woman to attack the school at the cost of her own mad life. The wilful killing of three children, unknown to her, just in order to satisfy her need for innocent blood. It really makes your blood chill.

This is, of course, her fault. But in a broader sense, the blood of the children, and adults, who died is on the hands of all the “allies” and “enablers” of these deranged individuals.

There is no ignoring or downplaying the gravity of this. We are surrounded by satanical people that our societies have encouraged in their madness. We, the West, have inoculated ourselves with the germs of a mad virus infecting not only the madmen, but those who insist in protecting and “celebrating” them.

We need a ban on trannies, now.

The very idea of a person being mutilated or heavily drugged just to get along with his madness goes against the most elementary sense of both sanity and humanity. The very concept of (officially) sane people actually going along with this in order to worship at the satanic altar of their humanistic religion is a perversion of the human mind without precedent in human history.

Common sense has gone to the dogs in so many ways. What percentage of the US population is made of trannies? Shall we call it 0.1%? I’d say it’s likely way less. Still, at 0.1% is still means that one trannie massacre equates to 1000 non-trannie massacres. Do you realise the potential for violence of these people freely roaming around, and increasing in numbers?

I fully expect that the US Democrats now go with full force against this obvious public safety issue. They have certainly realised, by now, that each one of these deranged individuals is a potential grave danger to the children around him. They will, surely, react to this in a way consistent with their oh so virtuous appreciation for total security? Surely? Surely?

Oh wait, I forgot.

If you sold your soul to Satan, you are unlikely to be going against your new boss, aren’t you?

I bet they will attribute this to “gun violence”; as if guns, not trannies, were violent. Oh wait. It has started already…

Let’s hope that more and more people start seeing the light on this. This is what we need:

Total ban on genital mutilation and hormonal manipulation.

Forced admission of those already mutilated/manipulated in structures that can protect them from themselves, and everybody else from them, and help them to recover whatever sanity can be recovered and undo whatever damage can be undone.

Legislation to criminalise as attempted genocide the promotion of hate against humanity.

There. The path is very clearly set.

Will be, the West, have the energy and resolve to follow it? How many more children will have to die before this happens?

I look at the so-called elected President, and I am unable to be optimistic. This madness will have to go full bonkers before sanity goes back again. There are too many minions of Satan in power right now.

We Lose Because We Are Weak

US Bishops

The US Bishops have released a document against self-mutilation because of “gender” madness.

If you read the text (I did in its entirety, but the link does not work) you see that the bishops say, in principle, all the right things. You are the sex you were born with, you can’t presume to get another sex, etc. Of course, they quote the Evil Clown.

Still, the document is gravely deficient, in that it is a) too sensitive and b) silent on the causes of the madness.

The language of the entire document is so timid it makes you cringe. There isn’t one paragraph in it that you would call forceful. It is as if the Bishop, once they have to speak, had decided to lower the volume as far as possible, lest they get heard and accused of “phobia”.

This is not the attitude of shepherds. It is, in fact, not even the attitude of believers. A shepherd needs to reassure and confirm the sheep. A document of this sort should be a strongly worded, proud document of firm proclamation of logic and faith. Instead, the documents claims to understand the “real problems” and “real suffering” of the gender madness bigots.

If you put yourself into a corner, you will be pummeled in it. The Bishop either don’t get it, or don’t mind being pummeled.

If a madmen comes to me and tells me he is an elephant trapped in the body of a man I don’t tell him that his is “real suffering”, much less that he has a real problem. I tell him that he needs medical help, because he is very, very unwell.

This is not what the Bishops do. They first implicitly espouse your point of view, then proceed to tell you that you are still wrong, for reasons they would so much avoid telling you but, unfortunately, must. This is, then, a big “fail”.

The roots of the issue are also completely ignored. The Bishop seem to pretend that a guy can “get” this “real problem” like one gets a cold.


This level of bigoted madness can only exist if a person has allowed Satan to camp into his own mind, make a huge tent, and reside there permanently until almost every vestige of sanity has gone.

Gender theory is the work of Satan. Until you say this, you haven’t said anything.

The Bishops don’t say it. It looks like those bigoted madmen are all “ill”. It looks like: hey, I know you got a bad disease, but your medicine isn’t the right one. Problem is: a flu does not send one to hell, gender madness does.

Do the bishops know it? If they know it, why they don’t say it?

Or is it so, that they don’t believe it in the first place?

Ah, now I think I understand….

The Consoling Desolation Of Francissquare

Such a popular guy…

Remember those pictures and video of St Peter’s square full of people?

Ten years later, and what you have is this. Francissquare could almost be a living room.

“Preaching to the stones” is a very fortunate image, well representing the catastrophe of this clown pontificate.

The desolation is, in itself, consoling. If Francis had the satisfaction of full squares, he would feel encouraged to turbocharge his clown attitude and Catholicism-free verbal diarrhoea. As it is, He is confronted with his abject failure every time.

Of course, this man hates Catholics, and is therefore not necessarily having sleepless nights about their refusal to consider him; but in the end, I am sure he loves his ego more than he hates Catholics and would greatly rejoice in seeing his heretical stunts validated, even if validated by people he clearly does not like. Still, not happening, as the hated Catholics just have no time for this tool.

Herein lies a lesson for “progressive” religious professionals of all thinkable and unthinkable shades of Protestantism: making an ass of yourself will cost you your audience. You would think, both they and Francis would have understood this by now. Likely, not at all.

And so we will go on, for as long as God allows, with this monstrously fat caricature of a Catholic pope. When he dies (soon, soon!!!) the empty square and the growing disgust for all things “last century” will hopefully make place for a more assertive, joyous, brilliant and unapologetic church.

One, that is, that is authentically Catholic.

When that time comes you will see way more clearly the plan that God seems to be preparing us for now: heretical preaching can never cause the Church more than some bruises, whilst Catholicism stays the same for eternity. People like Francis could just be the way by which God helps the lukewarm and the distracted to understand.

Let’s hope and pray for a new Catholic pontiff; perhaps not a militant hero like a Pius X, but at least someone who understands what’s going on outside of the walls of the Vatican instead of reliving 1974 in his little boorish brain.

Hoaxumentaries Age Badly, But People Don’t Care

Ugly, retarded, and extremely arrogant. The saint of the modern times.

Weather alarms are currently being spread like confetti all over the Disunited Kingdom. It’s very cold. There is snow or slit in many parts. Today is the eight of March.

It must be the “global warming”.

You would think the Brits start opening their eyes and bringing their brains into operation. You would think by now everyone has realised that that stupid Gore “hoaxumentary” approaches twenty years of age, and absolutely nothing of the tragedies it has professed happened. You would think reasoned thinking would take the place of the hysteria we have seen for so long now. Alas, this is not the case.

People always need some sort of religion. Something that keeps them together and makes them feel they have shared values, hopes, and fears. They need meaning for a life they know to be absurd (when an atheists reflects on his existence, absurdity is the only thing he finds) and, perhaps most importantly, they need to feel that they are good, caring individuals.

Still, this goodness and caring cannot be uncomfortable. Babies can be aborted in their mother’s womb, but don’t you dare increasing your co2 emissions!

Modern man is as cruel as a Cherokee Redskin of old on a bad day, but feels more virtuous than every generation before him.

At some point, methinks, this madness will end. But it will not be because people understand their inherent stupidity. It will be because their inherent stupidity carries them over to the next craze after this one has become too old and tired to excite the imagination of the people.

Unless, that is, they go back to Christ and start seeing the world around them in the proper light, including the inconceivably complex climate mechanisms God has created.

Don’t hold your breath.

For that to happen we would need the clergy, from the Pope down, to be authentically Catholic in the first place.

Francis Encourages Illegality, But Complains About Its Consequences

Lead provider for traffickers

It has been official for a long time, but it bears saying it again:

this guy is stupid.

“May these voyages of hope never again turn into voyages of death,” [the evil clown] said.

Stupid guy (I keep liking “il cretino gloriosamente regnante”) is apparently not aware of a handful of things. Let us see if I can try and open his eyes on this.

  1. There are traffickers because people who want to do illegal things ask for their services.
  2. These people, who ask traffickers for their illegal services, are the instigators of criminal offences. They are not even accomplices. They are the driving force.
  3. They are, therefore, not innocent.

In fact, Francis should slowly realise that people like him, who keep encouraging people to try to get to Europe illegally, share the moral responsibility for tragedies like this one.

In this tragedy the culprits must be searched among those who plan a criminal offence and carry it out, those who facilitate it with their technical means (e.g. boats), and those who encourage the first and act as lead providers for the latter (the bleeding hearts like the Pope).

Therefore, let me rephrase the phrase for the benefit of this clown:

“May stupid leftists never again encourage people to become criminals and carry out their crimes to their deaths”.

Meet “Il Cretino Gloriosamente Regnante”.

Meet “Il Cretino gloriosamente regnante”, the gloriously reigning cretin.

It appears that everybody, literally left, right and centre, hates Francis. Why? Because he is a hateful guy, of course.

Petty, vindictive, childish, astonishingly ignorant, lying without shame (“soon, soon!”), and arrogant to the point of comedy, Francis manages to alienate even the Regressives within the Vatican. He has, obviously, brought all this to himself, because I do not know any other public figure enjoying it so much when he angers other people. It’s not only the boorishness, which is very marked in the man. It’s the special arrogance of doing whatever he knows will incense people merely to make a point, that is: to show that he can.

The linked article also points out to an aspect I had never reflected about: even the Regressive priests are angered at Francis’ constant insulting and berating of priests.

Then there are the bishops and cardinals, who have to watch the same total lack of decency, manners, and respect for common sense.

This all makes sense, of course. If you have followed Frankie for a while, you know all that is reported in the linked blog post can only make absolute sense. But I would like to add an additional point.

The Cardinals who have elected Bergoglio deserve all the manure that is now lavished on them. The Bishops who see incompetence promoted have, for too long, shut up when Francis was being incompetent to the point of being a danger for souls. The Regressive priests are getting a well-deserved prescription of the medicine they themselves spread around.

What goes around, comes around. You can’t betray your mission as priest, bishop, or Cardinal, and hope that the problem will not come back to bite you. It is, in fact, amusing and not a little consoling that those who have chosen to be part of the problem now discover that they, themselves, have a problem.

The moral is this: the push for a good, Catholic Pope must come from the very bottom, from the parishes, from the pews, and go up the hierarchy until things change.

You will not get to be all V II without getting a taste of your own medicine.

“El Lupo” And Hypocrisy

He is having a real crisis right now…

I remember the time when popes spoke little, but when they spoke they knew what they were saying, and their words were not casual. Even Paul VI, a very bad pope by any standard, was the kind of guy who would measure every word.

It started going downhill when JP II got all emotional when going out of planes, with his long, slow, elaborate “look how I kiss the earth” play that meant exactly nothing (unless signalling some sort of fashion-pantheism, though I am sure the man did not mean that) but made everybody feel sooooo good it became a media sensation. Benedict had a much soberer style, but we all know now that he did not have the cojones to play his part for very long. Los Lupos clearly won.

Enter Frankie Boy, the Humble Heretic himself. Frankie does not care for any kind of reflection, because he is not capable of any. He will enjoy his scandals and rejoice in his doubts.

It takes a particular kind of stupid, and a very evil one, to say, as the pope, that , “a faith that does not put us in crisis is a faith in crisis.” Last time I looked, Faith was not only a great grace, but something actually meant to take us out of every spiritual crisis and put us in a position to face every earthly one.

Francis, of course, wants to play intellectual, or pretend he is a brilliant spirit; he likely thinks his mediocre play with words will impress people, from which alone you understand how terribly ignorant and vapid this man is. I actually even doubt he had any clear idea of what he wanted to say, and merely repeated what some, likely perverted, Monsignor wrote for him, possibly after visiting the homo bath house. Still: however you turn it, this is just stupid.

True faith will never put anyone in any sort of crisis. On the contrary, faith is the greatest source of security and strength. What “faith” is, then, this man blabbering about, that it should “put him in crisis” and, at the same time, be something good, desirable, and worthy of boasting about?

It is, of course, the pretend faith of the hypocrite; of a person, that is, that has faith only in social justice, or environmentalism, or rubbish like that. It is the self-congratulatory celebration of one’s own socialist rebellion to Christ’s entirely anti-socialist views. It is the, again, self-celebrating “doubt” of the man who asks, thinking himself smart, “if there is a God, why social injustice, oppression, and poverty?”. That such a “crisis” can only come from lack of faith escapes the limited intelligence of this guy.

Francis always wanted to be Scalfaro, without having much of the latter’s shrewdness. Plus, at least Scalfaro was not a hypocrite, though if he is in hell, which I consider very likely, it does not profit him much now. Still, Scalfaro had this “free thinker” aura around him, which Francis envied so much. I am pretty sure he felt pretty good with himself as he put this last noose, Judas-like, around his neck, for a day now not really long in coming.

An additional motivation I suspect in the man. Francis might have had only a vague idea of what he wanted to say – apart from the word play sounding smart to the shallow, and making him look some deep thinker, at least in his fantasies – but I think that he knew his words would have angered Catholics and decided to say them for this very reason.

Dear Catholics: Francis hates you, and he spits in your face every time he can.

It’s a real tragedy most of you have not noticed it yet.

Parce Sepultis. But Not Too Much.

My cat will not be able to teach him Catholicism now…

Parce Sepultis, they say in my native Country. However, when the sepultus is a public figure who has given great scandal, I would say that the matter must be looked at differently. Firstly, because we must fight against scandal, and secondly, because we must expose those who spread it, be they dead of alive.

The latter ( that is: dead) is the case of Bishop O’Connell, who was shot dead in his bed by the husband of a woman working for him. Quite the surprise, begorrah!

Day of the Lord, cometh, and thief in the night all come to mind.

O’Connell was, as it is by now printed everywhere, a serious heretic. He was a guy to whom my cat could have thought Catholicism, with great advantage for the bishop, but not without dangers for the spiritual health of the cat. He was, in short, radioactive.

The circumstances of his death are, shall we say, strange. As a rule, homicidal husbands of his female “coworkers” do not happen to find themselves in the bedroom of a bishop. Stranger things happened at sea, you will say. But this was not at sea. This was in a bedroom. Methinks, there was something that had to do with the bishop’s private life.

Why do I say this? Could this not have just been a home invasion gone bad, where the victim recognises the invader who stole the house key (but why did she have the key?) from the wife, etc? The problem, you see, lies in the fact that the man was clearly a heretic.

As I have often stated in this little effort, in case of a heretical priest, or prelate, the first place to look for the cause of his heresy is below his waistline. They know that they are unworthy priests, and they seek validation, approbation, and the courage to look at themselves in the mirror exactly the way this man did: promoting the normality of sexual perversion, blabbering about female ordination, and being on record that Francis “gets it”; which, really, says it all.

Bishop O’Connell “got it”, too. But it was a bullet in the chest, sent his way by, as it is very reasonable to assume in case of a “progressive” bishop, either his lover, or the husband of his lover.

Will we ever know the truth? Possibly, but not assuredly. A “progressive” bishop is a great asset for the all-conquering California Democrats. They, too, “get it”: the discovery that O’Connell was either a sodomite or, at his age, a bed athlete will seriously damage that particular brand of circus Catholicism. I will, therefore, not bet my pint on a serious investigation. Remember, this is a Country where elections get brazenly stolen, and laptops cancelled from official existence.

Then there is the personal aspect. Whether shot in his sleep, or not, this looks like a very rapid end. One doubt that an inveterate heretic like this tool (now late tool) would muster the presence of spirit for a perfect contrition. This means that, as I write this, the late Bishop O’Connell might well be in the company of a great number of V II Bishops, hating them greatly and being hated back with the same energy. If he is there now, I wonder if he still thinks that Francis “gets it”?

But we don’t wish him hell. We wish him purgatory. I am happy to say I managed, with great effort, to say three eternal rests for him.

Parce Sepultis.

And let’s hope his successor is a Catholic.

Bishop Scheiße, And How To Counter His Poison,

Cardinal Müller has just told that tool Bätzing that he should have chosen a different career. Not every day, but by now fairly often we hear of (largely) catholic Bishops and Cardinals criticising some of their peers who, clearly, either have no idea what Catholicism is , or actually do have it but, sadly, hate the Church because of reasons of their own, generally linked to loss of faith, or to some perversion or other.

It seems to me that all these criticisms, if it remains at that, are nothing more than a fig leave with which Catholics are supposed to be reassured that there are still (broadly) Catholic Bishops around, whilst those very “broadly Catholic” Bishops intend to do absolutely nothing that is practical and factual in order to put an end to this state of things.

I will call this the “Dubia mentality”. First I emit some faint rumour. When nothing happens afterwards, I still do nothing, but I am fully satisfied that I am now seen as a champion of orthodoxy. It’s a nice life, really, enjoying all the perks or the Cardinal’s or Bishop’s life without having to do the hard part, that is: the real conflict.

When an individual like Bätzing blathers his heretical stuff (believe me, many a time I have renounced writing about it because the anger made it impossible to write about these pieces of shit without calling them much worse than “pieces of shit”), a Bishop or Cardinal commenting about it should not limit his disagreement to the criticism of the words; he should, instead, demand practical consequences from the behaviour, like the condemnation as heretic and defrocking of the offending prelate.

Of course, this will not mean that Francis will, overnight, stop being an enabler and protector of heretics. However, and very importantly, it will make it more difficult for him to continue his work, as it is evident that he is bringing the Church towards civil war.

Oportet ut scandala eveniant. When a bishop (a piece of shit like Bätzing, or some other piece of shit) comes out with some heretical statement or mentality, the scandal should be heard worldwide and consequences for it asked very loud.

Instead, we have all these polite prelates politely pointing out that Bishop Scheiße should have become a plumber, and it ends there. This allows the above mentioned Bishop Scheiße to keep doing damage, as it is abundantly evident by now that Francis broadly covers them and encourages them in their work of demolition, whilst pretending to be just a tad more on the “conservative” side, or actually slightly less heretical, than them.

It will never work. Pressure is exerted through massive outrage, and request for consequences. The request will stay in the air, will colour every discussion, and will unavoidably etch itself in the Catholic consciousness. Plus – and this is a not small bonus – the heretics will get to realise that Francis will not live forever, and an unexpected turn of events could see them smashed on the street, without a roof or a job, and unable to pay for the services of male prostitutes as some of them, no doubt, so much loved to do.

Pope About To Be Catechised

“Always these obnoxious people with their Catholicism!”

High time, you will say. I will agree.

It’s never too late, either. Even in his Mid-Eighties, the man might be forced to acknowledge some simple truths that he tried to escape all his life.

The occasion? His planned visit to South Sudan.

South Sudan criminalises homosexual acts, including so-called same sex marriage. Of course, so-called same sex marriage has the acts of sodomy built-in. It should, therefore, be punished as a criminal offence rather than simply not be recognised. It’s all very simple.

Now, when Francis flies down there, he will have to make a decision: if he recognises that the Government of South Sudan is merely punishing acts of sodomy, he will have to realise that this is in line with Catholic tradition and say so, because journos will likely ask. If he, however, states that such acts of criminalisation of sodomy are acts of criminalising homosexuality, he will ipso facto admit that he is at variance with Catholic faith and tradition.

I think the Government of South Sudan very well realised that the latter is the case. Therefore, they give him fair warning and very obviously state that they are willing and ready to teach the guy a thing or two.

I’d love to see Francis corrected openly and frankly by a Government. It would be another important signal, all over the world, that truth can’t change and two plus two remains four no matter how bad your math teacher is.

Francis, The Homos, And The Strawman

Frankie Boy has, once again, made an ass of himself trying to look all modern and worldly.

Homosexuality is not a crime, he says. But it is a sin, he says.

He is wrong on both counts. The ignorance of this man never ceases to amaze.

The crime thing is a straw man argument. I do not know of any Catholic Country (when such Countries still existed; V II saw to that that they don’t anymore) which criminalises homosexuality, that is: which trials and puts someone to jail for the mere fact of being a pervert.

In fact, I am positive that Catholic Countries traditionally only punished the act of sodomy, not the condition (that is: the sexual perversion) of homosexuality. You see: a condition is not an action, it is not something you do, it is something you are. May it well be that, say, the homosexual has sinned many times on his way to festering his perversion into the “born that way” fantasy; still, the law never punished the being, but always the doing, the acting upon the perversion. Similarly, the Church would call a homosexual that does not act upon his perversion still a pervert, but not – in this at least – a sinner.

In fact, I am pretty sure that another fact stays: that in Catholic Countries the act was, generally, only made a criminal offence when scandal was given. This means that the homo who took every care not to advertise his horrible condition would not be liable to criminal prosecution for the mere sinful act. This was so, if memory serves, even in the Papal States!

Francis does not know what he is talking about. But he knows that he wants to look all modern and understanding, even as he thrashes those horrible people, the Catholics.

Mission failed, Frankie boy.

Next time you want to insult Catholics, at least try to inform yourself beforehand.

Where Francis got his fantasy of the “crime”, he should say. If this is something that applies to Islam he should say that, too. He doesn’t.

Francis is clearly using a huge strawman argument here, likely in order to make the social order of our Catholic past past Catholic look bad.

I think he is not just merely, as we say in Italy, “giving air to his teeth”. No. Not him. Rather, Francis is deliberately trying to sabotage Catholic culture. That he fails in that, too, is due to the embarrassing ignorance this man continuously displays.

The same goes for the “sinful” stuff. Here, it seems to me that there is not only crass ignorance at play, but rather the refusal to accept the reality of sexual perversion, because “who is he to judge”.

This must, also, be seen in the light of Francis’ home-baked theology, that there is no sin a priest has no obligation to absolve for, even if there is no contrition and repentance. Therefore, homosexuality is now “downgraded” to something God will automatically forgive; so hey, keep sinning and say to your confessor “I have sinned, father, and I will sin again”. It’s all fine, saith the Francis. You are just a sinner like everybody else. You will be fine, because an eternal punishment is not in the logic of the Gospel. Plus, who are we to judge?

Sacraments And Language In The Time Of Francis (Part 2).

Horrible details are now emerging about the controversial December meeting of Francis with the seminarians, about which I have already reported.

We have now detailed news about:

1. The language he used, and

2. The “duty” of forgiveness.

It seems that, on that day, Francis might have had a couple too many fernet.

’The priest, the seminarian, the minister must be ‘close’. Close to whom? To the girls of the parish? And some of them are, they are close, then they get married, that’s fine”.

What a vulgar joke about a priest’s mistress, more vulgar because from a priest, most vulgar b3cause from the pope.

Just as gravely, several occurrences of “f” word really show the guy is a first-class boor. Try this:

“fucking careerists who fuck up the lives of others”

I have left the entire words, because I want this man’s vulgarity to be known in its entirety. No, don’t tell me “we don’t know”, or “it’s all rumours”. It is now confirmed that several, basically identical reports of the meeting exist. The guy was either at his boorish best, which is extremely grave, or he was drunk. Frankly, I don’t know what is worse.

The forgiveness part is, also, now confirmed verbatim.

From the linked article:

“if we see that there is no intention to repent, we must forgive all. We can never deny absolution, because we become a vehicle for an evil, unjust, and moralistic judgement”.

If you listen to Francis’ newly minter religion, a priest always has to give absolution, irrespective of even repentance and sincere proposit of not sinning anymore in future. If he doesn’t, he is judgmental and moralistic. The dirt that must reside in the mind of this man does not bear thinking

The gravity of this is immediately apparent. It makes one wonder what Francis thinks that Christianity is in the first place. This seems like the kind of thing that makes absolutely everything about religion useless, because if a Catholic has a right to absolution even without repentance, then it seems difficult to see why anybody else should be refused heaven. Plus, if the sacraments are a mockery, then the entire fabric of religion is a mockery, too. This is the kind of stuff a Pope who has long lost the faith – if he ever had it – would say.

Mind, Francis had already given hints of his attitude, and I remember him one mentioning that a faithful might say in the confessional “I will sin again” and still get absolution. But this is more explicit still.

Honestly, I think he might well have been drunk, or at least more than tipsy. I think it because I think that Francis was the same boor every day of his pontificate, but it is now the first time that he uses such language in an official occasion.

That the scandal was great is shown from the fact that, one month later, the story is still around. With right, people are now demanding from the Vatican an official explanation and an official reiteration of Catholic doctrine.

I also allow myself to say that this, once again, confirms a pattern of vulgarity I have already highlighted several times. Remember the Italian “c” word in St Peter’s square? As I often stated, this kind of word does not “escape” a person unless this person is accustomed to use it. A person, and he the Pope, who is able to repeatedly use very vulgar words in front of his own seminarians is, exactly, a person for whom the use of heavy profanities has become so normal, that he will use these utterances – either because propelled by alcohol, or by arrogance – as a matter of course.

If it wasn’t, at least in part, alcohol, then it was 100% arrogance. It was the sober, coldly evil – and childish at the same time – attitude of thinking “I will do this just to show you I can”. This is, again, vintage Francis.

May the Lord free us from this scourge soon, and inspire the Cardinals to give us a successor who at least tries to remedy as much of the damage as he can.

The Funeral: Two Takeaways

“They overcooked my Porterhouse Steak again….”

I had the opportunity to watch a short fraction of the funeral of the Pontiff Emeritus. Two things, of this event, struck me the most.

The First: Francis’ girth.

It seems to me that the man keeps getting larger. The camera footage from the side, as he theatrically held his head near the coffin of a man he certainly never liked, and very probably never esteemed, showed a man shockingly different from his 2013 version. It was also fairly clear that that stick/crutch he held is now indispensable if he wants to move on his own, and that the sciatica-induces limp is now quite pronounced. I can’t say he looks healthy. Of course, fasting would, as widely reported, be of great help in treating his fatness-induced issues of sciatica and general mobility. But it looks like oh so spiritual Francis prefers to feast instead.

2022 Francis compared to 2013 Francis: double the fat, same heresy content.

What shall I say: “soon, soon!” ?

The second: the sermon.

I have not listened to the homily/sermon, but reports indicates that Benedict was, as a whole, ignored, apart from some obligatory, very short references. I would call this a last slap in the face of the German Shepherd from his successor, the Argentinian Bouncer.

You would expect a sermon to focus on the dearly departed, extolling his theological stature, gentle mind, towering intellect, shepherd’s zeal etc. If the sermon is, however, completely about other issues, you can safely interpret this as Francis’ desire to show you, on the last worldwide televised occasion, how high (or low) his consideration for Benedict is. This is, I am afraid, classic FrancisBoor, and will go down in history together with the empty seat at the concert and the mocking of those praying the rosary for him.

So, not much news from this funeral.

Here’s hoping I will, soon, be able to write about another one; one which, hopefully, will lead to an improvement from the dismal situation we have today.

The End Of The “Pope Menu”

The death of Pope Benedict puts an end to the strange – and, if you ask me, vanity-driven – situation of a real Pope – the one in office – being, er, the Pope, whilst an ex-Pope – the one not in office – clings to the prestige of the position, in no small measure because he was terrified of being called what everybody will call him anyway: a Celestino (a common way, among well-educated Italians, to indicate a person in power who cowers and betrays the duties of his office).

Amazingly, there were people until this morning who, whilst calling themselves Catholic, thought that they could decide who is Pope. They took the Vatican Menu and found there two plates: the Pope and the Emeritus, both coming in white. So they decided that the Emeritus would be Pope, and the Pope would be, I don’t know, the wrong guy.

Then they wrote messages everywhere, saying: “if you watch the 40 hours video marathon I have linked to here, it will show very clearly that two and two is five, pigs fly, Francis is an usurper, and Benedict is the real, as in “the guy in charge”-Pope.

The very guy who was supposed to be in charge always said that Francis, not him, was in charge, and even praised his work (may the Lord forgive him for this). Therefore, this was hard case of wishful thinking or, rather, wishful not thinking. It was a strange situation. It reminds me of the Decembrist revolt, with a bunch of dreamers (the moderate dreamers; there were much worse people among them) who wanted Konstantin as Tsar, when Konstantin himself wanted Nicholas to be the Tsar. I don’t know what the Decembrists were thinking: perhaps that Konstantin was kept prisoner in some obscure cell, and forced to renounce under duress?

Anyway, all this theatre is at an end now.

There is only one Pope around. He is a thoroughly horrible person. We hope that he dies soon and somewhat resembling normality comes back. We also reflect on what horrible punishments the Church and the faithful have called on themselves, by indulging in the subversive or outright revolutionary fantasies of both the V II years and the even worse years that followed it.

I seriously hope that nobody will come out now with some outlandish new theory, like that Benedict has not died, but is hidden in a dark cell somewhere in the Tierra del Fuego together with Jim Morrison, or that he is Pope from heaven, or from purgatory, or from wherever he is now.

Sad as this death is, at least there is one problem less now.

Of course, this is not the end of wishful non thinking, because wishful non thinking seems to be a necessity for some. They will enlarge the ranks of the Sedevacantists, those quite funny people who believe that the Church has been kidding with two billions Catholics for 60 years now.

You know what? Reality can harsh to look at in the face. But it is still preferable to creating an artificial one we have dreamed about because we don’t want to suffer.

Let us suffer instead, and pray more, and do more penance.

We were never told the Earthly Jerusalem would always be immaculate.

Immense Gains.

Yes, Frankie. Wrong career…

Yesterday, Argentina has won the Football World Championship. Congratulations, and all that. They are half-Italians after all, so they had good football (soccer) genes to work with.

Their goalkeeper has, upon winning a goalkeeper-related trophy, proceeded to make an extremely vulgar gesture with it. Not only was this extremely vulgar, but also shockingly stupid considering half the planet was watching. I haven’t seen the video as I never follow prize giving ceremonies my team has not won, but I understand that the antics was checked live on tv, in front of, likely, a couple of billions. Stupidity and arrogance mixed together in a deadly cocktail.

And then it dawned on me: this must be something not necessarily linked to a person, but linked to a mentality, an attitude. Evidently, the Argentinian boor has to be a very special kind of boor; someone who boasts of his coarseness and wants all the world to see it, rather than the usual variant in which the coarseness is clearly there, but it is not boasted about.

This very public coarseness must be at the root of the unbelievable arrogance of Francis.

“How can he do this?” – we have asked countless times when seeing him insulting the Blessed Virgin, separating children’s hands joint in prayer, or just not showing up at the concert. “Does he not realise he will look stupid in front of everyone?”

Perhaps he does. Perhaps he doesn’t.

But he will do it anyway, because this is the kind of boorishness that, in his “cultural” environment, people like him will boast about.

Seen from this perspective, all becomes clear.

Francis should have become a professional goalkeeper instead of a priest.

No improvement in footballer’s behaviour, of course; but what an immense gain for the Church!!

Hating The Church And Showing It: How Francis Behaves When The Cameras Have Gone.

If you look at this article on Gloria TV you will see two dominants themes: the vulgarity and the dislike for Catholicism.

The first issue has been dealt with often on this little effort. We do not know exactly what expressions Francis would have, on this occasion, used that are considered vulgar. We know, however, that very vulgar expressions can even “escape” from his mouth when he speaks in public, as in the case of the famous Italian “c” word I wrote about in the past.

The matter is this: a guy who expresses himself in an extremely vulgar way involuntarily in public, is a man who expresses himself all the time in a vulgar way in private. In this case, Francis had no cameras around and was free to talk in his native language. I am not surprised that he would be perceived as a boor, as he so clearly is one.

More important, though, is the second aspect.

Francis had a short speech written for him. The speech was, as you can see from the link, beautifully Catholic. Francis must have read it shortly before “delivery time” and must have been so angry with its Catholic content, that he decided to ditch it altogether (there was, clearly, no time to prepare something alternative, probably because Francis’ favourite trannies had all remained in Italy).

I think that this attitude, this behaviour is, in fact, boorish in itself. A Pope has carefully crafted speeches exactly in order to be able to perform his duties at his best. Thinking that a short Q & A with an obviously uneducated, rambling, confused guy can be a valid replacement for solid Catholicism is, exactly, the mark of the uneducated guy, besides showing the lack of respect for his audience Francis has so often exhibited.

Still, this is not about class, or knowledge. This is about the obvious fact that Francis decided to ditch the speech exactly because its Catholic content was such a nuisance to him. I also suspect Francis must have been not a little angry after discovering that he had been ambushed with a Catholic speech. Short-tempered as the man clearly is, I can picture him very vividly as he gets into the impromptu “chat” in that kind of mood that makes his natural boorishness really pop out and, in order for it to get out to the press, he must have been really efficient at it.

Still, it is not about the manners, or the tone, or the class. Were he a saint, or at least a good guy, nobody would complain about the manners.

Padre Pio slapped people in the face and threw his sandals at his distracted pupils. But Padre Pio loved Christ and His Church with every cell of his body.

Does Francis?

9 1/2 Years

FrancisBishop head cover, 2022.

Bishop de Kerimel of Toulouse, France, has been seen sporting a yarmulke, thus continuing one of the most favourite sports of the FrancisCatholic, that is: doing everything he can to please everyone who is, actually, not Catholic.

This guy is – how can there be any doubt – another enemy of Traditionalism.

You understand here very well how the mechanism works: these people are against Traditionalism exactly because they fear Catholicism. This is, also, why they do everything they can to promote everything that is not Catholicism, from social justice to environment tales to, obviously, false religions.

It’s like having a fifth column working everyday on the destruction of the army in which they are enrolled.

And you know what the biggest problem is? Most soldiers haven’t even noticed yet.

The way to the regeneration of the Church goes through the happy-clapping Catholics in the pews opening their big blue eyes and realising that they are being duped by people who hate both them and our religion.

In this sense, Francis’ most disgraceful pontificate seems to also have, unwittingly, a providential role as, no doubt, many (though still way too few) have opened their eyes exactly by watching the man clowning around for – heavens! – now nine and a half year.

This, I’d say a bishop in yurmulka helps, too.

Look at these jokers, serious Catholic faithful, and realise that we, too, have a swamp to drain.

Bad Vibrations From Francis

Nice tune, but it does not work that way.

Francis must have listened to the Beach Boys too much, because he seems to think that there is really something like “good vibrations”. In a pope, this is quite the disgrace.

Atheists “send” “positive thoughts” because they want to show you that they care for you, though they have no faith. New age (that is: very old) guys might send “good vibrations” because they think that this mysterious non-divinity, “the universe”, will relay the message.

Christians pray for the people they love because, their lives being centred in Christ, they believe in heaven providentially helping those they have been providentially inspired to pray for.

Heaven is central in the idea of praying. It is nowhere in the alleged “sending” of these “thoughts” or “vibrations”. The Christian praying for his dying friend is really helping him. The atheist sending good vibrations to his dying friend is helping only himself (to feel good with himself).

Francis, being an atheist, does not get all this. More importantly, he does not get (or pretends not to get) that a pope encouraging atheists to “send” him whatever it is that atheists can(not) “send” him is, in fact, encouraging them in their atheism and validating them in their unbelief.

Again: prayers work and are useful; happy thoughts do not work and are useless (unless for the wannabe happy-thought-postman to feel good with himself). Good vibrations only apply to motorcycles, old pickup trucks, and stuff like that.

Francis is fully devoted to this unbelief. He wants you to know, at every step, that he is fully in synch with their own way of thinking. He wants to let them know that they are quite fine in their atheism, and that he has no intention to make any attempt at conversion.

Everybody is wonderful in his own way, particularly if he barks for social justice, or thinks that God’s creation can be endangered by farting cows and car exhausts. These are the ones Francis likes the most.

There is no cell in this man, not one, that believes in Christ.

I am very much afraid that he will die in his unbelief.

Let’s see what good “happy thoughts” and “good vibrations” will do to him then.

Francis’ Multiple Own Goal (Plus: What Do The Russians Know That We Don’t?)

One and a quarter man.

Francis gave an interview to a Jesuit magazine. it means the interview was read, re-read, vetted by likely several people, and then agreed in its final form. Unless, that is, Francis’ papacy is now so reckless that not even that happens anymore.

The guy who apologised to the descendants of the savages in Canada, now scores a multiple own goal of the most unsavoury sort.

Let us see it in detail:

“When I speak about Ukraine, I speak of a people who are martyred. If you have a martyred people, you have someone who martyrs them. When I speak about Ukraine, I speak about the cruelty because I have much information about the cruelty of the troops that come in”.

Ah, the good old vomiting of Western propaganda. The unquestioning relaying of Goebbelsian public manipulation with outright lies, as seen in Krematorsk and Bucha (and, soon, in Kherson!). Congratulation, Francis: you are now Number One Dummy of the Western propaganda. You are Forrest Gump without the innocence. You are, just, plain stupid.

Generally, the cruelest are perhaps those who are of Russia but are not of the Russian tradition, such as the Chechens, the Buryati and so on.

This is utterly from the Clown Manual. Firstly, Francis is saying that all components of Russian army are cruel, some are merely less cruel than others. Then he proceeds to decide which ones have the right to feel more or less Russian, and concludes that the non-stereotyped Russian (like the Chechens or the Buryati) are actually worse than the others. This is fourteen-years-old casually racist propaganda level.

Someone please explain to this man that Russia is a multinational entity, and people of different cultures and traditions, and even religions, identify as Russian just as fiercely as the Slavic founders of the state and deeply resent being considered second-rank Russians. This explains to you (but not to Francis) why the Chechens have provided such a large number of volunteers; people who are, by the way, being universally admired on the battle front.

Certainly, the one who invades is the Russian state. This is very clear.

More fourteen years old logic. There is nowhere in Catholic doctrine that says that a country cannot invade, for the right reasons (think of the Crusades!). In this case, Frankie Boy conveniently forgets the 14,000 people, (thousands among them women and children, going about their life, walking in the park, or coming back from the grocery store) senselessly murdered by an 8 years long campaign of mass killing, explicitly and indisputably targeting civilians, without Francis or the West ever saying a word. When, finally, Russia decides that the time has come to put an end to this shame (mind here: Putin certainly would have wanted to do it earlier, but he simply had to be ready), Francis’ IQ70-logic stops at “who has invaded whom”.

This is Fort Sumter all over again, with the aggressor forcing the other to act, and then playing victim.

Sometimes I try not to specify so as not to offend and rather condemn in general, although it is well known whom I am condemning. It is not necessary that I put a name and surname.

Yeah, well, actually it is, Frankie dear. You did not condemn Zelensky, who was elected on a promise to put in place the Minsk 2 Agreements and then made a complete U-turn, continuing and intensifying the shelling of poor Donbass civilians.


A final observation: Maria Zakharova, speaker for the Russian Ministry of defence, replied to Francis with the following words:

“This is no longer Russophobia, it’s a perversion on a level I can’t even name”


Is it me, or Mrs Zakharova is, here, saying something along the lines of “we know something about this guy we are now, actually, tempted to reveal?”

Why, otherwise, this accusation of perversion on a level that cannot even be named? I read Zakharova on the Telegram Channel of the Russian Foreign Ministry every day, and I can testify that she does not throw the word “perversion” around casually.

It seems to me, in fact, that this choice of words (thrown is the “I can’t even name” if you need corroboration) is not casual at all.

If the Russians were to tell the world something that Francis does not want the world to know, and coincides with what many actually suspect, they would greatly help the cause of traditionalism and help the Church to free itself from the filth now pervading Her at every level.

The Everyday Degenerate

Father Georgina had already selected his hearse…

The Evil Clown has received Father Georgina once again. This time, he was allowed to witness the cringeworthy, effeminate ways of the “man” for a full 45 minutes (or so Georgina says).

It is very obvious at this point that the guy just can’t be without his fix of perversion for long. In fact, you would say that, to him, being near to people as obviously degenerate as Georgina has now become an addiction that needs frequent doses of filth.

Francis once said that the so-called “gays” don’t go around with a sign saying that they belong to the so-called gay mafia. However, it seems he can detect them all right, anyway. He would need to be totally blind, and even more stupid than he is, not to notice that there is something fundamentally wrong in this extremely creepy, disquieting guy he keeps receiving.

But then again Francis is a guy who makes a point of receiving freak shows from the tranniedom of the extreme fringes of Italian societies every week (I have written on this; look it up), so a circus tool like Father Georgina must serve as an appetizer to him.

To say that Francis is worthy of being despised is to put it too mildly. A red-pilled Catholic should see in him a very direct, physical attack of Satan against the Church.

The smoke of Satan has entered the church, not from some fissure, but from the main door. A big barbecue is now going on. Faggot priests and trannies are participating, laughing out loud. Francis is looking at them, smiling, and trying to get out of the lewd spectacle all the excitement his old body and old lewd mind can get out of it.

Nothing happens, unless God allows it for His own providential reasons. God has allowed this man to be made pope. One day we will see the mechanism at work in all its (again: providential) beauty.

For now, it seems evident enough that this guy has become a cautionary tale for everything that is to do with Vatican II; and the mor ehe – and, I am afraid, his successors – go on with this, the more a solid, sane, healthy Catholicism will grow exactly as a reaction to him.

As to him, he wrote in one of his Excrementations that an eternal punishment is not in the logic of the Gospel.

Let him experience for himself, if he were to die unrepentant, how logical the statement was.

Meanwhile, don’t be (too) upset for the antics of this tool and his effeminate minions.

Providence is at work. Every moment.

Nil inultum remanebit.

Meet Lewd Old Francis And His Weekly Trannie Show

shut your mouth…

I have called Francis a lewd old man many times.

However, not even I was ready for the revelation that the guy wants his own tranny show every week.

It really boggles the mind: being introduced to tranny prostitutes every week in order for his old, lewd mind to be, in some perverted way, titillated by the view of freak shows. I doubt even Hunter Biden can be as lewd as that.

Either this guy is a proper, proper faggot, or he is a perverted old swine. Tertium non datur.

Normal, decent people have a sense of horror, shock and disgust when they see one of these freaks. This is because they see Satan at work, in a particularly disgusting way. Happily, the event is, for now, very rare. Still, it is so soul-scratching that I have written about such episodes more than once, and also recently.

Francis is, clearly, different. His completely depraved mind wants a weekly titillation and dose of perverted excitement. It is not clear to me what he will do with the images etched in his brain; but most certainly he will use them for all the lewdness he is, at his age, still capable of. Boy, this guy must have faggot magazines under the bed!

Kindly, do not give me the old V II trope of meeting the sinner where he is, or of the evangelisation work. There can be no evangelisation when one is giving scandal. In fact, the exact contrary is here the case. There is no intention whatever of leading the freaks to normality. They are, in fact, told that they are ok as they are. I would not be surprised if they appeared in front of Francis in drags. I would not be surprised if this happened, in fact, on Francis’ express wish.

One understand more and more why this guy hates the Church so much. One who has such rot in his mind must perforce hate every concept of purity and every organisation, or devotion, promoting it.

He hates the Church, the Tridentine Mass, the Rosary and, in short, all of us, because he likes trannies. He must hate the Church with a particular passion, because he knows that he scrounged an entire existence out of Her. Remember his separating the hands of the boy in prayer? Isn’t it, now, extremely clear why?

In one thousand years, when this crisis has been almost entirely forgotten, this guy will be remembered, by people who don’t know his name, because of the lewdness of his behaviour. Just as we today say “Renaissance Popes” to signify worldly instincts and strong corruption, our descendants will say “pervie popes” to mean the popes of the Age of Francis; of whom, make no mistake, we are going to get more, unless the Lord takes this burden away from us.

I have written, only a couple of days ago, about the “listening people”. Well, I think Francis is exactly the way God punishes us – and deservedly so, collectively speaking – for this kind of “listening”.

Satan is calling. People are listening. Niceness to everyone is the new Creed. And I wonder: will any Cardinal, will any Bishop call for the end of this scandal? Don’t bet your pint.

Niceness and inclusion are the new religion. All this inclusion leaves one out: Christ.

No wonder you end up with an old lewd man desperately trying to get some erotic excitement – or whatever substitute he can find for it – out of perverts in drags.

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