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Look! A Lamb!! A Lamb!!!

APTOPIX Italy Pope Epiphany

The lamb was noted for the intelligent expression.

The picture above comes from a Puffington Post blogger.

The blogger must be three, four at the most.

Two of her comments:

“This specific lamb also makes him the HAPPIEST POPE IN THE WORLD. Just look:”

 “All we know for sure is that the baby lamb and the pope will never forget this glorious day”.

I know this must be a blog for little children; but really, there should be a limit to this sugary nonsense; otherwise the children will grow up stupid. 

Children should never be allowed near the PuffPo anyway.


Spot The Error

On the noticeboard of a Catholic church near you:

1. Mass times.

2. Schedule of so-called Eucharistic ministers (no, seriously).

3. Poster of a famous friar.

4. No confession times.

5. Info on church policy about child abuse.

6. Info on Catholic instruction by post or email.

7. Info on Parish activities.

8. Info on an awful lot of other things I forget.


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