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“Pro-Choice” Aborts Itself


If you ask me, it seems a phenomenon is becoming increasingly more evident in the United States, and will one day make its appearance on European shores: the self-abortion of so-called pro-choice positions.

I would love to say to you that the growing opposition to abortion among younger voters in the US (I have blogged about this in the past, but you only need to google around a bit to be sure of this) is the result of the courageous work of the Church hierarchy to support Christian values; but I am afraid the contribution has not been near as vocal as it should have been, at least until the very last years.

In my eyes, what is happening is something more brutally simple: pro-choice supporters have simply aborted the next generation of potential pro-choice supporters. Whilst there will always be the one or other saying he is in favour of others killing their babies whilst not killing their own, a short observation of the reality around us persuades pro-choice supporters tend to practice what they preach; you can put it in the other way, and reflect the often spread legend of the good observant Catholic girl as beneficiary of the abortion laws doesn’t really pass the test of reality.

Rather, it would appear for a couple of decades a bigger number of children was born in pro-life households than in so-called pro-choice ones. Let these babies reach voting age and look at support for pro-life measures grow all over the country; add to this the soon sharply increasing mortality rate among the old potheads (mortality rises sharply after 70; this is 2020 for your archetypal Sixty-Eighter) and you’ll see why “pro-choice” is, in the long-term, doomed.


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