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The Prayer For The Unborn And The Turning of The Tide

Read here (from Father Z’s website) the beautiful Prayer For the Unborn of the Pontiff.

Besides helping to take the attention away from Condomgate and to substitute it with issues not in the least open to misinterpretations, the new prayer seems to me just another little sign of the times. It seems to me that, led from the United States, the entire Western world is slowly waking up to the fact that the fight against abortion must not only become central in the Western political debate, but to the way a person sees himself. “You can’t tell yourself a Christian and be an abortionist”, is the message which comes across with increasing evidence.

I know, actually there shouldn’t be any need to explain these simple truths in the first place. Alas, not a few Catholic shepherds were much more relaxed after the Second Vatican Mess, when many traditionally Catholic countries introduced abortion legislation and were confronted with a resistance that to define toothless would be gentle, and to define cowardly would be truthful.

We might slowly be approaching the turning of the tide. The recent elections in the United States have somewhat (somewhat) changed the landscape and I would say that slowly, but surely, the message will reach increasingly larger masses of Christians who have never really stopped to think how their professed Christianity could be reconciled with abortion more than with hail, or draught, or toothache.

If the result of the prayer is that in the next weeks the debate about condoms will be replaced by the debate about the genocide of the unborn, we’ll have an example of how to engage the public opinion in a way which is at the same time doctrinally orthodox, and not open to equivocation.


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