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Queen Barefoota Introduces Herself.

Enjoyable show of an atheist fag making the best publicity to Christianity and to heterosexuality. 

“If you become a fag, you will be like him”, I picture passing-by mothers telling to their terrified sons.

Look at the coolness of the guy with the sign, how he makes the idiot (probably on drugs; perhaps he sold his shoes to buy them) get madder and madder.

Police managed to calm him down, though. 

Alas, I hate to say this, but this is a suicide or a massacre waiting to happen.

He amuses the passers-by, though.

I hope Satan gives us more like him. The man is a walking testimonial for… us. 


The Downfall Of Trendy Bishopism

Soon a new role for the great Bruno Ganz?

If you have any doubt about the astonishing acting qualities of the Swiss actor Bruno Ganz, you only need to see “The Downfall”, the oppressive and depressive but so utterly human film about the last days of Adolf Hitler and the people in the bunker. Ganz is absolutely breathtaking, leading you to suspect that he was, in a way, more Hitler than Hitler was himself (I had the same impression, it must be said to preserve par condicio, of the great Helen Mirren in “The Queen”).

Ganz conveys the desperation, the hoping against all hope, then the realisation of the approaching end and the atmosphere of Goetterdaemmerung with such clarity and beauty, with such fanatic identification with his character, with such complete realism as to lead you to think whether such a movie would have been possible at all with any other actor than himself. The man was, in fact, so good that a vast number of parodies have been created and put on youtube, all based on his stunning performance.

Why do I mention Bruno Ganz?

Simply because by reading of Archbishop Conti’s sortie against the  Tridentine Mass I was instantly reminded of Hitler’s bunker, and of Ganz/Hitler ranting with all the rage of impotence.

This is, my dear readers, what it is all about: the rants of an old guard, of people who in the meantime hear, feel and smell defeat from every part of the front line, whilst the traddie front likes the smell of Universae Ecclesiae in the morning.

Granted, changes in the Church happen far more slowly than world wars, and it would be too optimistic to say that trendy bishops are already living their April 1945. They aren’t yet. But you can compare Summorum Pontificum with the D-Day and Universae Ecclesiae with the fall of St. Lo and the resulting opening of the Falaise Gap that allowed the Allied to start their march towards Berlin.

Fairly soon, then, Bruno Ganz could be asked to impersonate a trendy bishop desperately trying to save what has remained of liturgical dances, altar “girls” of, say, 67, clownish celebrants, and extraordinary ministers, whilst his adjutants tell him with faces of purest stone that one after the other all bastions of resistance are falling and the Tridentine Mass will soon – when his successor is appointed – conquer the Cathedral.

Bruno Ganz would be, of course, just the man for the job. But thinking of it, Archbishop Conti wouldn’t be a bad candidate, either.

He is rehearsing already.


The Holy Tree of Glastonbury

I must admit that (due to my ignorance or simply to these facts being a bit overstated) I didn’t even know of the existence of the “sacred tree of Glastonbury”, called Holy Thorn.

Come to that, I didn’t even know of the existence of any Sacred Trees (but again, I must be missing something here) or of the fact that the tree appeared to attract pilgrims from very far away. Apparently even the Queen gets a bit of it every year for her Christmas table. Must be an Anglican tree, then.

But really, this is not the point.

The point is that once again, a symbol of Christianity has been attacked by fanatical idiots and the fact hasn’t caused an uproar anywhere comparable to what would have happened if, say, a Mosque had been attacked or vandalised.

I am not a great friend of holy trees. I like trees, but this kind of legend attached to a tree (by the way planted in 1952 following a tradition of replanting “traditional” plants) is not really my cup of tea.

Still, the idea that the tree might have been cut as a reprisal against the landowner seems a very weak argument to me, considering both the present aggressive anti-Christian climate and the fact that we are approaching a time claimed by pagan sects as being of relevance to their own follies.

We’ll have to see in the next days if the people responsible for this act are caught and what their motivations are. But one can’t avoid registering the mere fact of these events happening as a worrying sign of the times.

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.


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