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Italian State Television Blapshemous And Perverted


What it says...

What it says…





You would have thought the BBC is really the worst, but this is not always – if often – the case.

The Second Channel of the Italian State Television, RAI2, has broadcasted an infamous, blasphemous, dirty, perverted “comic” piece, in which Jesus is offended to the point of making him appear the lover of St. Peter, with a clear allusion to Sodomarriage.

The Italian prosecutors have been informed.

If the legal system has not changed since my time, an investigation will now have to take place. 

RAI has refused to apologise or retract.

A petition is now ongoing.

I attach the link in Italian.

Click on “Firma” (“sign”) and follow the link. “Cognome” is “family name”.

You can sign from anywhere in the world.



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