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The “Dreamer God”: Francis Goes Gaga



In his catechesis during today’s Wednesday audience Pope Francis called God in the grammatical present “a dreamer who dreams about the transformation of the world”. At the same time he claimed that God “has realised the transformation of the world in the mystery of the resurrection.”

This is drunk nonsense even for the standard of The Francis.

God in His Providence has made the world in the way the world it is supposed to be made. Whatever sinfulness there is in it, God has providentially allowed it in order to make a greater good emerge out of it. God has not created a faulty toy of which He dreams it would work properly. God does not sighs about a perfect world whilst he listens to John Lennon’s “Imagine”. God is not only Omniscient, but Omnipotent. There is no “dreaming” in Him. There is no separation between what things are and what He would have them to be, if He only could. God has allowed the Fall as He has allowed all the rest, from the Holocaust to… Pope Francis. 

The Death and Resurrection of Our Lord, which the man mentions without having any idea of what he is talking about, is exactly the way through which this faulty existence and fallen nature – which is by no means meant to go away – is given the possibility of redemption. It isn’t the shaping of a new earth. It isn’t a promise of an earth in which hounds and foxes say “good night” to each other before going to sleep. It isn’t the promise of a paradise on earth. On the contrary, Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life we must follow exactly because of the fundamental flaw we had since birth: Original Sin. The reality of Original Sin is not going to change. Therefore, the reality of evil is not going to go away, either.

The reality of sinfulness due to the Fall has been, once again, allowed by God, with all the consequences and all the sins, all the injustices and all the atrocities; not only from the beginning to the end of time, but from all eternity.

Dreams of fundamental transformation of this world are the most obvious indication of lack of faith in the next one.    

What we once again see here is a stupid, ignorant old bloke who never understood jack of anything Catholic and keeps going around spreading sugary nonsense for adolescent cretins like, no doubt, he once was (I mean by that that he is not an adolescent anymore).

There is in him no concept whatsoever of Providence. There is clearly no belief in the Original Sin. Therefore, there is no explanation for the evil in the world. On the contrary, there is this completely bonkers idea of God standing there like a spot-plagued teenager, dreaming of a better world. This is part of the humanisation and banalisation of absolutely everything that has been a trademark of this disgraceful Papacy. 

“Imagine” was an openly atheist song. It had to be, as the Christian vision of the world and of the fallen human nature is radically opposed to Lennon’s and Francis’ idea of radical transformation of the human being, and of the possibility of creating a paradise of social justice and harmony on earth, if he only behave. There will always be injustice, there will always be conflict, there will always be evil in the world. At the root of the evil is not human laziness, but the serpent.

The reality of the Fall will be part of the human condition for as long as the world exists. All this escapes Francis. He is aligned with John Lennon instead.    

Francis is not only stupid. He is clearly either an atheist or a person so confused about God that he thinks Him a sort of Dalai Lama In The Sky, prisoner of all sort of sentimental rubbish. 

The ignorance of this man should be an embarrassment to every Catholic. Unfortunately, it seems that around 6000 bishops prefers to keep schtum about it, lest their career should suffer. 





Corpus Christi, Badly Explained

This happened in a big Cathedral, on the feast of Corpus Domini (or rather the Sunday afterwards).

The homily began with a mention of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the Protestant theologian who observed that disobedience and rebellion cannot be indifferent to God, and if you stage a Holocaust you'll have to pay for it. That Bonhoeffer's Protestantism was a blatant example of that very disobedience and rebellion was left unsaid. Not one word of criticism of heresy in general, either. No: with all the fine saints and thinkers the Church gave us, the man – possibly a bishop – had to pick a Protestant; to tell us something, by the way, that wins the 2015 Captain Obvious Award anyway.

It followed a rather brutal description of how we all are sinners, disobedient and rebellious; and yours truly thought “aha, now it gets interesting, and orthodox”. Alas, it wasn't to be. The word “redemption” was sparsely used, but “making things right” was used many times. Christ's sacrifice on the cross “makes things right”, because God agrees with Bonhoeffer and must therefore demand atonement for evil deeds. Result? Men sin – Christ atones – things are even.

The message basically ended here: Christ's sacrifice “makes things right”. It goes for the Holocaust, our own sinfulness, everything. God has played the “universal atonement” Divine Card. Rejoice.

No distinction between redemption and salvation. No warning of hell for the unrepentant sinner. A message remained unsaid, but floating in the air: Christ's sacrifice on the Cross takes care of everything, because the Cross “makes things right”.

Please do not say that the priest simply implied, and knew that he would be rightly understood. This was a priest – or a bishop – and he has the darned duty to say, not imply. As to his public, the audience – Cathedral packed – must have been the usual mix of badly instructed Catholics and Catholics not instructed at all, with the rare soundly instructed Catholic thrown in for “diversity”. These aren't times in which a priest can imply orthodoxy. Particularly so, when he has just built his homily on a Proddie theologian. Bonhoeffer was executed in April 1945. Methinks, our chap thought this would give him special rights…

So, what do we have? A huge audience going away after the Mass with the vague feeling that Protestant theologians are fully OK, and we mustn't be worried about our ultimate destiny because Christ “made all right”.

Then we wonder why supposed Catholics vote for abortion and sexual perversion, do not raise their children in the faith and look with indifference as the Country slips into outright Heatenism.



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