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Goya, "Saturn devouring his son"

Goya, “Saturn devouring his son”



I have written some days ago about the very efficient way in which the Jesuits are getting rid of themselves. 

From an extremely interesting post appeared on Rorate Caeli it now appears that at least in Spain the disease is spread, with pretty much the same virulence, in many other Novus Ordo orders, some of them very traditional. The numbers do not even seem better among the Dominicans, widely considered to be on the slow way to a recovery on a global scale, but clearly with a lot of work to do in Spain. In other Western countries the figures might be somewhat different, but it is fair to assume the music is pretty much the same. 

One sees the mess and wonders how these people can be so blind, or so stupid, or both, to not understand they are dying because they are infected with a deadly virus called Second Vatican Council. Surely, at this point even the dimmest intellects must have made two and two? 

My personal opinion is that the problem has been clearly recognised, but there is a refusal to act because every action in that direction would endanger the power structures currently in place. Consensus among those who are in is important for those who are in as it affords a quiet life and in some cases possibilities of advancement, and who cares if there are no new entries and the order is slowly dying; many of them have probably lost the faith anyway, and therefore they do not care whether their order survives, provided they can get a comfortable life as long as they live. When the Grim Reaper gradually arrives, they will simply adequate the structures to the swindling numbers, and go on merrily with their inane waffle about social justice and peace, the gods of idiots and atheists the world over. 

What does the Vatican do to counter this? Absolutely nothing, of course, and they do so because they have the exactly same problem: a Curia drenched in Vatican II cannot admit Vatican II is the disease, and will therefore not push for a general return to pre-Vatican II rules in all religious orders. Besides being very uncomfortable to religious in many cases accustomed to a rather lax observance of even the lax rules they have, such a U-turn would signal to the entire Catholic world that the Vatican hierarchy got it spectacularly wrong in the last 50 years.

This cannot happen. Therefore all those traditional orders, often rich in tradition and glory, will be allowed to either die or reduce themselves to small groups of survivors.

Like every other revolution,  Vatican II is devouring its own children; which, as in every other revolution, serves them right.  



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