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Sacrilege Beyond Words


Let me start with a preliminary consideration: I find it very good, and very Catholic, to appropriate ourselves of Protestant music for our Catholic purposes. In past centuries – far more orthodox than this one – good souls had no hesitation in using the wonderful work of, say, Bach and Buxtehude for our beautiful liturgy. This was also easier, as in those times Protestant liturgies were much more similar to the Catholic one than today. The praxis was also reciprocated (understandably, from their perspective) by the Proddies, which led to the very famous episode of Allegri’s Miserere, a composition of such supernatural beauty that the commissioners decided that it should never fall in Protestant hands.

However, the principle remains: take the beauty produced by heretics and use it ad maiorem Dei gloriam instead. I will go so far as to say that I wish this effort were made today with the same zeal, adapting the words were necessary – and always reading the words in the Catholic sense – but importing the vast patrimony of beautiful Protestant music in our own Catholic world.

This is all good, provided we do what no child of ten would do: confuse the liturgies. This would be extremely bad even if made in ignorance, but it becomes positively satanical if made with the obvious, stated intent of downplaying the One True Church and put it beside any old Proddie wannabe “church”, as if they were merely two varieties of ice cream.

What has happened in St Peter is an abomination difficult to describe with words. I do not doubt that the music was wonderful, but this is exactly not the point. The point is that the lure of the beautiful music – beautiful music which should be “annexed” by the Catholic Church, and used to extol Her glory after the necessary adjustments – was used to allow a protestant mock liturgy to happen within the very sacred wall of the most representative Church in Catholicism: complete with mock priests, mock costumes, mock blessings, and the like.

The only adjective that comes to mind is: satanical. Only Satan can be behind such a grotesque insult to the Catholic Church, perpetrated by Pope and Cardinals and publicly executed in the presence of two of the latter. A sacrilege beyond words, perpetrated with the blessing, and in the presence, of what goes today for Princes of the Church. 

Mr Ferrara has said it so well that there would be no need to add more words; but as I write this blog also in order for it to speak on my behalf in my last hour, I wanted to have my inadequate considerations added to the pages of this little effort. When Francis’ offences and abominations go beyond what can be said with words, it is fitting that outrage be expressed by as many people as possible, irrespective of their ability to convey the extent of the sacrilege.

What Francis and his minions are doing goes beyond the scale of the imaginable only a few decades ago. It is astonishing to see this old man throw away the mask and openly, publicly, almost daily proclaim an alternative religion even as he insults and berates those who prefer to follow the old (and only) one. I can easily imagine the man putting a Buddha statue, Assisi-style, on the main altar of Saint Peter himself, and boast of the feat whilst his Cardinals blather about “tearing down walls”.

We have come to this point. I can’t imagine the situation will improve as long as Francis is Pope. Actually, my impression is that his attack to everything that is Catholic will get more and more aggressive, defying imagination again and again. We are living astonishing times. 

Is the Pope Catholic? 

In name and official function only. In reality, he is a dyed-in-the-wool enemy of the Church. 

Pray that 2017 is the year that rids us of this scourge. We don’t know what will come afterwards, but at least we will have a shot at some sort of improvement. 


Everyday Sacrilege, Everyday Silence.

Let's allow Lutherans to receive!

And it came to pass the Evil Clown might have this too to answer: that a delegation of heretics – and therefore, qua definitione, excluded from communion – has been sacrilegiously allowed to (try to) receive communion within the very walls of the Vatican.

The news are confused for now and I cannot access, as I write this, the original source in Italian. My take is as follows:

The news that the Proddies have been allowed to receive sacrilegiously is either true, or it isn't.

If it isn't, it says an awful lot about the times we live in that the news could spread, and a Lutheran publication state the fact as happened, in the first place. The gravity of the situation would be not less apparent because the fact has, in hypothesis, not taken place.

If it is, this is further evidence that Pope Francis must be removed. There is no way even the most retarded Pollyanna could believe that such an event could – whether the Evil Clown was present or not – be effected without the Pope's not only acquiescence, but positive will.

And do you know why this happens? Because Francis releases scandalous videos and no one of his Cardinals rebukes him; because he talks heresy every day and every single bishop shuts up; because a climate has been created in which heresy – and at this point, very possibly, practiced sacrilege – is seen as a normal, everyday occurrence.

Heretic is who heretic does.

I – and, I am sure, every sound Catholic – do not care a straw for formalistic considerations about when formal heresy has been reached. The man eats, breaths, and preaches heresy every day.

Besides the extremely grave facts in themselves, every new episode of practised heresy and walking over Catholicism makes it a little easier for Francis to, one day, break every taboo and officially declare some heretical doctrine as binding. Can't you see he already accuses Catholics of “sinning” for being Catholic?

May heaven punish as they deserve those bishops and cardinals who choose to stay silent when such things happen. May they receive the just retribution for their betrayal.

Nil inultum remanebit.

They should think of it.







Manila Mass: Archbishop Socrates Villegas Takes Leave Of His Senses

Francisco Goya, "The Madhouse"

Francisco Goya, “The Madhouse”


From Rorate Caeli, I am informed the President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference in the Philippines, Archbishop Socrates Villegas, is defending the sacrilege of the Manila Mass.

With an absence of shame that reminds one of the worst Kasper on a very bad day, the Archbishop goes on record with the following:

“Under normal circumstances, this should not have happened, but the situation in the Luneta was extraordinary, six million people.” He added: “On this occasion, it was necessary (“kailangan”) to help each other receive communion.”

A PR priest (boy, how many PR people we have these days…), a Fr. Francis Lucas, is on record with we following, equally inconceivable statement:

“For pastoral reasons since people can’t move during communion, mass passing of the host is okay.”

Is it possible that we live in an age of such stupidity and ignorance, of such brainless arrogance that prelates can utter such rubbish and get away with it? Do they have any idea of what “sacrilege” means? Have they ever heard of “Transubstantiation”?

This is basically like saying “normally you shouldn’t relieve yourself on the Tabernacle; but hey, if there are no portapotties available…”, or “normally we don’t throw consecrated wine by the bucket on the Mass attendants; but on this occasion, it was necessary to help each other to receive communion”.

A sacrilege is a sacrilege. There is no possible universe in which the desecration of the Most Holy Host can be justified by any reason whatsoever. And in this case, the “reason” is something completely accessory, and not necessary in any Mass! There can be no excuse for sacrilege! There can be no “circumstances” which make the desecration of the Most Holy Host “A-OK”!

Is this so difficult? I am sure even a retarded Lutheran who does not even believe in Transubstantiation believes this without any hesitation, agrees with this without even thinking! 

We have come to such a point of heathenish adoration of… the churchgoers that an Archbishop and a PR man tell us to calm down: there are priorities, and they do not lie by Christ. The priority is the mantra of the new religion, that everyone has to receive communion at Mass.

This is a completely absurd and disquieting world. This is Kafka on steroids. And it comes from Catholic prelates, from very official sources!

If they had said: “we had not thought of the implications of such a large Mass; we did not expect such a situation; we are awfully sorry, appalled at what has happened; there will be Masses of Reparation all over the Philippines for this sacrilege; we invite other Bishops’ Conference to announce and put in place similar initiatives in other Countries; we will learn for the future and never again, never again allow for anything like that to happen!”, at least they would have looked like incompetent amateurs, but not unmasked themselves as openly, coldly, willingly sacrilegious priests!

But no, they fully acknowledge what has happened. They do not even try to deny that with such a mess countless hosts must have been trampled and destroyed, taken home as a souvenir (I am sure; no, I am!), given to curious bystanders, to Atheists, perhaps to Satanists, to children to play with, and who knows what else! Millions of Hosts! From hand to hand!


They do not deny it. They simply say: “look: we believe in The People, The Crowd Almighty. It was between Crowd Almighty and this awesome chap, whom we call Christ. Or some bread. Whatever. Anyway, we had to make a choice. Hey, something’s gotta give…”.

Archbishop Socrates Villegas is obviously not recognisable as a priest, much less an Archbishop. He sounds like an Episcopalian explaining why “the bread” was thrown around and was eaten by the dog. His priorities are clear. Christ is nowhere to be found.

The Archbishop should be deposed immediately, and sent to a doctor post-haste.

I doubt the Archbishop will be punished. He is, clearly, not one of the Catholic sort, so he should be fine.





Manila: Let The Psalmist Speak

Pope Francis is here seen leading the blind.

The Pope leading the blind.

On occasion of the unspeakable sacrilege in Manila, the well-known Psalm 93 (94) came to my mind. I thought I would print it here, in the Douay-Rheims version. It is by far not as lyrical as the King James one, but it’s 100% Catholic.All those who, in Manila, have taken part in the abomination could do worse than pondering over these words.

The “senseless among the people” are a true army.

They need to start coming to their senses, fast.



93 The Lord is the God to whom revenge belongeth: the God of revenge hath acted freely.

Lift up thyself, thou that judgest the earth: render a reward to the proud.

How long shall sinners, O Lord: how long shall sinners glory?

Shall they utter, and speak iniquity: shall all speak who work injustice?

Thy people, O Lord, they have brought low: and they have afflicted thy inheritance.

They have slain the widow and the stranger: and they have murdered the fatherless.

And they have said: The Lord shall not see: neither shall the God of Jacob understand.

Understand, ye senseless among the people: and, you fools, be wise at last.

He that planted the ear, shall he not hear? or he that formed the eye, doth he not consider?

10 He that chastiseth nations, shall he not rebuke: he that teacheth man knowledge?

11 The Lord knoweth the thoughts of men, that they are vain.

12 Blessed is the man whom thou shalt instruct, O Lord: and shalt teach him out of thy law.

13 That thou mayst give him rest from the evil days: till a pit be dug for the wicked.

14 For the Lord will not cast off his people: neither will he forsake his own inheritance.

15 Until justice be turned into judgment: and they that are near it are all the upright in heart.

16 Who shall rise up for me against the evildoers? or who shall stand with me against the workers of iniquity?

17 Unless the Lord had been my helper, my soul had almost dwelt in hell.

18 If I said: My foot is moved: thy mercy, O Lord, assisted me.

19 According to the multitude of my sorrows in my heart, thy comforts have given joy to my soul.

20 Doth the seat of iniquity stick to thee, who framest labour in commandment?

21 They will hunt after the soul of the just, and will condemn innocent blood.

22 But the Lord is my refuge: and my God the help of my hope.

23 And he will render them their iniquity: and in their malice he will destroy them: the Lord our God will destroy them.


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