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Germanwings And The Devil

The details of the Germanwings tragedy have now emerged, and they make for a chilling reading. The 28-years old co-pilot profited of a bladder-pause of the captain, locked him out of the anti-assault cabin and slowly, coldly flew the aeroplane to his and everyone else's death during eight minute of lucid evil.

Was he mad? Of course not. Madmen aren't allowed to fly aeroplanes of Lufthansa companies. Was he depressed? No sign of that, and depressed people tend not to kill 149 other people, either. Did he have one of those strange things like Asperger's syndrome, which apparently make some people insensitive to other people's suffering? Can't imagine this wouldn't be noticed in a pilot.

The newspapers, unable to find answers to the simplest question, will obviously say “lucid madness”, and that's that.

I call BS on that, and have another answer: Satan.

The modern world, so PC and inclusive of every bastard, avoids and even ridicules the mention of Satan. Things must have a perfectly clear medical reason, and this medical reason must exculpate the perpetrator as thoroughly as possible. Unless he is a right-wing one, like Breivik.

Satan was at play? Come on, Mundabor: you don't believe that, surely?

I do, I do!

It is utter senseless wordliness to think that the devil does not try to find a way in a man's consciousness – and conscience – and move him to commit horrible acts: child abuse, murder, rape, sodomy, and the like. He must find a way first, and then he will do with his victim what he can.

At times, Satan will manage to instill in such men – or women – a great desire to do harm, preying on their hate, or envy, or vanity. Charles Manson's, Waco's, Breivik's and other tragedies of the sort can be only explained in this way.

It is very reasonable to suppose that we are here in front of another of such satanic “bingo” experience, as for what I know pilots are regularly tested as to their psychological fitness. And please notice the cold-blooded system of slowly losing altitude, and the obvious result that only in the very last seconds the passengers realised – or rather, started to realise – what was happening.

Two days ago I posed the question of whether the flight gave the people the time to die prepared. It would appear the window was very, very limited, and who knows how many were taken in Satan's net. Looks like a chilling, satanic bingo to me.

We can reason away the presence of Satan in the world at our heart's content, but we do so at our own risk. We can attribute atrocious acts invariably to momentary loss of reason, but we show with this attitude that we are the ones who refute to reason. Satan is there, working in the shadow, and throwing his nets.

Let us profit from events like this tragedy to be reminded of Satan's workings. Let us not hide the reality of satanic influence behind worldly considerations. Souls are at stake.

As abundantly seen the day before yesterday.



If Satan Became Pope…

Pope Lama

“Just you wait…”


Let us imagine, just for the sake of it, that Satan were to manage to take human form, enter the Church, climb the career ladder and, one day, be elected Pope by very naive Cardinals fully in the dark as to what they are doing. What do you think he would do?  Would he boldly declare: “I am, actually, Satan, so please start dismounting everything here, and let’s move over to Satan worship?”. Of course not.

What he would do is, no doubt, something along these lines:

1. Downplay the role of the Church in the economy of Salvation.

2. Downplay the importance of Doctrine;

3. Scream “luv” as loud as he can, and slowly implant a new religion of fluffy feelings instead of his real enemy, Christianity; saying, for example, that what the herd thinks or wishes is what the Holy Ghost wants them to think and wish.

4. Subtly downplay or implicitly insult everything Catholics hold as sacred: telling them that Jesus willfully deceived His Apostles, or that the Blessed Virgin may have thought she had been deceived.

5. Introduce a new god, a god of “surprises”; that the real surprise is, in fact, Satan he would, of course, not say. What the “surprises” are he would make, though, abundantly clear: desecration of communion, and acceptance of sexual perversion as the two mainstays.

6. Deflect the attention from spiritual issues, and direct it on purely social themes, say: poverty, social justice, the environment.

7. Continuously insult those good Catholics whom he knows would be fierce critics of his agenda. They are bad, he would say. Hypocrites. Dead inside. Holy card faces. Old maids with flight attendance smiles. Ugh!

8. Fake humility, modesty, and nearness to the poor; whilst living in luxury anyway, and behaving like the Prince of Bullies. Promote a personality cult as a gateway to a cult of man, in which the (un)faithful are encouraged to worship themselves and their own errors.

9. Downplay the very role and public image, and with that the authority, of the Papacy; unless such authority comes handy to repress sound Catholic orders, or react to one’s own bishops demanding orthodoxy.


Please read this little list again, and tell me whether any one of these points would not be in the interest of Satan, and would not push forward his own position, if he (absurdly, and for the sake of the discussion) became Pope.

Now: for the sake of the occasional readers of this blog, among which must be some leftists of – as all leftists – not very bright intellect, I must make clear that I am not stating that Francis is Satan. I know there would be no need to write this, but it is fitting to do it just to make this blog post, ahem, dumbo-proof…

What I am getting to is that this clown of ours is doing everything that Satan himself would do, if he were to (absurdly, and for the sake of the discussion) be elected Pope.

This is the main problem with The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH ™): whether he is willingly bent (yes: bent) on damaging the Church or “merely” caring about his own popularity among the unbelieving herd without any thought for the consequences, the result is the same: he does everything that a hypothetical Pope Satan would do do inflict to the Church as much damage as he can.

Shocked, uh?

Read the list again. Compare its points with the reality on the ground.

And be ready for confrontation in the family, at work, with friends, in church, everywhere.




Meet Desmond Tutu, The Environ-Mentalist

In a rather hilarious intervention at the vigil of one of those “climate change” reunions where well-fed people cause Co2 emissions travelling around the world, being princely fed and housed, and telling us how bad we are, the wannabe bishop (anglican, therefore fake) Desmond Tutu has called climate change “a global enemy”.


  The real global enemy (the devil) isn;t mentioned with a word, which is strange in one who says he is a bishop.

With great faith in Providence and in the inherent goodness of God’s creation, Tutu goes on to blather: “We can no longer continuing treating our addiction to fossil fuels as if there were no tomorrow, or there will be no tomorrow.”

Beautiful! Forget the Revelation, or the Antichrist. The world will end because we keep driving driving cars. God will come down and say “I had planned to have the world end later; but you have been naughty boys who do not understand the internal combustion engine; therefore, I see myself forced to suspend the show before the time”. 

But what does Tutu want to do? Revolutionary things, really. When you stop at the gas station, a writing at the pump will warn you: “this stop gravely harms the planet’s health; and your wallet, my dear, because you see, we must make you to stop”.

No Formula 1 sponsored by petrol company, too. Diseducative. Would you tolerate company adv sponsorism racism? Eh? Ah? Uh? No? Well, for Desmond “barnum” Tutu it’s exactly the same ballpark. 

Let me quote:

“Never before have human beings been called on to act collectively in defense of the Earth. As a species, we have endured world wars, epidemics, famine, slavery, apartheid and many other hideous consequences of religious, class, race, gender and ideological intolerance”.
So, there you have it: slavery and apartheid are on the same level of “gender intolerance” (means: calling perverts perverts) and “climate change”.
Boys, this one likes a whisky.
But then again, this is the man who is on record with the following pearl of utter satanic evil: 
“I would refuse to go to a homophobic heaven. No, I would say sorry, I mean I would much rather go to the other place.”
Don’t believe me? Try here.
No, I would say, sorry, Desmond: you have just officially chosen the Devil against basic Christian teaching, and said so openly.
The Lord allows us to see very clearly that these people are property of the devil. As they put God completely out of the equation, they obsess with an ideology that is anti-Western and anti-Capitalist first, second and third, which frontally attacks Christianity and promotes the work of the Devil as it tries to masquerade under a facade of “humanitarian” concern. A concern in which God is out of place as “homophobic”, and which is therefore a parody support of the Creation against the Creator. 
If one swallows such a lie, how can he say he could not see the punishment coming?



Satanic Pastor Truly Was On Fire. With Added Reflections.

Plenty of burning down there. Though I am not sure about the skeletons...

I am informed that an old retired pastor (mad; or evil; or both) of a wannabe “Christian” sect “pulled a bonze” by giving fire to himself in a parking lot. He died some time later, very probably after atrocious suffering. It is not difficult to say that with great probability his sufferings are just at the beginning, and will have no end.

The 79 year old nutcase (or evil old man; or both) was – how can you get this wrong? – an advocate of sodomitical behaviour and other things that occupy so much of the time of people who have forgotten God (the usual stuff, so I won't bore you with that…). I never can avoid to notice Satan always leaves a trace of himself in the people who support his causes.

The man was clearly, at least to an extent, the product of his environment: the website of his wannabe Christian sect quotes the Bible – as the Devil himself does – to justify all kind of blasphemy and wrong behaviour, and reassures their deluded readers not only that using oneself as a human match isn't wrong, but also that it is wrong to say that such a blasphemy merits damnation. Which clearly means these idiots haven't had anything in common with Christianity for a long time; hence the human match within their ranks.

Now, let us see in how many ways these people aren't Christian: the obsession with earthly issues in this vale of tears, the open support to sexual perversion – an obvious tool of Satan to get souls to him -, the open and public – and carefully planned, since you ask, and long thought after – suicide, which in the ranking of the offences to God comes even before sodomy; the horrible way of committing such an offence, again indicative of a deeply disturbed, masochistic, unnatural mentality and of an ideological subservience to the ways of mad heathens; and then, dulcis in fundo, even the condemnation of those who will condemn the satanic, but highly inflammable pastor.

Summa summarum: these people are a bunch of perverts who have perverted Christianity to make it serve their own satanic madness. From their fruits – including the smell of burnt – you will recognise them. Truly satanic, both the man and the mentality of this heathen sect masquerading as Christians.

Beware of heathen dressed as Pastors.



Preventive note to the readers:

“But Mundabor, Mundabor!” – my occasional readers will say – “you are right in what you say, and all that, but should you not have some more respect for the poor bastard? Where is your chariteeee?”

Erm, no. And if you think this, my dear occasional reader, you are reading the wrong blog, and I can only suggest that you either open your big blue eyes, or bring the experience of this blog behind you.

What this man has done is truly satanical. There is no way I can condone or find any positive “angle” in an act like this. But what is truly alarming is to see that this act has found a fertile humous in the thinking of the sect of heathen calling themselves Christians among which this man has wasted his existence.

Evil must be fought not only with condemnation, but with ridicule. In times of peace, no other weapon is more effective. The Devil knows it very well, hence the Long March of the perverts to have every mockery of them classified as “hate”.

Evil must be fought with ridicule, not false compassion. This cretin should have dozen of macabre jokes inspired by the atrocity he has committed, and be buried in ridicule after he has burnt itself in iniquity. For every one who commits suicide, other ten on the brink of it are led one step nearer to their damnation. Open condemnation and biting mockery are the way, not the false compassion that generates more suicidies.

If there is one thing that is easy to observe in those who carry out suicides is their extreme concern for what people will think of them after the fact. Exactly as suicide is an act of supreme, blasphemous selfishness, the concern of the suicidal man for his own name is, normally, highly increased. Again, the thought of the condemnation and ridicule that will befall the memory of them can do much to help them not to commit such a gesture, whilst the oily and sanctimonious “compassion” of the usual non-judgmental crowd will positively help them on the way to their damnation.

As this case of wannabe suicidal bonze amply demonstrates.



Playing Games

I don’t know what to make of this

It seems too warped even from the perspective of the interviewee. A mockery of Satanism. A kind of comedic denunciation of any cult. An attention-seeking device. 

Satan is, by definition, evil. No one in his right mind would choose evil over good. More to the point, no one would, if mad to such an extent, think that his position can become in any way popular among the public. 

This satanism theatre is, more probably, an atheist’s plaything to mock Christianity, enjoying the scandal they cause among Christians and getting name recognition in the process. 

Take the project to erect a Satan statue. What meaning can it have, if not a mockery of organised religion? Who would proclaim evil good, and good evil? And if it be so, why would the proposers of such a theory not proceed to give allegiance to… good, once ascertained that it is… evil? And so back, and forth, in a mad ping-pong? 

No. The organiser of such stunts says himself he “was” an atheist, and it is very obvious to me he and his followers all are. Then if they believed in Satan, they would as a consequence believe in God; and noone in his right mind would choose eternal suffering. 

Satan is, by definition, the Father of Lies. He works through subtle deception, not open approval. The most evil people generally think they’re good. Pol Pot, Lenin and Che Guevara no doubt felt they were true philanthropists. Nowadays even Angelina Jolie thinks she has some higher calling. Others, like Stalin, were simply not afraid of punishment. 

No. I don’t buy this one. I think this is nothing more than a twisted form of attention-seeking atheist wannabe comedy. 

But notice this: by not believing in Satan and using him as an anti-Christian vehicle, this people … make the work of the devil. 

Satan, the Father of Lies, deceives them into believing he obviously does not exist, and uses them for his purposes through this means. He mocks in a twisted way the unbelief of those who mock Christianity, and lures them into his net by leading them to believe there is no net at all, and they can have a great time making a mockery of it. These people think themselves very bright and very funny guys (and, possibly, gals); but there are no smart guys – and no smart gals – in hell. There are only people too clever by half, thinking themselves so superior to those superstitious people, and who were too in love with their own intellect – or whatever was in its place – to humbly accept their allotted place in the great scheme of things. 

Therefore, these “satanists” are being had at their own game. Whilst mocking, they are being made a mockery of. Whilst thinking they are playing a subtle game of deception, Satan in playing the same game to them. Whilst feeling so smart, they are being very stupid. They are flies who have decided they are too smart to believe in the existence of the spider as they fly toward the net. 

Which, in turn, would be funny.  If it wasn’t so serious, and so unspeakably tragic. 


Meet Francis, The Presbyterian Pope

“When the Lord shows us the way, who are we to say, 'No, Lord, it is not prudent! No, lets do it this way'…

“The Holy Spirit is the living presence of God in the Church. He keeps the Church going, keeps the Church moving forward. More and more, beyond the limits, onwards. The Holy Spirit with His gifts guides the Church. You cannot understand the Church of Jesus without this Paraclete, whom the Lord sends us for this very reason. And He makes unthinkable choices, but unimaginable!

Francis, the Bishop of Rome, May 2014.

Every time we think that, surely, Francis cannot sink lower than he just did with his latest statements; and every time we are forced to change our mind; albeit, optimists as we are, still thinking that now, surely, it cannot get worse? Alas, with the Destroyer nothing seems impossible, but his conversion to Catholicism.

Francis' most recent statements are so brazenly heretical, that no follower of Francis can have any excuse anymore, or be in any kind of doubt, that to agree with Francis is to deny Christ.

It has always been an obvious corollary of Christianity that Truth cannot change. Truth cannot change because God cannot change. God cannot change because every concept of change is in the most blatant contradiction with God's perfection.

If Truth changes, the Gospels have gone off and must be discarded like those strange things we single men find, every now and then, at the bottom of the fridge. If Truth changes, not one single words of the Bible, be it Old or New Testament, can be relied to have the meaning and import Catholicism traditionally attributed to it. If Truth changes, dogmatic statements like the Creeds have no authority anymore, because change is evidently not compatible with dogmas. If Truth changes, Jesus is a fraud and a charlatan, because his emphatic statement that He is the Truth flies in the way of this Truth being, given time, obviously untrue. If Truth changes, Christianity does not make any sense, and we can happily go back to adoring trees, natural phenomena, or fantasy creations who spend their existence plotting and fornicating in some distant but rather pleasant place.

All this escapes Francis, the Presbyterian Pope.

His statements become more and more brazen; his defiance of the basic Truths of Christianity is now made in the open. If Satan were Pope, he would speak exactly as Francis does: sowing confusion, sabotaging Christianity and denying Truth every time he can, with a frequency that now knows no interruption, with an insolence that now knows no boundaries.

Read again his words above. He is saying, for everyone who has ears to hear, that there are no limits to the novelties he wants to introduce. He is preparing unthinkable changes. More and more, beyond the limits.

These are interesting times for Michael Voris, for sure.

The new Papal mantra is as clear as the sun: the “Spirit” is speaking, (to him, of course: the Humble Anointed) and both he and, obviously, we must not “close the door” to it. If you accept this, you have ipso facto thrown Christianity away from the window, exactly as Francis does. I suspect this strange “spirit” speaks to Francis through wine or grappa, because sober people who use their brains know all I have explained above, and would never have the blasphemous insolence of thinking Truth is at their disposal with no better excuse than this mysteriously blowing wind of the “spirit”, and or that Truth would have any need to “move forward”', “beyond the limit”, “onward”. He expresses himself with the trite rhetoric of a motivational speaker at the salesmen convention of some smartphone producer.

If Francis does not “hear the spirit” whilst drunk, which is not to be excluded, then he must most certainly be listening to Satan himself, who is whispering in his hear how very popular he will become if he decides that hey: the Spirit has spoken: who are we to judge? And lo and behold: the way is open for any heresy and any blasphemy.

Or perhaps Francis has, in an extreme effort of Clericalism, appointed himself the new Sibylla Cumana of Christianity. God speaks to him, and tells him “we must change everything, Buddy. Glad I am able to speak to you, because your predecessors were either completely, or almost completely deaf. Myself, what a cool guy you are!”

The insolence, the shamelessness, the sheer blasphemy of this man is breathtaking. Open your eyes, read his statements again, and realise how serious the situation is. Now it's simply Francis against God.

It is very clear that this Pope – be it because he is stupid, or evil, or both – is a direct threat to the salvation of Catholics, and a further threat to the salvation of other Christians. He is the Public Enemy Number One of Catholicism, a menace compared to which even Obama appears an amateur.

It is as if the Brigate Rosse had, in the Seventies, reached all the top positions of the Italian institutions; but few would have objected to it because hey: you don't criticise the President, the Prime Minister or the Presidents of Camera and Senato.

The Pope himself is working every day towards the destruction of Catholicism. The Enemy is among us and has, if you allow the comparison, reduced King Theoden to his willing idiot – or to his evil idiot – as his minions, like Grima Kasper and Wormtongue Maradiaga, whisper to his ear words of betrayal and surrender.

I have not lived those ages, but it seems to me that the threat represented by this man is slowly rising to the level of Pope Liberius, or Pope John XXII. True, Francis is not thinking – at least for now – of making any heretical wannabe “dogmatic statement”; but It is obvious the unthinkable is not really unthinkable for him, and I wonder what would be worse. In the case of an heretical “dogmatic” statement we would know the Pope is actually not such, and we could happily ignore both the statement and the man; whereas in the case of a subversive Pope you are stuck with the reality that the Pope is evil, but he is still Pope; a reality not many, in these times of poor instruction, can cope with.

Francis is, as the October Synod slowly approaches, throwing away the mask. He will get into it telling to everyone that “the Spirit is speaking” in some mysterious way known to him alone, but we must not keep “the Spirit” (read: Francis' heresies) out. Bar a divine intervention, it is clear to me he will have his way. The choir of the helpers will be deafening. The sheep will willingly baa. Most bloggers will applaud. The secular press will be delighted. The world will embrace him. The Church will receive a wound worse still than during the French Revolution, and perhaps almost as bad as the Arian heresy.

Once again, realise the genesis of Francis' heresies: this man is entirely secular in his thinking, in his talking, in his outlook. He is a Socialist with a white habit. He will trample everything that goes against his agenda of Socialism for the world, and popularity for himself.

To Francis, Christianity is an excuse. He isn't more Christian than Obama. Let us say it again: I doubt he believes in God. He certainly has no fear of Him.

You have no excuses: it's Francis or Christ.

Pick your side well.



“Why I Oppose Same Sex Marriage”: A “Vivificat” Blog Post

Actually is "homosexual so-called marriage", but you get the drift....

On the Vivificat blog, this beautiful blog post about “Why I oppose same sex marriage”.

It is so pithy, beautiful and charitable (charitable in the right way), that the best thing to do is to reproduce it in its entirety, including the emphases.

There you are:

Why am I strongly opposed to same-sex “marriage”?

Because it is an offense against the institution of marriage? Yes, but not really: that institution has already been demolished by our modern Godless society.

Because it will most likely wind up forcing me, as a citizen of this nation, to in some way participate? Yes, but not really: I am ready and willing to be persecuted for my beliefs.

Because this is a democracy and most Americans oppose same-sex “marriage”? Yes, but not really: I support many things that most Americans oppose and oppose many things that most Americans support.

Because it is a slippery slope that may lead to legalized polygamy, incest, etc.? Yes, but not really: that would be like opposing abortion because it could lead to condom use (Sodomy is the greater evil)

Because it will likely lead to more disease and economic devastation in our nation? Yes, but not really: those are fleabites compared to my real concerns

Rather, I oppose same-sex “marriage” because I love homosexuals. Because I do not want to see just another enticement (which is what this would be: a legal endorsement of that behavior) for them to remain in that wayward lifestyle and for young people to join that lifestyle. It is a lifestyle that tears apart their souls, makes depression rampant, and motivates suicide to an astronomical degree. For the government to bless their unions with same-sex “marriage” is to say “Come and partake of this banquet, for there is nothing wrong with it. Come and appease your passions and give in to your temptations, we will bless your efforts. Come and reap the fruits of your actions, that you may spend eternity with us.” In other words, I oppose same-sex “marriage” because it turns the government into the very mouthpiece of Satan.

Is this “theocratic” of me? In violation of “separation of Church and state”? Label me as you will. My stance here is a stance of love, in obedience to the Almighty through His Church, and it will never change.

As for myself, I don’t give a hoot how many from the glitterati, the elites, Hollywood, government in all three branches give their secular blessing on this so-called same-sex “marriage”. Call me what you wish, I will never set this lie above the Truth.

Congratulations to Teofilo de Jesus and Dan O’Connor, the authors of this beautiful witness of Christian love.


The sobering reality of Hell: a Michael Voris video

They were both able to get out. We wouldn't.

Michael Voris has the rare gift of being not only very orthodox, but always entertaining and with an impressive reservoir of very quotable phrases.

Take this: “Bad philosophy leads to bad theology, bad theology leads to bad morality and bad morality leads to the collapse of Empires”.

This short video is about Hell and how its reality will surprise not a few people nowadays persuaded that God would never send anyone there, perhaps making an exception for Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot in case Satan feels like a hand of poker.

The downplaying of Hell is, in fact, just the ticket to allow Satan to reap a rich harvest. He knows that and does everything to let people believe that he doesn’t exist or, if he does, one is most certainly far too good to be delivered to him and nothing short of genocide will ever put anyone in danger of paying him a longish visit. The progressive fading of the feeling of Hell ( I mean here not of the theoretical acceptance of its existence, but of its acceptance as a concrete possibility for oneself) is also responsible for the progressive secularisation of a society in which even many Christians have, when one looks a bit deeper, a secular outlook on society only varnished by a religious belief too superficial to direct their choices against the secular tide.

If more Christians really started to believe in Hell as a concrete possibility, I daresay that their outlook on a couple of questions (like abortion) would be, in time, radically changed.


The Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel

Guido Reni, "St. Michael the Archangel", 1636. Capuchin

Defend us in battle.

The prayer to St. Michael the Archangel was created by Pope Leo XIII in 1886 after a vision. The vision was clear as to the fact that the XX century would be the one in which Our Lord would allow Satan to try (if he can of course) to destroy the Church. Leo XIII ordered this prayer to be added to the prayers after mass (called the Leonine Prayers) which he himself had introduced two years before.

Today it appears very clearly how dramatically authentic Pope Leo XIII’s vision was. The XX century has been, indeed, one of great tribulation for the Church, with Satan attacking and severely damaging Her from the inside. Fittingly, the prayers after Mass were officially suppressed in 1964.

More than fifty years later, the devastations caused by Vatican II on one side and – to a much greater extent – from the “spirit of Vatican II” on the other side are all too apparent. We can clearly see now how Satan acted, we have the damages in front of our eyes. Still, we can also see that the Church survived the attack; that she slowly but surely begins to react and to get her act together; that she is now rapidly recovering not only the notion of proper Liturgy, but the understanding of Her mission.

We can also see that even in the midst of such havoc, no doctrinal damage has been suffered. The Holy Ghost has in such difficult times protected the Church as he always does: leaving the men who run Her free to be as corrupt and evil as they want but never allowing them to touch Her doctrinal purity.

Today we see a slow, but unstoppable recovery and have additional evidence that the gates of Hell will never prevail. We stand in horror at the scale of the devastation, but in awe at the way the sancta sanctorum of Catholicism, the doctrinal corpus, has been left undamaged by the bombardments of both the “aggiornamento” and his bastard child, the “spirit of Vatican II”.

I invite the readers to memorize this beautiful prayer and to recite it after Mass and whenever they are confronted with a manifestation of aggressive secularism in their daily lives. It is a beautiful and uplifting prayer. It is wonderfully politically incorrect. It is, I do not doubt, powerful.


Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle;
be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray:
and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host,
by the power of God,
thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits
who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.


Sancte Michael Archangele,
defende nos in proelio;
contra nequitiam et insidias diaboli esto praesidium.
Imperet illi Deus, supplices deprecamur:
tuque, Princeps militiae Caelestis,
satanam aliosque spiritus malignos,
qui ad perditionem animarum pervagantur in mundo,
divina virtute in infernum detrude.


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