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Still Waiting

Here we can see the anger of the secular press upon discovering Francis is the Pope after all...

Here we can see the anger of the secular press upon discovering Francis is the Pope after all…

Soon it will be one year since one of the worst Popes in history has been elected by Cardinals who should have asked in prayer the Holy Ghost for guidance, and preferred to listen to the world instead.

Soon it will be, also, one year of constant admonitions that the secular Press will soon turn against Francis. Because they don’t understand him yet, you see.

I am still waiting.

In these twelve months, Francis got an entire collection of covers in secular magazines, countless articles of praise and the endorsement of champions of Catholic orthodoxy like Hans Kueng and Barack Obama. Even the UN praises him for not doing that for which they horribly berate and slander the Church. 

In the meantime, even the most retarded have understood that Francis is the Pope; and that therefore there will be no women priests, official endorsement of abortion, participation of the Pope to “gay pride” parades, or sponsorship of condom producers.   

Still, the man is as popular as ever. He actually becomes more popular as even the likes of Rolling Stone grasp the lasting damage he is producing.

Therefore, I think the secular press will very probably never turn against the man.

It makes sense. When you understand that the head of the enemy fraction is your most effective weapon, you don’t start shooting at him just because he isn’t the head of your fraction. Rather, you allow him to go on with his work of destruction and enjoy the fruits of his work.

This will be a long wait.


The Compassionate Condom Crowd And False Compassion

The Charge of the Fake Compassionate

As we all know, heterodoxy lurks from all corners. We find it among bishops (look at the United Kingdom, and seek no further); among priests (the last “strange” homily was from that Jesuit from Wimbledon saying on the lines of “hell is a way of saying that we shouldn’t shortchange ourselves with second class choices”); we find it among politicians a’ la Nancy Pelosi and – obviously – we find it among journalists a’ la BBC.

Now how would a progressive, heterodox journalist describe the notorious excerpt? “A change in Church teaching” would be a way; a “softening” would be another; a third one might be a show of “compassion”. Let us see why this is wrong.

1) Church Teaching doesn’t change. Circumstances are always changing, but moral categories never change. We live and die in a world confronting us with exactly the same moral choices of St. Thomas Aquinas’ time. If this wasn’t the case, we’d need a new Gospel and a new Christ. We need no new Gospel and no new Christ; the Truth has been transmitted to us and it is valid for all times and for all (ever changing) circumstances.

Right is right even if no one is right and wrong is wrong even if everyone is wrong. There is no way on the planet the use of a condom should be considered any differently in 2010 than in Humanae Vitae’s time (sodomy had already been invented; sexually transmitted diseases too) or, come to that, in Romans’ times. We are dealing with moral categories here, not with technological advancements.

2) The one with the “softening” is also funny. It implies that the Church’s teaching about the use of condom is, well, wrong somehow. That it should be “improved”. Poor little sodomites, to whom the Church, which tells them not to commit sodomy in the first place, also makes it impossible to enjoy sodomy in the proper way… cruel is that! Don’t ya feel for them, mate? Such a thinking can earn one some kudos in a homo bar or in a BBC studio, but is certainly not Christian. The Church says hard words when she is confronted with harsh situations, with hardened sinners, with abominations, with serious danger to one’s soul. Not only is this the charitable thing to do, but it is the most practical advice. Condoms will never eliminate the risk of infection, chastity will. Condoms will never be conducive to eternal salvation, chastity will. There’ s nothing hard in telling the truth, and nothing to be softened. Truth will make you free and will, possibly, lead you to a long and healthy life instead of a painful agony of spiritual and physical self-destruction.

3) Third one is the one with the compassion. To allow a sodomite to commit such an abomination would be “compassionate”; to suggest the best way to multiply the number of his unspeakably lurid (in all senses) acts would be “compassionate”; to satisfy the desire of the sinner to sin with as few conscience pangs as possible would be “compassionate”.

What has become of us. When the moral instance gives way to the consideration for the comfort of the sinner, we have a clear case of false compassion. When not the sinner as human being is being helped, but the sinner is helped on his way to sin, we have false compassion. When “compassion” is not seen as eliminating the sin from the sinner, but the danger from the sin, we have false compassion. When the physical health of the sinner (through the use of condoms) is considered more important than his spiritual health (through chastity), we have false compassion.

Really. What has become of us.


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