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Sistine Chapel: The Virtual Tour

Italian genius

Italian genius

Why not start the year with a virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel?

Come on in!

With my best wishes of a happy and spiritually prosperous 2013.


The Villanova Project, or Catholic Virtual Tours from the comfort of your home.

Now available in virtual format

The Villanova project is an initiative of the faculty and students of the Villanova University in Pennsylvania.
What they do is to take a vast number of photos of a certain church or particular Catholic site (say: Sistine Chapel); then they spend months stitching the photos together, after which a virtual tour is possible. As in a virtual tour of, say, an apartment you can see the relevant monument by different vantage points, zoom in and out, look up or down, etc., but these are not apartments and the result is truly impressive. The fifth project (St. Peter) has been recently released and with this we have four major churches and the Sistine Chapel.

The projects released up to now are as follows:

Sistine Chapel
St. Paul Outside-The-Walls
St. John Lateran
St. Mary Major
St. Peter

My heartfelt thanks (and I am sure: yours too) to the faculty and students of the University for this fascinating project. Let us hope that it will continue for a long time adding many beautiful Catholic monuments to this already impressive collection and allowing many who can’t or don’t want to travel to Rome to appreciate the splendor of Catholicism in a way not possible before.


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