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Slovakia Joins The League Of Thinking Countries

Slovakia has now decided to enshrine the only possible understanding of Marriage in their Constitution, following a broad agreement in Parliament.

When the measure is voted, it will mark another addition to those Countries refusing to give up to the pressure from UN and EU, and deciding than a bunch of perverts and their minions will not be allowed to “teach” them what is right or wrong.

I read the news in the same day in which Francis-The-Black-Shod received “punished with a baby”- Obama Bin Muslim, the worst enemy of Christianity the United States ever had.

The main issue of the talk will be, of course, social inequalities.

I see some magazine covers coming.

Congratulations to the people of Slovakia and their representatives for their Christian stance in front of bribery and/or bullying.

Another reason why the EU must die.


The EU Is A Secular Monster

Saint Cyril and Methodius, pray for us!


If you need further proof the EU is a satanic machine meant to nanny all of us out of Christianity, you only need to read this Rorate post, which reports the Slovakian Central Bank decided to proceed with the coinage of a special 2-Euro commemorative coin in honour of the Saints Cyril and Methodius.

The EU had previously made resistance because the original design contained – shock! horror! – a.. a… a… Cross!

Seriously! If we start putting crosses on coins, where will it end?! People going to Mass? It’s the thin end of the wedge!

The mere sight of a cross was evidently too much for the satanic EU, which initially let it be known coins cannot contain religious symbols. Later, it was told this was not official EU policy, but the policy of some countries, which might make it not possible for the coin to be freely circulated in Europe.

Sadly, it is to be inferred from the post (I do not read the language, therefore relata refero) that the local Catholic hierarchy was also against the move, which once again shows what kind of asses our great and very soon forgotten Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI are giving to the Church in order for Her to proceed on the glorious path of irrelevance, stupidity, humiliation and possible persecution pursued in the five decades since the Great Event.

Happily enough, some chaps at the Slovakian Central Bank are more Christian than the local Catholic Hierarchy, and show it with facts. It might well be, now, that the coins will not have legal circulation in some EU countries, but then we will have to know which countries these are, and it might make for some fun…

Notice, though, the way the EU works: they act behind the scenes to not allow something that is not officially forbidden – they are not at this point; not yet – and try to impose an unofficial code of non-Christianity even to those Countries which care for their Christian heritage, as Eastern European Countries generally do (they can be rather impressive on these matters, the Eastern Europeans: try this, or this, or this to make just a few examples).

Welcome to the EU: an undemocratic, obsessively nannying, secular monster working for the destruction of Europe’s Christian tradition and thinking.

I say kill the beast, and good riddance to bad rubbish. What once was a useful mechanism to create a common market and facilitate commerce and industry has now become an extremely expensive, nannying, and utterly anti-Christian oppression machine.





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