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Justin Welby, The Funny Guy

Justin Welby, the Funny Guy, in costume.

Justin Welby, the man masquerading as the so-called Archbishop of Canterbury, has given another example of his and his Mickey Mouse church's diabolical disorientation.

Welby is at the head of a motley group of heretics with such huge differences among them that they are not anymore recognisable as members of the same sect, whilst many of them are certainly not even recognisable as Christians.

The way Welby reacts to the situation could never be by defending Christian values, of course; it is doubtful whether he believes in God, and if he does this deity can only be a homemade concoction of half-backed common places. What he does instead is, in pure Anglican style, trying to make everyone happy.

If you follow the link (warning: the rag has often indecent images or content in its side links) you will immediately see what I am talking about.

Some of his people are afraid of apostasy, but some others don't want to become “irrelevant”. The coE must embark on a journey that tries to have Christianity on board, but who knows where the journey will end (hell, methinks). Some will do the one thing, some the opposite; we must accept it, because doing as one pleases is our religion, says Welby in so many words.

He also says things so outlandish you wonder about his drinking habits. Those who defend Christian values on so-called same-sex marriage – sodomy seems not to be a problem for this man; homosexuality is probably a gift from God – might be called “racist”, but he does not spend one single word against the accusation. On the contrary, the man lets it transpire that this is cause to serious concern for him. Is God racist? Hhhmmm, interesting question… we must answer it whilst remaining “relevant”, of course, then it should never be said that to us Christ comes first. Particularly if we are called “racist” a consequence.

Christ or relevance? In this question lies all the – let me say it again: diabolical – confusion of the so-called church of England; once at least a Christian outfit, if an heretical one, and now just a bunch of ridiculous clowns – many of them homosexual, or even sodomites – in drags.



Justin Welby Is A Heathenish Buffoon.

Circus CoE is in town...

This blog post is written to charitably help the followers of an heathenish cult calling itself “church of England” (small “c” is mine) to separate themselves from it before their day comes, because the punishment might well be horrible and eternal.

The way the head of the so-called “c of E” disregards the basics of Christianity is such that no one can claim anymore to believe in Christian principles and in this man's rambling at the same time.

When the leader of a cult known for changing his mind about almost everything under the sun (say: divorce, priestettes, and now bishopettes) arrives to the point of saying, as if it was a matter of course, that “society has evolving views on sexuality” without a hint of condemnation of the thus changing view (and note he does not say “changing views”, he says “evolving views”) you know to him either God doesn't “evolve”, but society does, or the Commandments themselves must “evolve”. When he says the opposition to so-called “same-sex marriages” (not the sodomy in itself, of course! God forbid! How “homophobic”!) is seen by some as “akin to racism” without openly attacking their sodomitical prejudices, you know he is preparing to a more or less open volte-face. When he says he is against same-sex so-called marriage but condemns as homophobic the Christian society of the past, you know he has already sold himself to the enemy.

We complain about our (admittedly: disgraceful) Pope bishop of Rome, but we as Catholic have the saving grace of a doctrinal structure no Pope can change. The Proddies don't think that way. Their “evolving” apparently includes the sixth and the ninth commandment, which can be deprived of any meaning simply because they “must face” that society has “evolved”.

Heavens, what a buffoon. And this would be a Christian? Most Muslims must be far more Christian than this chap, because they at least share many of the norms of traditional Christian morality without even believing that Christ is God; whilst Welby claims to believe that Christ is God, and denies Him to adore the golden calf of popular opinion and “evolving views on sexuality”.

Seriously. These people aren't even Christians anymore. They are jokers in fancy dress. They can't even remember the basics. They consider approval of perversion an “evolution”.

How little are the salvation chances of people going to the grave identifying themselves with such views? How many of them already share these views, and how many more will do so in future?

Anglicanism has become a heathenish cult of man with no resemblance anymore to any Christian thinking worthy of the name. What a bunch of clowns, what a cartoon “religion”.

Abandon them as long as you can, or die in communion with them at your peril.



Great Britain Down

House of Cowards

The Lords, on whom Christian hopes rested, have yesterday turned down the proposal to kill the law about so-called “same sex marriage” with a majority of two to one.

The good news is that this was only a preliminary vote, a sort of “sudden death” proposal that would have killed the measure without even examining it in detail. There will be further votes, and continued lobby work.

The very bad news is that I personally do not think anything will change in the future. Let me explain why.

The excuse used by cowardly peers to justify their vote in favour of the exam of the law is that they need to look at things in detail before making a decision. This makes as much sense as to say that one needs to look in detail at a law legalising incest with one's own child before deciding whether it's, erm, an advisable piece of legislation. In my eyes, it is very naive to think that a Peer who did not have the guts to vote against abomination in principle will vote against it on technical reasons. Christian groups are not the only one who will apply pressure, and Number 10 was reported to have worked massively on this in the last week.

Add to this that the Lords is not the chamber it used to be. Once the largely hereditary preserve of wealthy – and therefore naturally conservative and financially independent – families, it has now become the emergency exit for politicians whose career within the party has been spent and are, as the saying goes, “kicked upstairs”. Lord Mohammed of East London Ghetto, or Lord Proll of Working Class Constituency, are nowadays more likely representative of the breed. These people are in the Lords not because of their cost allowance, but because of the well paid perks they can get or hope to get from the network of firms wanting to ingratiate the government. They may be elected for life, but they are not independent in any way in which wealth would make them independent.

To tell you how bad it is I only need to mention that even Mr Welby, the Mickey Mouse Archbishop of Mouseton, erm, Canterbury, has seen it as fitting to leave his own archbishops (around a couple dozen of them in the Lords, if memory serves) free to vote according to “conscience”. Go figure.

As to our own idiot, his silence has been deafening for many months now, and from the beginning of this mess he has limited himself to the strictly necessary, preferring to avoid appearing on the radar screen most of the time.

This is the situation we are in, and you can make your own guess about the probability of success.

I have reblogged some days ago my old blog post about Our Lady of Quito. It is reassuring to know that the Blessed Virgin – in whose apparition I believe – had warned about a massive attack on marriage. Everything is, so to speak, under strict observation from above and whilst we knew that already, it is beautiful to be told from the Blessed Virgin, too. We must go through this as well as we can, drawing strength from prayer and, in more serene days, thanking the Lord we live in times allowing us to fight the good fight against the perverts as our fathers and grandfathers did against Communism.

On a not unrelated note, yesterday was also the day our Cardinal Ravasi hobnobbed with other idiots amidst prosecco, finger sandwiches and perverts, trying to be one of them like a spot-plagued adolescent desperate to mix with the “cool people” at school. I have also not read the latest rumblings, erm, homily of the Pope, but I do not doubt it was not about the greatest issue of our time, more likely about the need to pay attention not to spill the milk in the morning (eh? no?) or to wait when we meet all in heaven (yes, yesss! Even the atheists!! Come on in everyone!) as we “do good” so well.



When Mr Welby Is Right

By the Anglicans it's always Carnival.

Anglicans loved to parrot Catholics.

The so-called Archbishop of Canterbury has involuntarily spoken some words of wisdom yesterday in his Easter homily. The Guardian informs us Mr Welby warned his audience “of the dangers of investing too much faith in frail and fallible human leaders, be they politicians or priests”.

He is, most certainly, right.

Trusting in a Mickey Mouse “church” so obviously incapable of recognising the most basic tenets of Christianity is certainly a big mistake, with potentially fatal consequences for one’s eternal soul.

Trusting, in fact, any man at all – be he a political or religious leader; even Pope – as source of Truth is a fallacy. Not even the best are exempt from mistakes, and we have many examples from history – and actually from the news – that Popes aren’t any exception, either. 

Truth can only be sought where Truth is: in Him Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and in the One Church He has instituted so that this Truth be preserved and transmitted intact.

There is only one Church, and there is only one Truth. Donning fancy vestment like the chap above doesn’t change anything in that.


“Archbishop” Welby “Challenged” By Christianity.

The next Archbishop of Canterbury?

The so-called Archbishop of Canterbury has given another impressive demonstration of what happens when Christianity is taken away from a Protestant ecclesial community.

In the case of the so-called CoE, Christian thinking has now disappeared from the very top, and it is only a matter of time before the Anglicans go the way of the worst Presbyterians.

“Archbishop” Welby (remember: he is no more an Archbishop than Sylvester the Cat) tells us he is “stunned” at the “quality” of some of the so-called “gay relationships” he has among some of his “particular friends”; so much so, that he feels “challenged” by them. One reads such drivel and one is sure he truly forgot, or never knew, the basics.

If Welby were a Christian, he would know that right and wrong depend on God’s valuation of it. A sin is such because it offends God, and we know it offends God because He told us so. Things being as elementary as that, it stand to reason once Christians know a behaviour is gravely sinful they can never feel “challenged” by the outer appearance of this behaviour; because if they did so, it would be tantamount to “challenge” God’s wisdom.

If a person screws his dog, or his mother, or a child, the quality of the relationship with his dog, mother or child is simply irrelevant. An abomination is an abomination is an abomination, and how happy or loving the dog (or the mother, or the child) look is simply not part of the equation.

This elementary logic escapes Mr Welby, because the man has forgotten Christianity to become a devotee of the modern “religion of niceness”, prescribing that whenever there is what they call “love”, everything is fine. One fully understands why the man wants to meet Peter Tatchell, an avid supporter of “love” not only with other men, but with boys (though when the matter became uncomfortable he was conveniently ready to forget his past battles concerning the age of consent).

Welby is, in fact, far nearer to Tatchell than to every Christian: his concept of “quality” as a substitute for “Christianity” is perfectly aligned with Tatchell’s idea of sin, and diametrically opposed to the Christian one.

Make no mistake, in one generation (if their ecclesial community is still there) the then wannabe “Archbishop” will have no qualms in telling about the “quality” of the “relationship” some of his “particular friends” have with the above mentioned dog, mother or child, and will say he is “challenged” by that. By that time, of course, civil partnership between a man and his dog will be already reality, though the CoE will insist that those among their bishops in such a relationship promise to be “celibate”.

Mr Welby isn’t recognisable as a Christian anymore. He mentions his (so-called) church’s position on Sodomarriage as something whose reasons and roots he cannot even understand, as it conflicts with his own religion of “quality”.

Seriously, the time is approaching when the (only) Church will deny to the Anglicans the status of Christians, and ask that those Anglicans wishing to convert be baptised altogether. People like Welby have completely forgotten the God of the Christians, preferring to worship the goddess of “love” and the idol of “niceness” instead.

O what a harvest for Satan, but oh how stupid those who will fall for such a primitive trap.


So-Called C of E: The Muppet Show Goes On


If you had any doubt the Anglican Muppet Show would continue after the departure of the much-lamented (because extremely hilarious) Rowan Williams, you should now not have any doubt the new leader of the so-called C of E is now frantically driving the organisation to the wall with renewed enthusiasm.

The recent decision to allow openly homosexual wannabe priests to become wannabe bishops even if they live with their wannabe “partners” provided they (ahahahah!!!!!) promise to remain celibate is as credible as appointing Jimmy Savile head of the orphanage provided he promises not to abuse the children. Actually no, it’s even more stupid, because child abuse is a criminal offence and even Jimmy Savile would have to pay attention, whereas sodomy isn’t and therefore the wannabe  bishop wouldn’t.

The new measure is, of course, the latest exercise  in Anglican hypocrisy, this time on a scale embarrassing even for Anglicans.

Other provinces of the Anglican Communion do not seem to see it in the same way, though: Anglican wannabe bishops in Nigeria, Uganda and Kenia have stated in no uncertain term they’ll not tolerate this, and this move could “shatter” whatever “hopes for reconciliation” between the opposing camps there might have been. Strong tobacco, methinks.

I do not know what so-called Archbishop Welby (make no mistake, he is no more an Archbishop than the above mentioned Jimmy Savile) has in mind with this genial shoot in his foot. Perhaps he sees the riff within the Anglican communion as irrecoverable and the Christians destined to detach themselves from the Inclusives anyway at some point; perhaps he hopes this push forward will force the Christians  to choose separation or abandonment of basic Christian principles and they will choose the latter  after some symbolic sweetie is given to them to allow them to pretend they have saved face (they are Anglicans, remember…); perhaps he and his are just too stupid to look forward and see what they are doing.

Be it as it may, the process of decomposition of the so-called C of E continues unabated, and every steps getting them further from Christianity increases the danger of damnation for the souls of their already extremely disinterested members, for whom Christianity seems now definitely on the way to becoming a completely new home-made parody of the original, and proudly rooted on satanic perversion.

At this point I can seriously see the day they will appoint Satanists as bishops, provided they promise not to celebrate any black mass.

All this would be extremely serious, if I were able to take the Anglicans in any way seriously. As it stands, I cannot but look at them with the same amused condescendence with which you look at children playing office, or army; with the big difference that children who play office or army do not endanger their soul.



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