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If Jesus Had A Wife, Christianity Is A Fraud

… which clearly means that Jesus did not have a wife.

In the face of the ocean of stupidity currently flooding the blogosphere, let us make clear a couple of rather elementary concepts:

– You either believe that Jesus is God, or you don’t.

–  If you do, you cannot at the same time believe Jesus would lie to you, or would allow the Church to be plain wrong on the matter of his celibacy.

The chain of absurd consequences of even examining the possibility of Jesus having being married is much longer than that. It makes the prescription that bishops should be celibate (last time I looked, celibacy for bishops was a matter of doctrine, infallible Magisterium) look rather strange, as if Jesus had said “I eat meat, but you must be vegetarians”.

Then there is the matter of what values would the Gospel have even as a realistic record of Jesus’ working and times, if the Gospels failed to record something so evidently huge as Jesus being married; we would, in fact, have to take the Gospel as… Gospel only until the next fragment of papyrus emerges. The stupidity of all this is mind-boggling.

Furthermore, there are the obvious consequences  of his alleged marriage. Was Jesus married, and all those who followed him after his death had simply become oblivious of the matter? Was Jesus part of one of those couples who prefer not to have children so they can afford a Mercedes? Or did he have children with his wife, for whose record we are now waiting for the next scrap of papyrus? Did all those martyrs who have known him personally, or who knew personally people who had known him personally, just forget to mention the fact to their acquaintances? And how it is that the Jewish tradition of the times, absolutely obsessed with genealogy and family trees, would simply forget to register the fact? 

It this were only a matter of stupidity (immense one, of course; but still stupidity) it would not be worth more than a tired smile and a sad reflection about the imperfection of human nature. But the problem is that such astonishing bollocks openly undermines the authority, the function, and the same legitimacy of the Church; then if one is stupid enough to believe the Church of God “got it wrong” on whether Jesus was married, there is absolutely nothing on which the Church might not be wrong, either; and the list is too long for me to bore you with it. 

Please, please whip in the face (if this is legal in your country) every smartass talking with you about the “interesting possibility” of Jesus having been married.

It will be a salutary lesson, highly beneficial to his (or her) soul.





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