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Jesus is Not A SJW

Satan is diligently at work here, too….


Today I would like to spread some sober world in the sugary, effeminate, extremely dumb world of FrancisChurch. It won’t be pretty. 

Too many believe – and believed even before Francis; but I think they do more aggressively now – that suffering poverty or injustice opens the gate of heaven. This is utterly and completely wrong. 

The world wants you to think that Jesus is a Social Justice Warrior, utterly enraged by the lack of minimum wage, socialised health care and cradle-to-grave, all-around, taxpayer-sponsored pampering. As to those born in poor regions of the world, they are clearly saints in the making and if they rebel to injustice – real or perceived – in a Liberation Theology way we shouldn’t dare to even judge them, because (cough) White Privilege.

Poor, deluded souls, the ones and the others. 

Now here’s a sobering though for you: the Peruvian peasant born in poverty in the Andes and dying in Communist hatred against the world goes to hell just like the wealthy, refined socialite in New York dying in his unbelief after a life of smug, and extremely comfortable,  Veuve Clicquot-sipping. It may well be that God, in His Goodness, will make the first suffer less than the second; but no amount of injustice will justify, ever, death in enmity with Christ.

God gives sufficient graces to everyone to die at peace with Him and – collaborating with His Grace – merit Paradise. The outer circumstances of one’s life never prevent his inner life to bring his soul to the eternal destination antecedently desired for her. But those who refuse to collaborate with God’s Grace and die in opposition to them must – mind this word again, and dwell on it – be punished with the ultimate punishment and be, subsequently, damned, because a good God does not allow excuses for those who reject Him.

So there we are: a shit life in a shithole*, lived in hatred, and followed by an eternity in a much shittier shithole*, and a much hotter one at that.

Take heed, obese social justice warriors, angry shithole* peasant, and effeminate socialite bishops.

 You have been warned. 


* © Donald J Trump, 2018

Children’s Town: Why Millennial SJW Fail To Cope With Reality.

oh dear….


A very long but enlightening article explains the dynamics of the explosion of youth hysteria we have been seeing in the last years in the US, particularly when said youth had to cope with the reality of a President they don’t like. 

The analysis is interesting and, whilst not saying anything new, it is a useful summary of a lot that is wrong in modern Western societies. 

Being a Catholic – and therefore, having access to a Truth that goes far beyond sociological analysis – I add a couple of ingredients of my own: 

  1. The loss of faith. Parents who don’t believe in God will not even try to instill the right ideas in the minds of their children. They will tell them that “being good” is siding not with Christ, but with the Polar Bear. Good-ism takes the place of being good. This good-ism is cheap, cheesy, easy, and childish. The child-adults avidly eat it. 
  2. The loss of the sense of sin. Parents who cheat on each other but still consider themselves the paragon of moral virtue will be led to be “non-judgmental” to their children rather than harshly judge themselves and then, hopefully, improve. An army of spoiled sluts is the result. No impulse control means, again, more non-judgmentalism. The desire to feel good with herself when one knows she is a slut leads to more support for every cause under the sun: global warming, social justice, baby seal, you name it.
  3. The loss of the father himself. The linked study does not mention it, but this is a generation growing in scary numbers without a father altogether, or without a father as a daily presence. Often, the corrective mechanisms which used to help orphans – an extended family providing armies of uncles and grand uncles, manly figures helping them to develop their manliness – are not there anymore. An army of emasculated, politically correct, over-sensitive pansies condemning all sorts of “micro aggression” is the result.     
  4. The loss of discipline. Parents don’t punish anymore. Their children are their friends. When their children eat uncontrollably, the guilt will be apportioned on those who mock their childishness and lack of discipline. The next “safe space” will have to have a fridge. Look at the photo above. The Zeppelin even photographs herself. She doesn’t even have a weight. She has a displacement.  
  5. The loss of sense of reality (this was dealt with in the article). Non-competitive sports protects them from the need to work hard and acknowledge defeat. “Supporting” parents provide no check whatsoever to their stupid decisions. Useless degrees in Stupid Studies ending up in careers in Latte Serving will follow.  

The result of all this is an army of spoiled children thinking that the world revolves around themselves, and in full shock when the world whispers in their ear they now have President Trump and should get over it, and much else besides. They still don’t get it. I wonder if they will grow at some point, or if they will go through life in the same stupid manner as now, serving lattes and voting Democrat all their lives whilst they complain about the injustice of it all, and still thinking they are precious snowflakes deserving of the world’s attention. The Zeppelin even puts an angry video on Youtube. Sheesh. Never has the world seen such an army of perfectly stupid people thinking so highly of themselves.  

“Rape me, I’m a slut”, writes the exhibitionist feminist on her naked body. 

No, I won’t rape you. But you’re still a slut.  

All the points above (besides the stupidity of the people themselves) have certainly contributed to this tragedy, but the first two are the most important. 

The loss of faith and the loss of the sense of sin have ruined a generation. Only their recovery will put Western societies on the right foot again.

Poverty And Abortion

I know you know it, but let us put to sleep this rubbish of fighting poverty as a way to fight abortion, shall we?

In Communist Countries (at least the European ones) everyone knew he would have the means to raise a child, courtesy of Big Commie Brother. Abortion was very popular, and extremely high in the best (less badly) functioning Commie Country of them all: East Germany, where even Communism is made to work (badly).

In Countries like Italy every cat and dog knows that the South makes more children than the Centre, and the Centre more children than the North. Mind, this is no rural society anymore. Children are not “needed” in any economic way. Still, the birth rate is in inverse order to the prosperity of the relevant section of the Country.

The phenomenon of choosing to have no children to enjoy a “better life” is not typical of poor societies, it is typical of rich ones. No children = Mercedes is a powerful motivator to contraception or abortion in wealthy Countries, not in poor ones. Weekends out, good holidays in exotic places, restaurants, free time activities: these are the incentives to abortion. A child does not cost much, and it is not a human right to have a $100,000 education which, by the way, might well fill his brain with rubbish anyway. Superior education has never been a privileged way to heaven, and children are born exactly to do one thing: get to heaven at the end of their lives.

In history, most people in most Countries have been poor. Certainly not desperate, but poor. But you know what? They believed in God and family. They made children not only because there was limited access to contraception (it is always possible to avoid pregnancy; don't let me go into the details…), but because they considered children the joy and purpose of their lives. This is nothing to do with poverty. This is to do with faith, sound instincts, and sound reasoning. Again: only a small part of the population (the farm owners) would (more or less) need children. All the others did not have any need for them. If you were a smith, a carpenter, or a cheese monger you could easily and cheaply hire apprentices and save the cost and inconvenience of raising a child. If you were a daily labourer, the wage of your child would barely cover his cost. If you were a doctor or lawyer or pharmacist or accountant (yes, Italy has invented the modern accountant many centuries ago; and yes, I am very proud) you did not need children at all, and were possibly independently wealthy to begin with.

In the history of Christianity, the idea that you need to raise the standards of living to decrease abortion has never been there. This is SJW rubbish, not Christianity.

The age of unprecedented abortion is the age of unprecedented wealth.

Everyone who tries to smuggle to you the lie that “social justice” fights abortion is a deluded Socialist wolf trying to pass for a Christian sheep. On the contrary: it is the very concept of “social justice” that creates dissatisfaction, resentment and, ultimately, abortion.


I had to say it.

This social justice crap really makes me sick.



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