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Beautiful Anti-Abortion Video Is Almost a Mini-Documentary

Unborn in the USA: 40% probability of being aborted.

From the blog of John Smeaton, the Director of SPUC, the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, comes this beautiful video of around five minutes about the “life” of a child in the womb.

The video gives even to the non-initiated powerful insights about what happens during a pregnancy. One sees it and understands why anti-abortion activists go with ultrasound trucks in front of abortion clinics: it is difficult to conceive that a woman might see the life developing inside her (and at that point, she will have to realise that it is a human life, period) and go on with the abortion. Due to the depth of the information and the clarity of the images, this video is a more powerful tool than every 30-second commercial.

Viewing and forwarding highly recommended.


P.s. Music alarm! So sugary that it could seriously harm your health! You have been warned… 😉

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