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BBC Ignores Pope’s Following, Focuses On Protests

This is no news for the BBC..... (click to enlarge)

It is now 22:10 here in the UK, many hours after the Pope’s arrival in Madrid.

Unfortunately for the BBC, the huge crowd do not really make for good headlines, so the fact is simply ignored.

Instead, the BBC feeds the TV-licensing paying masses with yesterday’s bollocks about the protests.

Interestingly, space is given to the alleged gas attack from a “papist”, whilst the violent demonstrations of the commies and perverts are clearly ignored.

This will certainly change, to an extent, in the next hours. But that at the end of the day the BBC still hasn’t reacted to this huge popular success really tells the tale.


Pope Is Popular

Go on the American Papist site to see some photos of today’s visit of the Holy Father in Madrid.

I wonder whether the media will give the popular participation the same space they have given to the protests for the alleged costs of the visit.

I have my doubts whether these visits and mass excitements have a real effect on a country’s Catholic feelings and inspiration. Still, the masses should give something to think to some people:

1) the liberal journalists, who should accept the fact that their ceaseless shooting on the Church doesn’t do much to destroy her reputation.

2) the bishops, who should finally grasp the concept that with time and effort – not today, of course, and not tomorrow – there’ s a potential here that can, and should, be mobilised. If one is interested in defending Christian values, that is.

We’ll see how all this develops. But one can’t avoiding noticing the masses with a certain satisfaction.


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