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Spain And the Rest Of Us

It says here that Spain will reopen the churches as limited capacity: first one third, then one half, then full.

This says to me that the situation can be,  with immediate effect, be returned to normality with the following measures: first three times the masses, then two times the masses, then… well, it would be nice to have more confession times and more masses, surely?

This is not something impossible to do. Priests don’t have to waste time with endless committees of old busybodies anymore. Surely, they can all set the time aside for one extra mass in the early morning and one extra mass after the usual morning mass? Same on Sundays? So we would have the possibility for everyone to have the same access to masses they had before, both during the week and on Sundays? What is so difficult in implementing this? Mind, all this would be done in perfect compliance with the regulations about social distancing etc; therefore, no excuse for sly politicians.. .


  1. What does Evil Clown think of this?
  2. Why does he not push for this solution everywhere?
  3. Why does he always talk of social justice, instead of giving to Christ what if of Christ?

For some reason I will not be holding my breath.

We shall see.


Cupio Dissolvi

Goya, "Saturn devouring his son"

Goya, “Saturn devouring his son”



I have written some days ago about the very efficient way in which the Jesuits are getting rid of themselves. 

From an extremely interesting post appeared on Rorate Caeli it now appears that at least in Spain the disease is spread, with pretty much the same virulence, in many other Novus Ordo orders, some of them very traditional. The numbers do not even seem better among the Dominicans, widely considered to be on the slow way to a recovery on a global scale, but clearly with a lot of work to do in Spain. In other Western countries the figures might be somewhat different, but it is fair to assume the music is pretty much the same. 

One sees the mess and wonders how these people can be so blind, or so stupid, or both, to not understand they are dying because they are infected with a deadly virus called Second Vatican Council. Surely, at this point even the dimmest intellects must have made two and two? 

My personal opinion is that the problem has been clearly recognised, but there is a refusal to act because every action in that direction would endanger the power structures currently in place. Consensus among those who are in is important for those who are in as it affords a quiet life and in some cases possibilities of advancement, and who cares if there are no new entries and the order is slowly dying; many of them have probably lost the faith anyway, and therefore they do not care whether their order survives, provided they can get a comfortable life as long as they live. When the Grim Reaper gradually arrives, they will simply adequate the structures to the swindling numbers, and go on merrily with their inane waffle about social justice and peace, the gods of idiots and atheists the world over. 

What does the Vatican do to counter this? Absolutely nothing, of course, and they do so because they have the exactly same problem: a Curia drenched in Vatican II cannot admit Vatican II is the disease, and will therefore not push for a general return to pre-Vatican II rules in all religious orders. Besides being very uncomfortable to religious in many cases accustomed to a rather lax observance of even the lax rules they have, such a U-turn would signal to the entire Catholic world that the Vatican hierarchy got it spectacularly wrong in the last 50 years.

This cannot happen. Therefore all those traditional orders, often rich in tradition and glory, will be allowed to either die or reduce themselves to small groups of survivors.

Like every other revolution,  Vatican II is devouring its own children; which, as in every other revolution, serves them right.  



Spain And The Abortion Of The Handicapped Fetus

In Spain, a proposal to ban the abortion of handicapped fetuses might become a very interesting battleground, already causing calls for the ban of abortion tout court.

The idea is that the soon-to-be handicapped child should not be discriminated. Which is very fine but – unfortunately for the abortionist troops – makes it all too evident that in this case it is he sane children who are discriminated against: the sane unborn baby can be killed, the handicapped one can’t.

On the other hand, it will be interesting to see how the lefties, always the first ones to exploit the rhetoric of the inclusion, will justify the killing of a baby because not destined to be born a sane baby. The practice of abortion is certainly indicative of nazi cruelty in itself, but the focus on the handicapped child certainly allows the intrinsic cruelty (and intrinsic Nazism) of the practice to come to the foreground even for those “mainstream” citizen considering abortion an unpleasant characteristic of modern times, like traffic and tattoos.

The party political implications are also clear: the leftist parties must either openly say they are in favour of the abortion of a baby because handicapped if the parents so choose, or they must unavoidably admit that abortion both discriminates against the sane babies, and leads to the unwanted killing of the handicapped ones.

En passant, it must be said the very same argument can be used by abortion against any other real or perceived “minority” like, for example,  girls. Does your lefty Spaniard MP support the abortion of a baby because it is a girl? Let him say so.

I doubt this initiative will solve the problem, and Spain after Franco’s death has shown to be able to only walk in the wrong direction; but this might become an interesting argument which, if developed in the years to come, might well change the mind of many and, most importantly, help shaping the mentality of the next generation of Spaniards.


Church, Caudillos, Cojones

Sincere friend and great asset of Catholicism: Francisco Franco.

The Holy Father will soon visit Spain for the World Youth Day. He will find a country where Catholicism has been in steady decline for some time. This is the same, though probably even more marked, that has happened in France, Italy and the Catholic part of Germany.

I look at all those countries and my answer to who is the culprit is always the same: the clergy. I have lived personally – and I do not doubt that the same has happened in the other countries examined – the simple reality that there has been no issue by which traditional Catholic practice or thinking has been attacked or dismantled, without prestigious members of the Clergy giving their support.

We live in times where bishops allow churches to be used by non-Christians; support the building of mosques; carefully avoid to mention I do not say Satan and Hell – whose existence they have long forgotten – but even the evil of abortion, or basics like Sunday Mass obligation; sabotage the sacredness of the Mass; downplay or do not believe in the Eucharist; downplay or do not believe in the Church as the way to Salvation; downplay or do not believe in the sacrament of confession. I could go on.

You tell me whether a national church whose clergy doesn’t even have the gut to forcefully remind the faithful of Mass obligation has any right to avoid being punished by the Lord with humiliation and decay. The Church (big C) is obviously indefectible, but the same guarantee is not given to the local churches, in Italy, France, Spain, Germany. If they insist in wanting to commit suicide, here and there they might even succeed.

This is exactly what is happening today, where we see a generation of cowardly or heretical or plain stupid bishops trying the possible and the impossible to please the young generations not by being Catholic, but by pretending to be young. The problem is that the Church is not sexy, and no disco-masses or similar bollocks will ever – thank God – make it so, nor will any dismantling of her liturgical apparatus make her attractive to secular minds. A church without sacredness is neither fish nor fowl: she is too boring for the worldly, and too shallow for the spiritual.

So, the Pope will visit a country with declining Catholicism. He will crowd the streets, as a Pope is always a media event. He will say the usual words that everyone is expecting to hear: be good, don’t be bad; be faithful, don’t be atheists; do things right, don’t do things wrong. To the bishop, he’ll give similar words: be courageous, don’t be weak; say it straight, don’t say it “nuanced”; be real bishops, don’t be fake bishops, & Co., & Co.

After which, he’ll go away leaving the same incompetent cowardly bishops free to continue the work of destruction in exactly the same way as they were doing before his arrival, and the church in Spain will continue to die exactly as she was doing before his arrival.

Mind, I do not think that they will succeed in this. The clergy, as Cardinal Consalvi reminded Napoleon and us, has tried to kill the Church for eighteen centuries and has never succeeded. But if the church in Spain avoids extinction, I think it will not be for lack of effort of her incompetent shepherds, but because the V II generation will not live long enough to see the work of destruction completed.  Already the next Pope will be the first one in half a century not directly involved with V II, and from there the dynamic will take its own course. The first Pope with real chuzpah will be enough to repair if not all the damage, an awful lot of it. Catholicism is, if properly used,  an extremely powerful weapon.

If the government of the United States embarks in a policy of senseless spending, sooner or later some rating agency will downgrade its debt. For the Church, the punishment is slower, but harsher. The Lord punishes the Church by making her weaker, allowing her to lose perspective and prestige, suffering that she be humiliated.

The Church in all Western European countries has been, as the Spanish experience abundantly proves, downgraded not of one, but of several notches. It is high time that those in charge (Pope, bishops) realise this simple, undeniable, plain to see reality and react accordingly. The Church in Spain is in decline because in Spain , as in many other countries, the clergy “no tienen cojones“. The sooner this very simple message is understood, the sooner the reconstruction work will start.

The present situation is like talking with a shepherd whilst more and more of his sheep fall into ravines, with the shepherd saying “you see, in these modern times more and more sheep are lured into the ravines” (no, they always were at risk; but they used to have good shepherds); “we admonish them not to fall into them, but we believe in sheep liberty and therefore can’t force them” (of course you can, you must, even!); “at the same time, we must be sensitive that we are not harsh to the sheep that are still alive, lest they throw themselves into the ravines, too” (gotta love the logic: don’t tell them not to fall, or they will fall). Whilst you talk with the shepherd, you see further sheep falling. The shepherd says to them “oh please sheep, be good, don’t fall into the ravines”, but stays there without moving one finger. More sheep disappear. The shepherd looks at you and says “sad, isn’t it? It’s the modern times, you know…”.

I do not doubt that the Papal visit will be a great media success, though…


Spanish Government Can’t Guarantee Cardinal’s Security

Please read here what Spain has come to.

I wonder what the reactions would have been is a meeting of perverts (you know what I’m talking about, those with the many letters, LGTB or the like) had been treated the same way.

This without considering that the above mentioned perverts are fringe groups and the Cardinal represents the by far biggest religious organisation in Spain.

Spain had such problems in the past. They were solved in the end (and unfortunately, not without a huge amount of suffering) when an intelligent, brave and very Catholic man decided to stand up for Catholicism.

You never know, one day History may repeat itself.


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