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The (Slow) Awakening



Yours truly remembers those times when his calling the Evil Clown, erm, Evil Clown caused scandal among those readers who were somewhat persuaded that Francis’ excrement must – as absolutely willed by the Holy Ghost. Absolutely! – somewhat be parfumed, and were therefore in utter shock at reading a blogger calling them, well, exactly that: stinking excrement.

However, slowly things are changing to the point that strong expressions against the Betrayer of Peter are now becoming more common. I read them more and more around, though I do not make note of all of them. 

Here, I would like to mention the Bear, who called Francis (in the same post!) both stupid and a liar.  

He is exactly that, of course. Therefore, for your benefit I will say it again: Pope Francis is both stupid and a liar. There. No effort at all.  

Too many people think that in order to be evil, a person must have Dr Moriarty’s intelligence. This is not the case. Even children of seven can go to hell. Francis’ intelligence isn’t so much above theirs (not saying he is mentally retarded; merely of slow thinking), but the evil he does vastly exceeds any of them.

Stupid, evil, and liar. Yep, I think that’s a fair assessment.

Remember this: the most effective way for you to do your part in countering this satanic attack on the Church is to shred the man and his papacy to pieces with mockery and ridicule. Short of the bazooka (which isn’t allowed anyway) nothing is more effective.

It will be very difficult for anyone outside (the uninformed, weak, impressionable crowd) who knows you as a good Catholic, and hears you firing with all your cannons at the man, not to think of your opinion of him every time the man makes headlines.  

Shock a CINO today. Instructing the ignorant is a work of mercy. 


More Clear Words From Catholic Bloggers

And it came to pass the Evil Clown really angered the Bear (you should, as we all know, never anger a bear), and the latter called him “a malignant buffoon”. 

I do not know if this is the first time this excellent Bear becomes so angry, but if memory serves it is the first time I read him doing so.

It is good that the laity speaks frankly and tells it like it is, because priests cannot be expected to call the Pope “a malignant buffoon”; though I am absolutely sure very many think every bit of it, and worse (that is: better for their own soul).

It is for us, the Catholic laity, to warn in very clear terms the uneducated, often confused sheep about the scale of the evil unfolding under our very eyes. Every time a comment like the one above appears in a blog, many read it and start to seriously think, or are at least cured from their ignorant preconception about the Pope who must perforce be a saintly man.

Well done, that bear! Well done, all you bloggers and commenters out there who look at reality in the face and just tell it like it is! 

“Malignant Buffoon”.

I like that.




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