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Evangelii Gaudium: Mundabor Not Called To Evangelise, Says ++ Fisichella.

The first Apostolic Exhortation of this pontificate, Evangelii Gaudium, (more “joy” coming our way, I am afraid. Rejoice!) will be released in the next days. We read the following:

Pope Francis will deliver the exhortation to “a bishop, a priest, a deacon, religious men and women, novices, a family, catechists, artists, journalists, young people, the elderly and the sick” noted Archbishop Rino Fisichella.


“Namely,” he continued, “it will be delivered to all those in various stages of life, who as Christians, are called to be evangelizers.”

I suspect there must be some translation problem here, because even I know more than one priest, etc.

But please read who are those “called to evangelise”: all very fashionable categories, but yours truly is none of them, unless you think he makes “a family” (well, I am part of one; but then absolutely everyone is, so in this sense it makes no sense to make distinctions in the first place).

Not graced with youth, yet not entered into old age; gracefully spared (as of writing) from sickness; thankfully blessed with not being a journalist; sadly not endowed with any artistic sense (love for true art, yes; but love for cheese does not a cheesemonger make), and not part of any of the other professional categories, yours truly feel he can relax and avoid the reading of the documents. Which I fear horrible, anyway. 

I hear the sound of Stephen Colbert’s “liturgical dance” already…


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